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Being Protective

Louis’ burst of laughter was the first thing I heard when I stepped out of the house. I rolled my eyes and handed my crutches over to Riley while Thea helped me down the few steps in front of the Grace house.

“What happened to you?” Louis gasped out, his hands clutching onto his stomach. I was touched by his caring tone. Really I was.

“She fell over, when we were playing volleyball and sprained her ankle.” Riley explained, as helpful as she always was.

“Hey it could have been worse,” Thea commented at the frown permanent on my face, “you could be in a cast.”

“I still had to go to the hospital.” I grumbled. Sidney had forced me.

“That really sucks Caydance.” Zayn came up to rest his arm gently around my shoulder when I reached the bottom of the stairs. I eyed him suspiciously.

“It sucks that you won’t be playing when we beat your house in volleyball.” He continued after a pause, his evil smirk slipping across his face. I elbowed him in the ribs and glared, he was just as bad as Louis.

I spotted Indiana making her way down the street towards us. Thea had asked her personally to look after me today and ensure that I didn’t try to jump in the game.

I smirked at Zayn. “It’s okay I’ll just have to spend the day with Indiana, telling her all the wonderful stories I have on you and your numerous drunken escapades.”

Zayn’s eyes widened and followed my line of vision to where Indiana began to head down the driveway straight for us.

“I will throw the game if you need me to. Just keep quiet.” Zayn hissed at me.

I laughed, almost debating the idea. Zayn and Louis were two of the most alike people I had ever met that were still extremely different from one another. Both were willing to throw a game for someone they liked and yet only one was aware of what they were doing.

“I’m holding you to this Zaynie.” I whispered while righting myself on the crutches and turning to beam at Indiana. “Indi, how lovely to see your beautiful face this early in the morning.”

She hesitated in her steps. Her eyes unsure as they trailed from my wrapped leg to the crutches I rested on.

“This was not the mood of Caydance I was expecting today.” She said.

“I’ve just been given some interesting information.” I nudged Zayn with one crutch as I hopped past with as much dignity as possible.

Indiana ignored my statement and hey eyes wandered behind me. I assumed towards Zayn but I was surprised by the name that flew from her mouth.

“Harry! Nick told me to tell you that he’s not coming in tomorrow. But he’s going to give me the key to the station at the game today, if he remembers. So if you run into him can you remind him?”

I whirled around, or attempted to but a crutch hit awkwardly at a piece of grass and ripped out from underneath my arm, unbalancing me and I slowly began to tilt.

Arms wrapped around my waist and in my shock I dropped the crutches and blinked up into Louis’ laughing face. “You are not my knight in shining armour.” I grumbled at him. Wiggling my way up straight to be met with Harry, holding my crutches out to me: dimples and all.

“Are you okay?” He asked. His concern genuine as the heat rose up my cheeks.

I pulled out of Louis grasp and quickly took the crutches from Harry letting my red hair cover most of my face. I tried not to melt into a puddle of embarrassment.

“Guys Sidney is going to kill us if we are not there like right now.” Thea called out in a panic, her eyes moving from her phone towards me, her look calculating.

“I can walk with Caydance so we don’t hold you up.” Harry offered, I tried not to be affronted by the assumption that I was slow.

“Thanks Harry.” Thea called, grabbing Riley on her way past, Louis turned to catch up with them and I was left with Zayn, Indiana and Harry. I sighed at their expectant looks; I didn’t need three people to walk with me. Although Zayn, was definitely not here for me.

“Alright someone has to carry my bag.” I motioned to where Riley had left it in the dirt. Harry was the first to make a grab, slipping the purple and white spotted backpack over his shoulder, holding onto the brown leather straps.

I smiled in gratitude and began to follow Indiana and Zayn as they walked ahead. Zayn eagerly pulled Indiana into conversation with him. She didn’t seem as defensive to his talking as she used to be. And he looked happier then I had ever seen him. It was almost shocking to see that type of genuine smile spreading across Zayn’s face. He was always sarcastic, smirking or smiling flirtatiously.

“They look happy.” Harry commented.

I hummed a response, turning away from the two people in front of us and instead turning to stare at Harry, his wide eyes meeting mine.

“You’re not playing in the volleyball game today?” I asked.

“Nah, my limbs are a little too out of control for volleyball.” Harry shrugged. “Might have hurt someone, sprained an ankle.”

I snorted and shook my head, paying attention to where we were going as Zayn and Indiana cut across the grass. I watched the ground closely, not wanting to trip again.

I could hear the noise of the carnival before we rounded the corner. There were rides, games and food stalls. People were milling around everywhere and the volleyball courts were closest to where we stood.

“What do you want to do first?” Harry asked.

“You don’t have to stay with me.” I replied, feeling slow and useless, as my arms grew tired already.

“Why on Earth would I not want to stay with you?” Harry countered, a smug smirk sliding across his face the moment he noticed my blush. This boy was going to be bad for my health.

Indiana appeared in front of us before I could reply. “Are you going to be okay with Harry? Zayn wanted to take me on a ride.” She gestured vaguely behind her and I could practically see the plea in Zayn’s eyes.

I smirked at him before turning a smile to Indiana. “Yes of course, I’m sure I can make Harry wait on me hand and foot.” I winked at the freshmen while Zayn took his chance and whisked Indiana away.

“If they look so happy, why do you look so worried?”

I turned to Harry as I gnawed on a corner of my lip. “Indi doesn’t take to people easily and neither does Zayn actually. But Indi, she’s different you know? She’s just—.”

“She’s important to you.” Harry cut in.

“Something like that.” I replied. Still worried that whatever Indiana was doing here would end in a lot of heartbreak.

“So did you want to get some food? Walk around? Maybe play a few games, I could try and win you something?” Harry began to peer around what we could see. I shrugged and opted to follow what he wanted. The volleyball tournament didn’t start for another two hours so I was happy to enjoy the crowd.

Harry slowly took me along to stall after stall attempting to win stuff toys, coupons, fake guns, princess wands and tiaras. He wasn’t doing that well but the more he lost the more fun he seemed to have. It was amusing but eventually grew slightly pathetic after an hour.

“Hold my crutches.” I hobbled towards the table in front of me and shoved my crutches at Harry. I grabbed a ten-dollar note from my pocket and handed it to the man before he passed me three small Styrofoam balls that I knew were deceptively bouncy.

I took confidence from Harry at my side and straightened myself as best as I could on one leg before taking aim. The first ball went in soundly. Harry cheered from beside me as I took aim again. The next red ball bounced into the smaller bucket but still stayed inside. The last ball was supposed to fit into an even smaller bucket and I hesitated, debating how hard or light to throw the ball to make sure it would make the distance but not bounce out again.

Harry shuffled closer, his warm breath fanning against the side of my face while he tried to see where the small bucket sat. I gently nudged his shoulder out of my vision but I didn’t mind him in my space.

“Don’t have all day little lady.” The man behind the table smiled at me condescendingly. I glared at him before taking a last aim and throwing. I crossed my fingers and half-closed my eyes as the ball hit the bottom of the bucket, bounced, swirled around the rim before gently falling back into the shallow bucket.

“Yes!” I yelled jumping up before gasping in pain at the way I landed on my injured foot. Harry was by my side instantly handing over my crutches with a balancing hand on my back.

“You get to choose whatever you want from this section.” The worker pointed towards the large stuff toy section. I grinned happily and scanned the choices.

I pointed instantly to the black stuff toy dragon that was meant to be Toothless from ‘How To Train Your Dragon’. The man grabbed the stuff toy and handed it over to me. I grabbed it awkwardly with my crutches before holding it out to Harry.

“For you.” I grinned proudly. He looked shocked, his hands closing around the large stuff toy. “I won it for you.” I clarified, enjoying the surprise on his face before a smile spread and the dimples broke out. He grabbed the toy tighter and slipped him under one arm.

“I love him.” He told me. I matched his grin before turning away from his intense gaze. My heart thudded painfully and my smile felt almost painful it had been permanent for so long.

I began to roam away from where we stood, unsure of what to do next but I was growing tired. I found empty seats and immediately fell down onto one, Harry happily taking the one next to me setting his toy on another chair.

“So how have your classes been?” I asked Harry at a loss what else to talk about. I didn’t know what to do here. I knew, clearly, how he felt but I was still unsure how confident I was in able to do this; to like Harry, to possibly consider more with Harry.

“They’re good. I took a Shakespeare class though and it’s a lot harder then I thought.” Harry said.

“Introduction to Shakespeare class?” I turned to Harry while he nodded. “I loved that class. I aced it as well.” I boasted a little.

Harry widened his eyes. “Can you help me? I need a lot of help, we’re reading ‘As You Like It’ and I was lost after the first scene or act or whatever it is.” Harry flailed his arm and I laughed, finding myself nodding.

“’As You Like It’ is my fave.” I told him. “I can tutor you if you want? I could find my notes and we could go over them together?” I felt nervous, my hands clamming up and I couldn’t quite meet Harry’s eyes.

“I would really like that.” Harry said warmly, one of his hands slowly reached out and touched my forearm. I eyed the hand for a moment before finding that I didn’t quite mind it was there. I pulled my arm up slightly until his fingers touched my wrist. I didn’t look at Harry until my fingers were warmly entwined with his.

“Great, we could have lunch tomorrow?” I offered, aware that this was sounding a hell of a lot like a date but his hand was warm in mine and I wanted this, I wanted this so much. The fact that I had started to sleep with his jumper was a testament to how much I wanted this.

“Sounds perfect.” Harry murmured, his eyes straying over my face before glancing back to our hands, but he didn’t move away, he also didn’t move closer. I smiled and turned back to survey the crowd around us, content to just hold Harry’s hand.


Indiana’s friend Cecilia waved wildly as I hopped my way towards them. I grinned at Cecelia’s enthusiasm before carefully taking a seat down next to Indiana.

“Where’s Harry?” Indiana asked, peering around me.

“He went to get food.” I gestured, my eyes turning to the sand court in front of us as Kings house and Cromwell began preparing for the start of the last game. They had both been out all other houses so they were all that was left. I caught Sidney’s eyes from where she was talking to Louis and waved. She looked serious, her eyes hard when she glanced over towards Cromwell.

I followed her line of sight and frowned when I noticed Zayn talking to Camden. “What’s Zayn doing?” I asked Indiana leaning forward in my seat trying to read their lips.

“I don’t know. He was stretching with Louis then suddenly went over to talk to Camden.” Indiana frowned, scrunching her nose up in distaste.

Harry arrived with a hot dog in both hands and a water bottle under one arm. I reached up to help him, grabbing the hot dog and water bottle before nudging my crutches so he could sit down.

“Do you know why Zayn is talking to Camden?” I asked Harry, he looked up from his food to find Zayn on the court.

“Something about a bet.” He murmured his eyes roaming back to Louis. “I heard him and Lou discussing it this morning. There was some bet made between the houses but I think Louis and Zayn wanted to call it off.”

I frowned; it wasn’t like Louis to want to call off a bet. Something would have had to happen for them to call this off. I went to grab my phone to text Thea before I noticed Louis and Sidney staring at me before quickly blinking away. I paused and turned to see Zayn and Camden do the exact same thing.

“Me. I’m the reason they want to call off the bet.” I growled, shoving my hot dog into Harry’s hand and grabbing my crutches. Indiana was at my side instantly as I hobbled closer to the court. I debated whether I could use the crutches across the sand.

“Jesus Christ, we’re coming okay?” Louis yelled as he and Sidney jogged over.

I fixed a glare on them both but waited until they were within talking distance. “You are not cancelling whatever it is you want to cancel because of me.” I growled, reaching forward to slap Louis’ shoulder.

He just rolled his eyes in response. “You don’t even know what it is we’re calling off.”

“Oh great.” Sidney grumbled and moved to the side so Zayn and Camden could join our little circle. It was unfortunate that I didn’t knock a tooth out, it would have made Camden’s smile less devastating.

“I knew you wouldn’t really pull out on me Fairweather.” He winked. A shiver ran down my back but not in the good way.

“What’s the bet?” I asked.

“The winner gets to command everyone, all five houses become slaves to the one house for a whole week. Anything goes.” Sidney murmured. “Except you know legal shit.” Her voice was sarcastic and I knew she was mocking Louis who scowled at her.

“Don’t worry Caydance, I’m not too demanding, you know that.” His smirk was a permanent mark but I wanted to slap it off. I squeezed my fists tightly around my crutches as Indiana raised a hand to my shoulder.

“The bet is on.” I growled out through my teeth. I heard Sidney sigh but Camden merely bowed his head with a mocking smile before turning back to his team.

“Do you realise that he and about three others on his team made it to the finals in Volleyball last year. Finals of the whole country.” Louis growled out to me.

“Exactly, finals. They did not win.” I countered. “Also I know for a fact that you have three guys on your team that was in the volleyball team that made it. So, you are going to win this and I will be much happier being your servant then his.” I turned on the spot trying to hobble away with as much dignity as possible. It didn’t really work.

Harry was standing, eyebrow pulled together tightly while Indiana rested an arm on my back to support me.

“What was that about?” Harry’s eyes followed Camden as he began to walk to the middle of the net to shake hands with an angry Louis.

“The bet is still on.” I told him firmly, taking my seat and resting my foot out. My ankle was beginning to throb from all the hopping around. Harry wisely stayed quiet and offered my hotdog back. I took it and bit into it harshly, my eyes focused on Camden. Whether or not we won the bet, I was going to have to do something about him and his over abundant love for himself.

The game started quickly, both sides of boys hitting harshly and with intent. Balls being aimed at heads and no matter how many times the referee called it the boys didn’t stop. I could feel Indiana wince beside me every time a ball flew to closely to someone’s intimate areas. I smiled and finished my hot dog allowing myself to rest against Harry’s shoulder and take some pressure off my posture.

It took an hour and both sides were even. The game had to be finished so the next point was going to end the game and announce the winners. Both sides looked tired, I could see Sidney yelling something to Louis from the other side of the court. He flipped her off which earned him a reproachful glare and a loud snort from Niall. My hands had unconsciously digging into Harry’s arm and he winced gently prying my fingers away from the nail indents I had made, he slid our hands down so my hand clasped his and I went back to squeezing. I could feel Camden’s eyes on us and childishly pushed our hands out further so it could be seen. Harry didn’t seem to notice or care.

It took five hits across the net before Louis jumped and spiked the ball directly through the hands of Camden. Indiana’s hand smacked my shoulder while Cecelia let out a screech of excitement. I laughed and jumped up, wincing at the pressure on my foot but Harry was by my side instantly, scooping me up and running onto the court. I screamed in his ear, hanging on tightly to his neck before someone else lifted me out of his arms.

“Louis!” I yelled, once I noticed the sweaty brown hair under my hands while he spun me in circles. I laughed happily and pressed a messy kiss against his cheek.

Sidney was taking me out of Louis’ arms next, setting me day on one foot and let me balance against her. I pressed a kiss to her temple in thanks for caring enough about me to call the bet off.

“It was Thea’s idea.” She whispered to me before letting Harry take me again, wrapping one arm around my waist while I wrapped my own arm around his shoulder. I smiled and indulgently allowed myself to stare at his smile without being self-conscious.

“Congratulations Tomlinson.”

I looked up at Camden’s voice, him and Louis standing at even heights to each other. Harry gently unwrapped himself from me and took a step forward. I moved to grab onto him but almost lost my balance without Indiana immediately grabbing onto me, handing over my crutches.

I watched wearily as Harry, Liam and Zayn moved up behind Louis whose fists were pulled together tightly, eyes glaring a hole through Camden’s head.

“I suppose you saved your little whore this time.” It was abundantly clear to everyone around that he was talking about me.

I thought Louis would actually swing but it was Harry that Liam and Zayn had to grab ahold of, wrapping their arms around his chest and stomach to keep him back. I widened my eyes in surprise and stumbled forward. Harry may have been almost taller then Camden but he was lanky, barely any muscles compared to Camden. I didn’t want him to get hurt.

Camden snorted at Harry’s attempts as people from his own house began to hurry forward to protect their leader.

“The little freshmen has a crush doesn’t he? What do you do, hold her bag, buy her things, and wait on her hand and foot?” He shook his head with a sneer. “Wake up Styles, she’s only using you for a bit of attention now that I’m done with her.”

I was tempted, as I reached Harry’s side, to lift my crutch and jam it as hard as I could between his legs. But there were people around, old people; friendly strangers and well I would actually get into trouble this time.

“Just ignore him Harry.” I said earnestly, trying to push myself between the boys, but failing miserably. Harry’s eyes didn’t even stray towards me, they stayed narrowed in on Camden.

“From what I remember I don’t think you were the one done with her. In fact I actually remember you practically begging for her to go with you.” Harry seemed calmer, pulling out of Liam and Zayn’s grip but stayed where he was, a smirk lingering on his own face. It was almost disconcerting to see such a mocking expression on his innocent face. “It seems that she’s done with you and found someone better to spend her time on. Don’t blame her, I get the feeling you’ve been overcompensating.”

My mouth dropped as Harry lifted his little finger and wiggled it into the air between the two boys. It was a moment of shock for everyone before hands were scrambling for both the boys and I was knocked to the side, grabbing onto Indiana in my haste.

Indiana’s hiss of my pain made me turn to her quickly, she held on tightly to her side.

“Shit I’m sorry, are you okay? Did I hit you?” I worried, reaching forward towards her side but she stepped backwards out of reach.

“It’s fine really.” She gritted through her teeth but I could see the tears in her eyes.

“Indi.” I went to hobble forward, clearly being able to see that she was in pain.

“Caydance.” She narrowed her eyes and I immediately relented. This was one of those things that we didn’t talk about. That she refused to talk about and I didn’t know if I should push.

“Adults are beginning to notice lads, let’s take this someplace else.” I turned to see Niall sliding his way through the mass of boys still in each other’s faces, hands gripping on tightly stopping anyone from actually hitting anyone.

“This isn’t over Styles, Tomlinson.” Camden spat, before pulling away.

“Looking forward to it!” Louis yelled after the Cromwell boys as they stormed away across the court.

I heard Sidney’s large sigh of annoyance at Louis’ needing to get the last word.

“Children, you are all bloody children.” She grumbled, shaking her head and making her way to where Thea stood with everyone else from Grace. They were all watching worriedly.

“Guess I get you as a slave then.” Louis came up beside me, a smug smirk on his face like the last few events hadn’t even happened.

I shook my head and rolled my eyes at him. “Of course that would be the first thing you bring up.” I fixed my crutches ready to find Harry in the mass of King’s boys I assumed still surrounded him.

“Wait Caydance.” Louis grabbed onto my wrist. “I wanted to ask you about Indiana?”

I looked at him inquiringly.

“It’s about the bruises.” Louis said bluntly, I froze where I stood, my eyes making sure Indiana wasn’t around.

“Don’t mention them. Don’t tell anyone.” I hissed at him.

He frowned. “If she is getting hurt by someone we need to get her help. I saw a horrible bruise on her side at the barbeque the other day. Caydance I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bruise that big and multi-colored before.”

I shifted on the spot, not wanting to have this conversation with Louis. “She never wants to talk about them so we have to respect that.”

“So she has more than one?”

I groaned at Louis’ persistence, taking my time and deciding how to reply. “At the end of every holiday since I’ve known her she comes back with more bruises. Never on her face but I’ve seen them on her body, she tended to wear long sleeves a lot when I first met her.”

Louis looked livid. He took a step closer to me. “So someone in her family or back home has been doing this for awhile and you’ve never said anything?”

“How can I? She doesn’t want anything to be said.” I hissed back at Louis, angry that he was growing angry with me. He didn’t know her like I did. “If I pushed this I would lose her!”

“This isn’t about you Caydance. She’s getting hurt. You should have told someone already.” Louis looked three seconds away from calling the cops himself.

“This isn’t our fight. This isn’t even our business. I am here for Indi as much as I can and that is the best I can do until she is willing to do something about it. So. Back. Off.” I hissed through my teeth, feeling my cheeks flame up in anger.

“Lou? Caydance?” Louis took a hasty step back from me while Harry watched us, confused.

“I’ll see you back at the house Harry.” Louis turned on his heel and marched off, not even sparing us a glance.

“What was that about?” Harry asked.

“Louis was just being protective.” I told him, shrugging before turning to smile at the freshmen. “Talking about being protective…”

“I know you could have fought that yourself. Trust me I’ve seen you hit him. But I just wanted to stand up for you.” Harry said quickly, holding up his hands in surrender.

I grinned happily and took a step forward, reaching out to grab onto Harry’s shoulder, dropping a crutch to the ground.

“I know, I just wanted to say thank you.” I grinned before shuffling forward and pulling Harry’s surprised face against mine, meeting his lips in an awkward fumble. I giggled against them before using my one free hand to angle his head properly. Our noses brushing lightly as he released a gust of air in surprise.

His hand slowly rose and settled on the bottom of my back as I brushed our lips together, once, twice, more. “Thank you.” I whispered, pressing one last quick kiss before leaning back in his arms to look at his shocked face.

“You’re definitely welcome.” He breathed out, his eyes slightly unfocused. I laughed loudly and happily, stretching up to wrap my arms around his neck and bury my face against his collarbone. My stomach felt giddily sick but definitely in a good way.

“I could have totally kicked his ass without your help though.” I firmly reminded him.
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