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Until the End

Title Credit: Until the End – Avenged Sevenfold


There were four best friends from elementary school, two boys and two girls. They were best friends all the way through elementary school until they had to part ways for high school. Before the tragic part, the boys gave the girls friendship bracelets so they would always remember them.

Years later, the girls are working at the bar in which the boys own, but the girls do not remember the boys because they were so different now than who they once were. The girls have not changed much in looks, so the boys recognise them.

Arianne and Nina, the girls, would never had thought that their old best friends Brian and Matt would be running a large ‘business’ association as well as owning a bar. Brian and Matt, the boys, would never forget the girls as they always have had a soft spot for them.
But, what will happen when the girls find out who they are? Will a certain spark be ignited?


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