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Legal Thieving


I impatiently reached up to pull my long black hair into a messy bun on top of my head. It was constantly obstructing my view of the textbook perched on my lap.

I eagerly turned my attention back to the book and continued to highlight the legal terminology that would be coming up in our first class; I needed to start making revision notes.

People bustled past the bench I occupied but I hardly took notice. The sun felt good, the fresh air felt good and my mind was buried deep in the law system. I was content, until the sun disappeared.

“Do not tell me you are already studying?” I looked up at the familiar voice and squinted as the sun’s rays made Niall Horan shine brightly around the edges.

“Is that not what you’re supposed to do at Uni?” I asked back, unable to keep the defensive tone out of my words. I was used to people telling me I studied too much, but wasn’t that the point of coming here?

“Sure but ‘ave you even had your first class yet?” I stared up at Niall, confused, I had known Niall for roughly two years but we had never talked until the party two nights ago. Now suddenly he thought we were good enough friends to chat.

“No.” I replied after an awkward pause. I had a feeling I was coming off rude but that didn’t deter Niall who sat down next to me on the bench anyway, frowning at the books like they had personally insulted his mother.

“That just sickens me. You can’t start studying already. That’s a fucking crime.” My mouth fell open at his use of a cuss word; he barely flinched. “I’m starved. Let’s go get something to eat.”

No words could come out of my mouth as Niall reached over to close my books and shove them into my bag. His own arm stayed tight around the large Law book when he realised it couldn’t join the others in my small bag, before he stood up and raised an eyebrow at me. Like me sitting here gaping was the weirdest thing that just happened.

“Today would be nice. I really am starving.” I stood up numbly and followed after him, considered he had my stuff I couldn’t just very well walk away from the mad blonde.

“You know you can’t just boss people into going to lunch with you.” I finally found my voice and caught up to him. He merely smiled back.

“I’m not forcing you to do anything. You’re a willing follower.” He said, laughter present on his face.

“You kidnapped my stuff.” I huffed at him. He quirked an eyebrow and glanced down at my book that he was carrying.

“Then you can list all the laws I just broke over food.” He grinned up at me before pulling me into Leo’s café.

“Stealing for one.” I grumbled out to him.

“I have no intention of not giving your stuff back, I’m just being a gentlemen.” He reasoned, his eyes scanning the menu above the counter.

“I can be a real feminist here and demand that I can carry my own things.” I warned him. A flicker of annoyance swept across his face. It was the first time I had seen any negative reaction from him.

“I’m trying to be nice.” He turned to frown at me. I instantly regretted everything I had said.

“Right, sorry. So food.” I said quickly, glancing around towards the counter trying to focus on what food I wanted. For some reason I felt terrible making Niall unhappy in any way, I got the feeling that most people wanted to keep Niall happy; he had that sort of naively optimistic aura. As I glanced across the menu my eyes caught a familiar back. “Oh look it’s Liam.”

Niall followed where I was looking and I waited for him to call out but instead a small frown flickered across his face again. I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong this time so I looked back towards Liam wondering what was so offensive near him. He was smiling warmly down at a girl that barely came to his shoulders. Her blonde hair bounced happily as she chatted enthusiastically. “Wait is that—.”

“You know what, I think I want a burger.” Niall’s voice cut me off and before I could get a proper look he was dragging me out of the café, hand secured around my wrist, stopping me from looking back.

“Niall.” I warned as he dragged me back the way we came. Heading to the opposite side of campus. “Was Liam with Riley?”

“Riley? Whose Riley?” He feigned confusion, still tugging on my arm so I fell into step with him.

“Please do not tell me that Liam is doing that thing you boys insist on doing to my freshers.” Niall shot me a confused look. “You know, flirt with them so they can get in trouble with us. Fake date them or whatever to see if you can get them to break our rules.”

Niall’s eyes searched mine for a moment before a small grin pulled across, showing me his perfectly straight teeth.

“I have never met this Riley.” Niall responded, barely answering my question and instead focused on staring ahead. I sighed in annoyance knowing that Niall wasn’t going to give me any more information.

He led me towards Burger Urge and straight towards the busy counter. His eyes searched the board hungrily as I waited for our turn. I always ordered the same meal from here every time.

“Niall.” I looked up at the boy standing behind the counter in front of us. I had seen him around before, he hung out with the Kings boys but he lived in the dorms.

“Olly! Good to see you man.” Niall and Olly both leant over the counter to pull each other into a one armed hug, my books making it awkward for them.

“You switched courses?” Olly asked moving his eyes down to the books in Niall’s arms.

“Nah man. These are Sidney’s, Sid this is Olly.” I smiled at Olly in greeting he nodded back.

“You’re the Grace leader right?” Olly asked me instantly. “Saw you at the party the other night.” Someone cleared his or her throat from behind us before I could reply. “Oh right, what did you guys want to order?”

Niall looked towards me first so I told Olly my usual chicken burger with extra avocado before Niall ordered the New Yorker and instantly paid for them both.

“I have money.” I said quickly, reaching for my bag. Niall and Olly both ignored me as Niall accepted his change back. I noticed that Niall tended to ignore anything he didn’t like. I waved goodbye to Olly quickly as Niall pulled on my hand to lead me towards the closest seat. He dropped my book on the table with a loud bang; I frowned at the mistreatment.

“That thing tired me out just from carrying it, how do you read it?” Niall inquired, looking up at me earnestly. I didn’t know how to answer his question.

“Well it’s in English so that helps?” I replied awkwardly as Niall let out a loud laugh. My mouth fell open in surprise as he let out a few more chuckles before settling back further in his seat.

“What do you study?” I asked Niall, honestly curious.

“Media.” Niall answered instantly. I waited for him to elaborate. “Well it’s called Film, TV and Media Production but that’s a mouthful.”

“And what do you do in that? Or what are you going to get from that?” I asked him confused as he played with the napkins at the table. He paused for a moment and looked up at me, seeming to search for something in my face before answering.

“You know that feeling you get when you go to a movie and the actors are brilliant and the set is amazing and the soundtrack is just moving? You walk out of their thinking that is actually the best fucking movie you have ever seen?” I watched Niall’s face for a moment as he waited for a response. I wasn’t sure if he had just completely ignored my question or this was his was of answering it.

“Yeah I guess so.” I replied slowly.

“Well when I come out of an amazing movie I see the camera angles used, the lighting, the set, the actors, the music and the whole editing process in one and that’s what I want to do. I want to direct movies that make people walk out of the cinema questioning everything and telling everyone that it was the best fucking movie they have ever seen.” Niall waved his hands wildly in front of me as I watched his expressions change. He was so passionate about everything he was saying. Most people would have just said that wanted to be a director, like I would say I wanted to be a lawyer. But Niall actually told you what he specifically wanted to do, why he wants to do it.

“Can’t wait to see one of your movies then.” I replied politely as Niall practically glowed at my response. I wasn’t sure what I had said but his smile grew considerably wider.

I actually enjoyed Niall’s company as we chatted aimlessly about the houses and the party the other night. Niall refused to tell me if there were any more pranks coming up but he did hint that we weren’t next. It seemed that Cromwell would be getting pranked next since deciding that they would side with Emmanuel. Both Louis and I had expected Cromwell to choose us; Camden had always been on good terms with Louis and Zayn.

“Why did he choose to side with Emmanuel?” I asked Niall hoping he had more information then what Louis had the other day. Niall only shrugged in response, tipping the sauce jar upside down next to his chips.

“Liam thinks it might have to do with Caydance.” Niall glanced up at me before quickly focusing on his chips, like he was afraid I would get angry at that idea, I was only confused.

“Why Caydance?” I asked.

“Well, apparently, everyone’s talking about how she shot him down?” Niall phrased it into a question, looking up at me for confirmation when I realised.

“At the party.” I nodded, taking a bite of my own chip. “She said no to going back to his place.” I rolled my eyes at the foolishness of men and thinking with their dicks. “What a child.”

Niall shot me an amused look before picking his large burger up in his hand and murdering it. I stared at him oddly fascinated as he took two large bites and began chewing, sauce resting on his upper lip. I was about to tell him when someone stood next to our table clearing their throat loudly.

I turned, shocked, to find the leader of Francis standing next to us, Toran Braden, she was short but still able to tower over our seated position. Eleanor was standing next to her just a bit further behind. Two other young girls were with them, they looked hesitant and I didn’t recognise them, they must have been freshmen.

“We choose your side.” Toran informed me, her face not giving anything away. I gaped at her while she looked between Niall and I expectantly before her eyes trained back to Niall and she pulled a disgusted face and threw a napkin at him. He flushed and brushed his lip where she gestured.

“Why?” I blurted out, receiving an eyebrow raise in return. “Not that I don’t appreciate it but I haven’t even come to talk to you about it and I know that Cromwell or Emmanuel would have tried to convince you already.” I watched as Toran’s eyes narrowed at me before flicking briefly to Eleanor who only smiled innocently.

“I don’t do bribes. It was my choice and I choose you and Kings. So don’t let me regret this decision.” I swallowed nervously at the shadow she made over both Niall and I. She honestly scared me. “I suggest a meeting soon, preferably tomorrow night with Tomlinson.” She spat his name with little love. I nodded and promised to set the meeting up. Without any more words she stormed off leaving two freshmen to scurry after her and a happy Eleanor.

“See you tomorrow night.” Eleanor called over her shoulder, flicking her long brown waves before meandering through the crowd at Burger Urge. I turned back to Niall wide eyed, only to see him hoeing back into his burger.

“What was that?” I asked him lost. He shrugged his shoulder and at least waited to swallow before opening his mouth.

“Louis suspected that Eleanor might get Toran on our side so she can be closer to Lou.” I stared at Niall wanting more explanation. “She’s been trying to talk to him since we got back. Thinks they can get back together so by doing this she probably thinks she can get on his good side.” He took another large bite of his burger and I shook my head fondly at him.

“Why did they break up?” I asked Niall curiously, his eyebrows pulled together and he reached for his drink.

“It’s not really my place to say.” He said slowly, eyes coming up to meet mine and I smiled in understanding. It was amazing how loyal Niall was to his friends.


“So someone tells me that you had lunch with a certain Niall Horan yesterday.”

“Mhmm.” I mostly ignored Caydance as she fell onto the seat next to me. That however became impossible when she rested her head on the book in my lap. A sigh fell from my lips as I glared at her.

“This conversation isn’t ending with a ‘mhmm’.” Caydance replied, smirking at me evilly. I glanced over at Rhiannon who threw me a sad, sympathetic smile before focusing back on the TV playing quietly in front of us.

“Please tell me what I have to say to end it then?” I slumped backwards on the couch as Caydance pulled my law book out from under her head and pushed it as far away as she could across the floor.

“That you and Niall are dating?” She asked me cheekily as I rolled my eyes.

“Honestly I ate food with the boy, what makes your jump to the idea that we are dating?” I asked her exasperated. Being an actress would be good for her, she was way too dramatic as it was.

“Because Louis told me that our little Ni is smitten with you.” She smiled widely as I shifted uncomfortably underneath her. Of course everyone would know about it, for such a large campus news travels too fast and people usually assume the wrong things.

“I really don’t think he is.” I grumbled in response, looking up at the TV trying to get Caydance to stop. She did for a moment, long enough for me to realise that Rhiannon was watching the Lion King. I threw her a confused look but continued to watch the movie.

“Come on Sid. He’s pretty fit, I mean if you like him none of us would certainly complain.” Caydance shrugged, sitting up and tried to block my view of the TV.

“I don’t know the guy.” I grumbled to her. “Plus, I don’t have time for guys, I have to study and look after you lot.”

“It’s called delegating Sid and please we all know you’re like the highest in all your classes.” She replied stubbornly, scowling at me.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked her, tired of this conversation already. This was obviously the wrong thing to ask as a smirk slipped across her face.

“Say yes to him when he asks you out for dinner tomorrow night.” She grinned wickedly before jumping off the couch and headed for the door.

“If you have said anything to him I will kill you and hide your body. I’ve watched enough Dexter to know.” I yelled after her, her laughter could be heard as she disappeared from sight. I turned to see Rhiannon laughing softly.

“If you know anything you better tell me.” I scowled at her. She failed to hide her smile as she shook her head. “Rhiannon.”

“I know nothing! I just think it’s cute that you have a thing for the Irishman.” She shrugged as I groaned and slumped down in my seat. I hated to admit that I did have fun with Niall. A lot of fun actually, after I got past the whole being forced to go to lunch; Niall was actually funny, really funny. It was the most relaxing hour I had had in a long time, to the point that I didn’t want it to end but Niall had football practice or something.

“So are you going to say yes when he asks?” Rhiannon asked innocently as I tapped my fingers unconsciously to Hakuna Matata.

“Probably.” I responded, feeling my face heat up under my blush. Rhiannon, thankfully, didn’t say anything but I could still see her wide smile out of the corner of my eyes.

By the time Simba headed back home to take back Pride Rock, Thea waltzed in, tripping over my law book that was still sitting on the floor.

“What the hell?” She grumbled, picking it up and placing it on the coffee table before falling into the seat next to me.

“Ohh Lion King! This is my favourite Disney Movie, possibly my favourite movie actually.” She told us happily, her eyes intently watching the movie. I shared a look with Rhiannon who rolled her eyes fondly.

“I feel like I should be making some joke about the Lion King being your favourite movie when you want to be a vet but you’re just too damn cute.” I poked her side. She blushed slightly before swatting my hand away.

“By the way one of the girls came up to me today, told on a freshmen dating someone else.” Thea said slowly, her face obviously telling me that she didn’t like admitting this. I sighed and asked who the people were.

“Jessica Frain told me that Riley Henrickson was seen having lunch with Liam Payne.” I bit my lip, I had forgotten about seeing Riley and Liam yesterday.

“I’ll let Jessica know tomorrow that she can leave.” I told her, sighing. I hated telling the freshmen that they couldn’t be a part of us but it had to be done.

“While you’re at it, Lina Crown and Tori Hante both ignored their seniors yesterday, disappeared for the whole day and refused to acknowledge them when they got home.” Rhiannon told me.

“Who are there seniors?”

“Uh Cindy and Mandy.” Rhiannon replied after a pause.

“Well tomorrow’s going to be a fun morning.” I slumped even further down the couch.

“At least you have Niall’s date proposal to look forward too.”

“What?” Thea exclaimed loudly looking between us both as I smacked Rhiannon’s leg.

“Seriously.” I grumbled standing up and collecting my books.

“What are you going to do about Riley?” Thea asked, already sliding into my warm seat to watch the end of the Lion King.

“Nothing I suppose, we haven’t actually caught them together yet.” I paused for a minute, considering. “If she wants to date Liam Payne secretly for the semester then that’s on her. God knows those Kings’ boys are a handful.”

“You don’t think he’s playing with her? Like the others do?” Rhiannon suggested. Thea made a face in response, always willing to see the good in people.

“It’s Liam, of course not. Right?” She looked to me for reassurance as I shrugged in return. Liam was a gentle good person but over the years I had seen Louis’ influence worm it’s way in. I didn’t know what he would do anymore.

“Guess we’ll find out soon.” I shrugged.

It wasn’t long after dinner that Toran was knocking on the house door, Eleanor standing predictably by her side. Most of the house was still cleaning up from dinner, some of the girls wondering in from room to room chatting mindlessly. It was an easy relaxed night as everyone slowly got used to living with each other so closely and welcoming the new sisters.

I tried to ignore the intimidating sounds of Torans heel clacking across the marble floor. Thea was waiting in the downstairs media room that had been set up with food and drinks in preparation for the meeting tonight. I watched as Thea smiled and greeted both Eleanor and Toran politely, offering them food and drinks before sitting down. She seemed to fall into easy conversation with Eleanor and I smiled at how easily diplomatic she was. She was one of the lead girls that had been considered to be house mum after me and I had since been trying to include her in most house business so she would get an idea of it all.

The doorbell rang again and I moved out of the room to get Louis. Caydance was already opening the door when I got there. Louis was accompanied by Zayn today; both sporting unhappy looks.

“Did Eleanor come with?” Louis asked me, I was taken aback by his abruptness when I nodded. He visibly blanched and Zayn’s jaw stiffened.

“What happened Lou?” I asked gently, taking a step forward to comfort him, it wasn’t often that you would see Louis Tomlinson actually be affected by something or someone. And obviously something happened to end their relationship that had ruffled Louis.

“Nothing. It’s nothing, let’s just get this over with.” He straightened his back and moved past me towards the entertainment room, Zayn following closely behind. I shared another lost look with Caydance.

“Try to keep the girls quiet tonight okay? Hopefully this won’t take too long.” I sighed to Caydance; she nodded in agreement and wished me luck.

I headed through the living room back to the entertainment area to be met with a stiffening silence. I watched wide-eyed as Louis and Zayn stood on the opposite side of the room to where Toran, Eleanor and Thea sat. Eleanor’s eyes refusing to leave Louis’ while Toran sat there picking at her nails obviously bored with the situation. Thea turned terrified eyes on me, not understanding the tension in the room. Trying not to groan, I ran a frustrated hand through my hair, this was getting to be harder then I thought.

“Right well I thought we could start with discussing the various competitions coming up. You know sort out who’s playing when and where and how to support. Also our house has its annual fundraisers that King’s are normally involved in so now as part of our alliance Francis is welcome to join in as well.”

“Fundraisers?” Eleanor piped up with a smile. I nodded and took a seat on the couch opposite her, Louis and Zayn standing behind me.

“Yeah also charity events, we go visit the children’s hospital and a couple times we’ve visited the Aged Care Centre that’s down the road.” Thea piped up, I could practically see the desperation in her eyes to make the tension disappear. Eleanor nodded excitedly while Toran still looked bored, I held back the urge to roll my eyes at her. Eleanor opened her mouth to say something when Louis finally cut in.

“What are you doing here?” He hissed across the couch towards the two girls. Thea’s eyes went wide and she seemed to shrink into herself, lifting the pad of paper she had in front of her as if it was a shield between the glares that Toran and Louis seemed to be sending each other. Eleanor for once finally looked awkward and shifted in her seat.

“We are here to be apart of this meeting Tomlinson. You know sort out alliances, who gets to play with you and where they get to play.” Toran sneered her eyes remaining narrowed on Louis and Zayn while I cleared my throat trying to gain the attention back. Louis moved around the couch, his shoulders raised and his muscles tense.

“I mean why did you choose our side. You’ve never liked me and there’s no longer a reason for you to start now.” Louis eyes snapped to Eleanor briefly and the flash of disgust that spread across his face was a surprise, but gone in an instant. Eleanor seemed to get it as she slumped forward in her seat, all smiles gone from her face. I was surprised that Thea hadn’t started whimpering from the tension yet.

“The side I choose is my prerogative not anyone else’s.” Toran hissed back, her eyes snapping between Louis and Eleanor, for once she seemed like she actually didn’t have all the cards in the game. “I am not influenced by anyone else in my house as to what houses I choose. My house does not have the fortunate chance of having at least one permanent ally for many years like Grace and Kings do with each other. So every year my previous house leaders and I watch and strategically decide on whom we will choose as allies based entirely on who is in your house, how you lead and the obstacles of the year. I have watched you both and decided.” I was impressed with how coolly and calmly Toran explained everything to Louis. Her back was straighter but she didn’t seem bothered by the fact that she had to talk to Louis while looking up; she still seemed to have the power.

Her facade melted only a little bit after everyone stayed quiet. She seemed to hesitate before finally speaking again. “Also I was there when Caydance rejected Camden at the party. For him to choose to rival you because a girl said not to him makes him both an idiot and unworthy of being an ally in my book. Caydance was well in her rights to reject him and his petty retaliation certainly lowers his appeal. The quote of the day is: ‘The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.’ and Camden Vardell in my book, is going to turn out to be a horrible leader.” I smiled brightly at her words and Thea seemed to relax. Louis stared at her for a moment longer before his shoulders finally dropped and he took the seat next to me, admittedly on the edge, but at least he was still sitting. Zayn took the armchair on my other side.

Toran rolled her eyes at both boys, pointing out that she did not find their personalities charming one bit. I bit back a laugh and ignored the scathing look that Louis threw me.

“Well now that that is all sorted out why don’t we start mapping out what’s going to be happening the next couple of months.” Thea instantly sat up properly in her seat and clicked her pen ready to take notes. I almost laughed at her obvious need to be doing something now that everyone was calm.

The rest of the meeting continued on with much less drama. Eleanor stayed mostly silent and Louis seemed to relax as the meeting ticked by. Thea got everything written down and the food and drinks slowly disappeared. This was when Toran decided to call it a night; her and Eleanor stood and collected their bags and made their way out of the room. Toran stopped and turned back, her eyes on Louis.

“One last question, now that we’re on your side does that mean that we won’t be pranked by you?” She asked, almost hopefully. I shared a look with Zayn who smirked widely; wide enough that it actually frightened me a little. Louis only face looked horribly evil as he took in Toran.

“Not immune from pranks, definitely not. No one is. But you probably won’t be getting it as bad as the other that’s for sure.” He nodded at her. She eyed him for a moment before sighing and waving her hand in dismissal before leaving the room. I watched amused for a moment before falling back onto the couch.

“My God was that exhausting.” I muttered, rubbing my hands over my eyes and turning to face both Louis and Zayn. “Care to tell me what all that shit was at the start?” Zayn watched Louis closely.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s old water now.” Zayn shook his head lightly behind Louis, his eyes wide and imploring. I knew to drop the subject for now but I wasn’t happy about it.

“You can talk to me Lou, if you need to.” I finally sighed out, giving in to not knowing. I received a small smile in response and Louis came over to press a quick kiss to my cheek.

“I know Sid.” He smiled gratefully and took a step back. “We should head home. It was a fun night.” He turned to wink at Thea who blushed dramatically and only managed to smile back weakly. Louis barely noticed, turning to leave the room with Zayn following.

“Oh have fun with Niall tomorrow by the way.” I groaned as Louis topped to turn and smirk at me.

“Does everyone know?” I whined loudly. The both nodded. “How?”

“Niall came home and practically yelled it in everyone’s face. You should have seen him, it was like a cute kid on Christmas.” I blushed darkly at Zayn’s words before he and Louis disappeared into the other room, their laughter ringing around the house. I turned to see Thea still a bright red. Shaking my head I smiled and reached over to pat the side of her face, she let out a small squeak.

“Come on, I think we both deserve a large bowl of ice cream.” I comforted her.


“Do you always sit here?” I glanced up at the familiar voice and couldn’t hold the smile that flittered across my face when I saw him standing there, hands buried deep in the pockets of his cargo shorts.

“I guess so.” I replied, shrugging at him and moving my books from the space next to me so Niall could sit. He flashed me a grin before slumping down, his knee leant against mine when he spread his legs.

“How’s your day been?” He asked me, his eyes staring at something ahead of us.

“Not that good actually. I had to tell three freshmen to leave; they broke our rules.” I told him honestly. I hated seeing their faces fall but I had to do it.

“That sounds really fucking horrible.” Niall nodded as I smile slightly at his unnecessary use of cuss words. I nodded and stayed silent as a bundle of nerves began to tie themselves into knots repeatedly in my stomach. What if he didn’t ask me, and Caydance had heard wrong?

“What about the meeting last night? Did it go alright?” He asked curiously and I shot him a confused look, wouldn’t he be able to just ask Louis. “Lou came home last night and shut himself in his room.” He added on, like he read my mind. I frowned.

“And you still can’t tell me what happened between him and Eleanor?” Niall’s face froze slightly and a few different emotions flickered across his face. I reached out to touch his hand gently. “It’s okay Niall. You don’t have to tell me anything.” I said quickly not wanting him to think he had to tell me something or that I was pressuring him.

“He’s just my mate you know and you don’t…” He trailed off and shifted, but I kept my hand rested on his before slowly pulling back.

“You don’t rat your mates secrets. I know; it’s cool. I’m glad you and Louis are that close, at least he’s telling someone about it.” Niall smiled at me before glancing at the people walking in front of us. A small silence fell over us but I wouldn’t exactly call it awkward.

“So I was actually wondering.” Niall began, turning his face to look at me, the nerves tightened but there was a small bit of relief and hope that washed through them. “If you weren’t doing anything tonight that you would want to go to dinner with me? Tonight?” Niall paused again to play with the snapback on his head. “As a date?”

“As a date?” I repeated Niall slowly; he nodded quickly. I smiled deliberately and was rewarded with a hesitant one in return. “I’d like that.”
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