Status: it's a story about how a plan can turn to hell but re appear as something beautiful, my original idea was a story about a small weekend in the forest cabin... its almost like a starter story if i like it enough, this will be my first ever story so.... im sorry ^_^" but then my idea grew and now its

Coma Black

The band (Marilyn Manson) have finally finished their Anti-Christ Superstar tour and are more than ready to settle down and kick back for a while, Twiggy/Jeordie, decides it would be fun to go on a small vacation with the band.
~update~ things get twisted and deep, do they ever get time away? Or was this all miss matched and turned into a one way ticket to hell? Poor twiggy, you'll have to read to see what happens ;)
  1. Finishing Up
    just a short starter :)
  2. Gimmie a break!
  3. Question?
    Twiggy basically asks the band about a vacation, do things quite turn out as expected?
  4. Pt 2 of Question?
    Things get deep :/ ~updated~ and finished chapter
  5. I couldn't tell if Heaven was Hell...
    Twiggy catches up with Marilyn before things get rough again.
  6. Leave A Scar
    ~updated~ Twiggy learns how to live without Marilyn, or at least he tries to!
  7. slutgarden
  8. A place in the dirt
    its been an incredibly long time since i last wrote, so i'm gonna try and make this chapter flawless for any readers that are still alive and haven't forgotten me haha.