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I could see the front entrance to the great court ahead so I pushed my legs and tried to breathe evenly before slowing to a stop in the archway and rested my hands on the top of my head before taking a long drink of my water bottle. My head rested back against the cool sandstone wall that surrounded the great court.

It was early in the morning and the sun was still rising but a few people were around. Not many and a few still seemed to be in their pajamas like they thought it was too early to even bother changing yet.

I paused at the welcome sign situated above the entrance and read the quote of the day.

Learn something new every day under the sun. You will never get old if you do. - Lois Bey

The quote was appropriate for the amount of sun we had been given the last two days and today seemed to be just as lucky. I smiled upwards towards where the sun was slowly rising and gave myself a couple more minutes of soaking in the rays before I would run back to the house.

My head snapped forward when the approaching footsteps were owned by a familiar voice. I glanced around before seeing Louis coming from the car park with another boy I didn’t know. He was tall, well taller than Louis, with curly hair; whatever Louis was saying was keeping the boy completely enraptured.

I stepped back away from the entrance of the great court as they both headed through, black bags hanging from both their hands, they seemed in a hurry. It was entirely suspicious and completely unsurprising that Louis had probably planned the first prank of the year. Most likely had it ready since last year.

Shaking my head, I turned and set a quick jog all the way back to the house, I was in desperate need of showering before everyone else began waking up to claim the showers.

I arrived back at the house, short of breath, to find Riley, my bouncing, hyperactive sister coming out of the house. A yoga mat slung over her right shoulder. She looked up when she heard me walk up the stairs and her eyes brightened considerably. I tried not to glare to hard at the smile she was already sporting at this time of morning.

“What are you doing?” I asked her directly, she didn’t falter in her reply.

“Yoga, I do yoga every morning. My Mum’s a yoga teacher so I’ve been doing it for years.” She explained, giving me more information then what I asked for. I noted she had the tendency to do that. “I was going to go to the lake and see if there’s a good spot. Do you wanna come?” She looked excited of the idea that I join her. I tried not to groan too loudly and insult her. Her smile dropped: she obviously heard the groan.

“Nope, I’m good. You have fun then.” I moved past her and into the house, shutting the door behind me, not waiting for an answer.

The house was silent, no one seemed to be awake yet, or if they were they hadn’t left their room. I moved past the empty downstairs room and up the stairs until I reached the third landing.

I tried not to be too loud while grabbing my toiletries and heading to the closest bathroom. The bathroom itself was already beginning to clutter. From make-up to hair dryers and the occasional pad or tampon shared around, the bathrooms always tended to be the place of lost and shared items. Whenever you needed something the bathrooms would most likely have it.

I’d never complain though, it was nice and made the place feel more homely and shared. No one stuck to her own rooms or to themselves.

After I had showered and left the bathroom I could see doors had been opened along the floor. There were noises coming from downstairs and bathrooms. The girls were finally beginning to rise.

I headed down the stairs in sweatpants and a tank top to find Sidney clattering around in the kitchen while talking with Rhiannon, another senior. I had never asked but I believed that Rhiannon may have been Sidney’s buddy in their first year. They had always been close, a lot like Thea and I were. It was a proven theory that buddies tended to stay close together throughout the rest of their schooling and even long after graduation. I wasn’t planning on letting Thea go anytime soon.

“Was your run good?” Sidney asked while Rhiannon offered me toast. I took the two slices and grabbed jam from the fridge.

“Yep.” I popped the ‘p’ and began spreading the jam across the bread before pausing and turning to Sidney. She looked up from her bowl of porridge and raised an eyebrow. “Just a warning Louis was coming from the car park really early this morning with black bags.”

“Like body bags?” Rhiannon asked incredulous. Sidney shot her an amused look while I rolled my eyes.

“No don’t be daft, just black bags that you would specifically buy if you wanted to hide what you had bought. As in prank items, perhaps?” I gestured wildly with the butter knife that Sidney promptly took out of my hand.

“So you think he’s already planned the first prank?” Sidney asked, taking her porridge and sitting at one of the tables set up. Rhiannon and I joined her.

“I know he’s already planned the first prank and probably the five after it, maybe more if he was feeling inspired over the break.” I told Sidney seriously. She nodded thoughtfully and scooped porridge into her mouth.

“We should start planning ours.” Rhiannon said.

“Louis is coming over later to talk about their party tonight so I’ll ask about it then. You know he won’t prank us first, not with the relationship our sorority has with Kings.”

“Yes but there’s nothing wrong with him pranking us right after.” I pointed out to Sidney who frowned.

“So we see what Louis gives away.” Sidney said. If it was anyone else saying what Sidney said and they expected to be able to read Louis I would call bullshit. But this was Sidney and Louis and for some strange reason they had this weird bond. They had both pledged their houses at the same time and were the same age and despite how different they were there was still this bond between them. Sidney could read Louis like no one else could, even more then his last girlfriend.

He was impulsive and chaotic whereas Sidney was organised and ordered but their friendship worked. Together they created something scary and I knew with them both leading two houses whose friendship had lasted almost as long as the University itself was something the other houses should be afraid of.

“Wait a sec, did you say Louis was coming here?” I asked, a smile worked onto my face without me being able to stop it. Sidney nodded slowly while I quickly shoveled the last of my toast into my mouth.

“What are you planning?” Sidney questioned, narrowing her eyes. I swallowed the toast and sculled my drink before waving them both of and making a dash out of the kitchen door, almost running into a group of little sisters at the same time. I ignored them and bolted up the stairs and straight to Thea’s door.

Her blankets were a mess and her head couldn’t be seen from under the pillow she had. I ran and jumped, landing with my legs on either side of her. I could feel her body flinch, the only indication I got that she was actually awake.

“Get up Thea, there are big wonderful exciting things to happen today.” I grinned as she moved the pillow and blinked up at me warily. Her light blue hair was a mess and there was still smudged mascara left on from yesterday. Thea had never been a morning person. “Come on sunshine, time to grace us all with your presence.” I proceeded to bug her, poking her sides through the blanket before she began to squirm, grumbling under her breath.

Laughing I crawled off and sat at the bottom of her bed so she wouldn’t go back to sleep. She was still for a few short minutes before sitting up and running a hand through her messy head, her narrowed eyes focused on me.

“What is wrong with you?” She hissed, exasperated, before climbing out of bed and stumbling towards her wardrobe. I watched amused as she pulled on a pair of sweatpants and an old baggy top to throw over her bra.

“You might want to wear something nicer.” I told her, grinning evilly when she shot me an annoyed look.

“I’m going to breakfast not visiting the bloody Queen.” She replied over her shoulder before walking out of the room. I tried to tone down my smile when I followed her out of the room and down the stairs.

“Caydance, Thea.” I spun around to face Sidney, who was standing in front of us, her Ipad resting on her arm, her eyes focused on it. I shared a look with Thea. I would bet anyone all of my Johnny Depp DVD’s that she had probably planned out every social event for the next three months on there. “I’m going to need both of you to help tonight. Make sure the new sisters don’t you know-.”

“Go crazy and hump every guy they see?” I offered up in her word lapse. She stared at me for a moment before wrinkling up her nose and nodding.

“Sure. I’ll try not to let Caydance do that either.” Thea grinned from next to me and I pushed my elbow into her stomach making her wince.

Two quick knocks on the door followed by another five distracted me from glaring at Thea. Instead I smiled widely and watched Sidney walked towards the door and pull it open to stop Louis from continuously knocking.

“One knock is fine Louis. Really.” Sidney told the boy on the other side flatly.

“Louis.” Thea squeaked next to me and immediately took a step behind me. I grinned devilishly when he stepped through the doorway. “Holy mother of God and all that is Holy, I’m seriously going to kill you.”

“Is that even allowed? Can you swear to God that you will kill someone? Is that blasphemy?” I jerked when Thea poked me in the ribs harshly and muttered a few more choice words under her breath while Louis walked through with Liam, another King’s boy and a close friend, following close behind.

“Li! Hey.” I moved away from Thea to pull Liam into a hug, he kissed my cheek and pulled me tightly against him.

“Where is my hug?” Louis asked indignant.

“No one wants to hug you.” Liam snorted, pushing Louis face away from where it had appeared between our hug.

“Thea. Can you come join us?” Sidney called out and I spun around to see Thea trying to escape to the kitchen. She paused but didn’t turn around, just waved her arm behind her and kept walking.

“Let me grab food first.” We could barely hear her reply after she walked through to the kitchen.

“Do I know her?” Louis asked, looking between Sidney and I.

“She’s studying to be a vet but the year below you.” I responded before turning to Sidney. “I’ve got a meeting with a teacher to get to but I’ll be back for tonight.” She nodded and waved me away before ushering both boys into the living room. I jogged up the stairs to get changed and stopped by Thea’s door to see her scrambling through her wardrobe, mumbling under her breath.

“Just wear your black skater skirt with the white belt and tuck in the sleeveless blue button up that you have.” She turned her wide eyes to me. “Please don’t hyperventilate.” I added on when that looked like a possible outcome.


I tried to hold in my laughter as noise from the new sisters rose higher.

“Enough!” Sidney’s voice overpowered them all easily. Thea threw me a surprised look, she had never been on the end of Sidney’s yelling. I had.

“If you want to be a Grace you have to follow the rules. And the rule has been for many years now that a Grace cannot date during their first semester here unless of course you have come here already in a relationship. If that is the case you will approach your senior mentor before the end of the week with proof of this.” Sidney’s voice carried authority as only a few more grumbles were heard.

I tried the best I could to keep in the smirk that was threatening to spread across my face. The sisters just looked too upset about it all. Wait until they found out that the rule was mostly a joke.

When the rule was first decided it was so the new Grace sisters would bond well together without boys bothering them. It never worked. Instead the Grace sisters bonded over the fact that they were having secret relationships. Technically it had still reached the desire results so the rule had stayed.

It also helped worm out the weasels. We needed to be able to trust one another and if a new sister ratted on another they were usually asked to leave.

“Is that really a rule?” Indi asked from behind me, I looked back at her and her dorm roommate CC and nodded at her, her eyes widened. “God you girls take this stuff seriously.”

I shrugged at her before turning back to the sisters. I could easily pick out Riley from the crowd; she stood out with her large smile and the way her energy practically bounced off her in waves. I admit that I didn’t dislike her, but I also didn’t like her. Her personality was all kids of irritating.

By the time Sidney finished her speech, about how the sisters would act in front of the other houses at the party, I could tell everyone was itching to go, well everyone but Indi who seemed quite content just staying in the house.

“Come on.” I smiled brightly, grabbing her arm and leading her and CC out the door while everyone followed. You could already hear the music from the King’s house that was down the other end of the street.

“Welcome to our humble abode.” Louis’ voice grabbed all of our attention as he stood on top of the stairs wearing a ridiculous top hat.

“Honestly, you get weirder every year.” I flicked his hat when I walked past.

“And you get ruder.” He called after me as I smirked.

“He’s not wrong there.” I turned to Indiana surprised before smacking her arm lightly.

“Don’t be mean.” I pouted at her. She laughed as a bouncy blonde appeared in my vision.

“Hey I don’t have to be around you or anything tonight right?” Riley asked me, a hopeful look in her eyes as she took in the party around her.

“I’ll try not to take offence to that.” I glared at her, happily noting the blush that appeared. “But I suppose you can get a couple hours away from me tonight, but you are still technically my little sister so I can still call you when I need you.” She nodded at me eagerly before I waved her away.

“Something to drink?” I offered Indiana and CC. Indiana shrugged up at me while CC nodded eagerly.

“I suppose.” She muttered sticking close behind me as we wormed our way through the crowd and I headed straight for the kitchen. Kings often threw parties meaning I knew their house just as well as Graces. I grabbed the first two cups I saw with liquid and handed one to Indiana and the other to CC, I watched her make a face before she took a drink, grimacing afterwards.

“Let’s find people we know.” I called to her over the music glancing between the faces of people from all the houses. There were a few people I recognised but most from the St Mary’s house that didn’t quite get a long with Grace. They had a pact with Emmanuel who have a rivalry with Kings. Whereas Cromwell fraternity and the Francis sorority were different every year and I hadn’t bothered to ask Sidney what side they had chose this year.

“I don’t know anyone, you do.” She grumbled as I rolled my eyes at CC and grabbed her hand, ready to lead her before a tall stumbling person came into our vision.

“Indi!” Nick slurred out, wrapping an arm around her shoulder, she shifted uncomfortably.

“You’ve already found a friend.” I grinned happily as Nick looked up at me.

“Caydee! Looking as smashing as ever. Have you gotten more beautiful over the holidays?” I laughed as Nick leaned closer to me, wobbling on his feet.

“Careful there Grimmy, I might think you’re hitting on me.” I teased him, reaching out a hand to balance him better, he snorted in my face.

“Sorry love, you’re right fit but you just don’t have the parts I’m after.” His eyes trailed away from mine as he talked, his tongue practically hanging out of his mouth at the bloke that walked past.

“Come Indi. Scout the room with me.” He grinned and dragged Indi away from me, not that I tried particular hard to keep her. Nick would be good for her, he might just be crazy and drunk enough to bring out her personality or he could just be scary enough to stop her from ever coming to a party again.

“Do we keep an eye on her?” Cecile asked me, watching them both walk off. “She’s very quiet.”

“She should be okay with Grimmy but yeah I would keep an eye on her.” I agreed with Cecile who nodded before waving to someone. She shot me a smile before weaving through the crowd towards someone.

“Hey,” A deep voice sounded from my right pulling my attention. “Did you want another drink?”

I blinked at the stranger for a moment, the head of curly dark hair distracting me slightly before I glanced down to his green eyes.

“I uh have one already.” I stumbled over my words causing the stranger to smirk showing me two prominent dimples. My eyes couldn’t help but follow the rest of his body; he was obscenely fit with long limbs that were obvious he had only just grown into. The tattoos pulled my attention and I wondered how much more of his body was covered other then his arms. He cleared his throat as my eyes quickly snapped back up.

“I think I might need to be taken out on date before you continue undressing me.” I shook my head at the guy, trying to keep down the blush that rose to my cheeks. What was wrong with me? I wasn’t the type of girl who blushed and stumbled over her words in front of a cute guy.

“Please, I’m sure you’ve been checking out my ass for the last five minutes.” I smirked at him, grabbing another drink off the table as his eyes widened in surprise. I winked at him before worming my way through the people in the kitchen and in the direction Grimmy went with Indiana.

“Wait.” I smiled quickly before hiding said smile and turning to face the curly haired boy.

“Harry.” He said holding out his hand. I watched it for a moment, amused that he wanted to actually shake my hand.

“Caydance.” I told him, grabbing onto his hand and shaking firmly. He smiled widely.

“Caydance, unusual name.” I tried not to groan: my name sounded too good coming from his mouth.

“Well if we’re stating the obvious here. Harry is quite a common name.” I stated bluntly before moving further into the party. I could feel him staying close behind me.

“Are you always this hard to talk to?” He called out; I glanced over my shoulder before finally stopping before the stairs.

“Didn’t know you wanted to talk Harry, thought you would prefer the view.”

“Your ass is amazing love. But they never seem to be able to chat back.” He grinned at me wickedly; I smiled and shook my head. I would admit this boy was all sorts of intriguing.

“What house are you from?” I asked him curiously.

“Kings.” He answered easily.

“I haven’t seen you before.” I mused as he continued to drink from his cup. It was odd. I knew most of the boys from Kings, our two houses were practically always joined at the hip.

“So what are you studying?” He asked me suddenly, leaning in closer.

“Drama,” I told him, feeling slightly uncomfortable as his eyes stared straight into mine. “You?”

“Music.” He answered instantly. “I love to sing.”

“Sing us a few notes then.” I urged him, reaching my hand out to nudge his shoulder. I was flirting, very obviously, but he was cute and very forward.

“Maybe next time.” He shrugged at me, lowering his gaze slightly.

“Next time? I think you might be getting a bit ahead of yourself curly. I mean you don’t even know my middle name and your already expecting to see me again.” His eyes practically sparkled at my words. He moved in closer to me and I tried to keep my breathing normal, the rest of the party seemed blocked from the little space we had around us.

“What is your middle name then? Because if that’s the only thing keeping us from going out I think I should hear it.” I flushed slightly, I wasn’t a big fan of my middle name or last and I was regretting ever bringing it up.

“You first?” I said quickly.

“Edward,” He replied instantly without hesitation.

“Gosh, aren’t you just a little posh Harry Edward.” I teased him.

“Styles, my last name is Styles.” He continued with a grin. I couldn’t help the laughter that bubbled up.

“Honestly,” I moved back slightly out of his space finding it harder and harder to breathe while he was there. A smirk barely left his face as he watched me for a moment.

“Caydee!” Louis’ loud voice bellowed from next to us making me jump, my heart racing quickly. Harry merely frowned towards Louis for a moment while Louis’ arm wrapping around his waist.

“I see you’ve met Harry.” He grinned pulling Harry in tightly against his body. “He’s one of our most promising freshmen.”

“I’m sorry what?” I was pretty sure my mouth was hanging open as my eyes glanced from Louis back to Harry and vice versa. Freshman? How could Harry be a freshman, he looked older then that, he acted older then that!

“He’s a freshman?” I demanded of Louis before turning to a confused Harry. “You’re a freshman?”

“Is that a problem?” He asked slowly with his stupid deep voice, one of his hands reached up to run through his stupid curly hair and my eyes got distracted on the tattoos again. I needed to leave. Now.

“Yes there is!” I squealed slightly, trying to get my voice back to normal as both Louis and Harry watched me in amusement. “I’m just going to go.”

I made to walk away but Harry caught my hand his eyebrows raised in surprise.

“Look your cute and everything but I don’t date children.” I told him patting his cheek before walking away.

“Ouch, seriously Caydee.” Louis wrapped his arm around me while we walked through the crowds of people.

“What?” I grumbled trying to shove him off me.

“I mean calling him cute, why didn’t you just cut his nuts off or something, probably would have hurt less.” He pouted at me.

“Whose nuts are you cutting off?” I looked up at a blonde Irishman standing in front of me. I smiled gratefully at Niall before shrugging off Louis. Sidney and Thea were with him.

“Your freshman! Honestly can’t you just like nametag them or something.” I poked Louis’ chest, he just smirked back at me, clearly amused at my whining.

“What happened?” Thea asked concerned, Sidney was barely paying attention, her eyes probably scouting for our little sisters.

“Louis here decided to let his children roam free without anyone knowing. And I flirted with one.” I whined to her, I could see the laughter in her eyes but I thanked God at this point that she was too kind to laugh at me.

“Was it really that bad?” She questioned me softly. If I wasn’t having my own crisis I would be excited about the fact that this is the most she’s ever said in front of Louis.

“Yes it was! He’s got like a head full of really pretty curls and his eyes are so green and his body! He has tattoos Thea, fucking tattoos. Just. Fuck.” I growled out and rested my head on her shoulder. She patted my back soothingly. I could hear Louis and Nialls’ laughter easily.

“How much have you had to drink?” Sidney questioned me curiously.

“Barely anything, it’s fucking awful. At least if I was drunk I could blame my behavior on that.” I grumbled out, leaning against the wall next to Thea.

“Oh love.” She giggled softly, wrapping her arms around my waist. I leant into her happily.

“Has anyone seen Indiana?” I asked mostly Sidney and Thea who both shook their heads.

“Yeah she headed outside a while ago.” Niall supplied, surprising me. I stood up quickly, knowing that I shouldn’t have left her by herself for so long, I felt horrible.

“It’s okay, Zayn followed her out there.”

“Zayn?” I asked Niall confused. Since when did Niall and Zayn know Indi? “When did they meet?”

“Yesterday. Grimmers introduced us. Zayn said they met the day before that though.” Niall mused. I blinked at him confused. Indiana didn’t make new friends.

“Zayn has puppy eyes.” Louis chimed in, grinning evilly. “A lot like yours when you were chatting with Harry.”

“Oh fuck off.” I growled at him instantly, he cackled gleefully at me.

“Does everyone realise that Liam is dancing with Riley? Like our sister Riley?” Thea suddenly announced loudly, her eyes looking past Louis. He whirled around as we all searched and sure enough found Liam Payne dancing quite closely with Riley.

“Shall I break it up?” I grinned happily at Sidney who nodded at me. I separated from Thea who called out a ‘be nice’.

“Hey guys.” I announced, pushing my bodies between them, which was a lot harder then I thought it would be.

“Caydance.” Liam stated confused. I smiled and ruffled my fingers through his hair.

“Li-li. Having fun?” I grinned smacking a kiss to his cheek before turning to grin at Riley. “Aren’t freshmen just the cutest?”

Liam flushed slightly and his eyes wouldn’t meet Riley’s or mine. I almost felt bad for embarrassing Liam as well, he was too sweet to pick on, but it had to be done.

“Come on Riley.” I commanded moving away, knowing she would follow. Before she could see I quickly mouthed a sorry to Liam who waved me off, understanding what I had to do.

“Did you really have to do that?” Riley whined. I shot her an amused look. I had to admit she wasn’t afraid to say what she thought.

“Yes. We told you just before we left that there are no boys this semester and then we end up seeing you almost kiss Liam Payne!”

“You think he was going to kiss me?” She brightened up considerably, bouncing on her toes.

“Not the point.” I groaned at her, she stopped bouncing but didn’t wipe the smile from her face. “No boys.” I said to her sternly before sending her off.

“You sounded just like my mum.” Louis said coming up to stand next to me.

“Your mum often tells you not to get with boys?” I asked him curiously. He scowled and flipped me off.

“Watch out Fairweather or I might just tell Harry about your little crush on him. Or maybe I’ll tell him your whole name.” He glared down at me.

“Piss off Tomlinson.” I growled back, my eyes narrowing.

“Your boyfriend sucks.” I told Thea once reaching her and Sidney again, Niall looked over at us curiously, which earned me an elbow in the stomach.

“Not my boyfriend.” She hissed through her teeth at me. I nodded in understanding, grabbing onto the spot she elbowed.

“Honestly you two. You are worse then the freshmen.” Sidney scolded.

“Nothing wrong with a bit of fun.” Niall winked at Sidney who stared at him for a moment, confusion on her face before she smiled softly. Niall’s own smile widened dramatically and he leant on the wall beside her, beer in hand, as they fell into conversation.

“What’s with that?” I gestured to them, asking Thea.

“I don’t know but I’m pretty sure Niall has been following her most of the night.” Thea shrugged at me as I watched them both.

“And Sidney’s clueless as always.” I noted as Thea nodded. “Speaking of clueless, you had so many opportunities to chat with Louis then.”

“Drop it.” Thea pleaded instantly. “Or I’ll bring up your freshmen conversation.” I knew Thea wouldn’t she was too nice for that, but I let it go anyway.

“He had fucking tattoos.” I whined to her, resting my head back on the wall.

“What’s so bad about him being a freshmen?” She asked me curiously. I sighed and looked forward at the party.

“Because he’s like two years younger then me, probably fairly immature and just a freshmen Thea. I just don’t date freshmen.” I told her truthfully. Freshmen didn’t date, freshmen tended to jump from one person to another, having flavours of the week. It was the normal college experience, one that I had been living the last two years. But I didn’t want that anymore. I didn’t want just sex.

“If that is your only excuse it’s not very good.” She told me before looking back out to the crowd; I could see her eyes fall on Louis.

Louis who stood in the middle of a group of girls, delighted with the attention he was getting. His voice got louder his hand gestures wilder and he was drunk. He was so completely drunk that he had to lean on one girl for support and Thea watched like she always did. And she got hurt just like usual because she didn’t have the guts to go to him, to ask him out.

“Yeah well if your only excuse for not talking to Louis is that he doesn’t know you then that’s not good enough either.” I told her annoyed, she looked to me shocked for a moment and I almost felt bad. But she had been pining after Louis for two years. She either needed to get her act together and talk to him, or move on.

“I’m going to find Indi.” She announced suddenly. I realised too late that I had upset her.

“Thea!” I called but she was already gone. I sighed and turned to Sidney, Niall had disappeared.

“Where’s Niall?” I yelled at her over the music. Her eyes turned to me, confused for a moment before looking at the spot where he had been. I tried not to roll my eyes at how naive she could be. Before she could respond loud screeches of laughter pulled both of our attention to the entrance of the house.

I gasped in shock, as it seemed that every member of the Emmanuel house walked into the party with completely blue skin. From head to toe, looking like tall, bad-skinned smurfs. Louis appeared smugly next to me, the Kings boys around the house calling out and crowing in victory.

The leader of Emmanuel marched up to us, standing squarely in front of Louis. His name was Daniel Alston and he was bigger then Louis in every way and he was more than pissed.

“Tomlinson,” he nodded to a smirking Louis who nodded back.


There was a small moment where I almost believed that Louis was about to be punched, Sidney grabbed my elbow and guided me away slowly as Zayn appeared by Louis’ side. Alston seemed to think better of it, taking a step back and nodding at both Louis and Zayn before disappearing into the crowd, well not completely disappearing since his blue skin certainly stood out.

“Did you know?” I asked Sidney who nodded at me, her mouth was in a thin line and she obviously disapproved of Louis first prank. By pranking Emmanuel first and so early in the first week was just looking for a fight.

“What the hell was that?” Cecile pulled our attention to where her and Indiana stood next to us.

“That was the start of house pranks.” I told her, looking over to where Louis and Zayn seemed in a deep talk.

“They looked like they were actually going to fight.” Indiana commented.

“They probably will, eventually.” Sidney sighed like the acts of the other house leaders were far below her stature.

“Come on, you and I both need serious drinks here. We’ve been here for how long and I haven’t once felt the need to puke? That is just a travesty in itself.” Sidney groaned but let me lead her through to the kitchen where shots were being set up. Perfect.

“Caydance.” I spun to see the leader of Cromwell staring, expectantly, right into my eyes. I took an unconscious step back, intimidates by the height he had on me. “Sid.” He nodded over my shoulder to Sidney who held up her glass in response and handed me one.

“I’ve been looking for you all night.” Camden said raising a hand to scratch the back of his neck and I got a flash of the tribal tattoo that swept under his bicep and I knew led beneath his shirt and across his chest to the other bicep.

“I’ve been around.” I replied nonchalantly, taking another step back hoping he would get the memo. He looked confused for a moment and followed my step back, coming closer again. I felt Sidney’s hand wrap around my wrist and I took comfort at her touch.

“I was thinking we could maybe leave early, head back to mine.” His blue eyes practically screamed his intention at me. I had fooled around with Camden a lot last year. He was popular and easy and good, really good. But I wasn’t planning on making a repeat performance this year.

My eyes wandered over the heads of the people crowded around us trying to find some way to get out. I didn’t notice the familiar green eyes at first, just that they kept my attention and gave me something else to stare at. I blinked before realising the owner of said eyes. Harry watched me back, unashamedly, a cup resting against his red wet lips. Sighing I turned away and focused back on the smirking and over-confident Camden.

“Not this year Cam.” I replied bluntly and uncaringly. It was easier and I didn’t have to lie or find some reason. Camden’s mouth fell open and I got the smallest satisfaction for deflating his ego before he took another step forward, way too close into my personal space. I narrowed my eyes and refused to step back before someone pushed in between us.

“I think you need to back up a bit mate.” Liam’s voice was calm and confident pushing me back. Sidney’s hand was tight around my wrist and I blinked, unaware of how much tension had entered the room. Camden shot me one narrowed glance before spinning around and leaving the room.

“This party,” I grabbed my drink off Sidney and downed it before meeting her and Liam’s gaze, “blows.”
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