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Lets Make A Bet

Riley bounced on the balls of her feet next to me, her long blonde hair tied up into a ponytail, it bounced with her walk and I imagined myself reaching forward to cut the dangerous locks of swinging energetic hair.

“We should get something to eat! Aren’t you hungry?” I stopped glaring at Riley’s ponytail and turned to look at the girl instead, her bright eyes practically begging me to be merry and happy with her; it made me want to rebel.

“You go eat, I’m going to go find someone else.” I waved her away and turned, not waiting for a response. The fete around us was busy, people walking with hands full of greasy or sugar filled foods, from hot dogs and corn dogs to fairy floss and strawberry ice cream.

I saw Eleanor from Francis sorority waving me over from where she stood in line for fairy floss. I debated turning and ignoring but I knew Sidney would kick my ass if she found out.

“Hey! You looked all alone, are you having fun?” Eleanor beamed at me when I reached where she stood in line. I put on a large fake smile.

“Lots, like the best.” I faked, Eleanor’s smile faltered a little and I realised I didn’t hide my sarcasm as much as I hoped. Trying to salvage the situation I asked Eleanor about classes. She wanted to become a teacher and was in her second year of doing so.

“I did a lot of volunteer work over the break at my local schools, I had a lot of fun and really bonded with the students there. I really enjoyed it. How about you? How are your classes starting?” I answered Eleanor vaguely, my eyes casually moving around.

I stopped speaking when I noticed the brown haired boy waving at me wildly before heading over. I tried to convey with my eyes that Louis really didn’t want to head in this direction instead he turned his head slightly to speak to someone behind him and almost immediately Harry was at his side. I groaned loudly and took a step back away from the crash that was about to happen.

“Is that Louis?” Eleanor asked the moment that Louis’ eyes found her. He froze in his spot only ten steps away, Harry running into him and staring between us confused. I glanced towards Eleanor to see her nervously biting her lip, her hands clasped together in front of her as she twisted them awkwardly. The line had begun to move and she didn’t seem to realise. The people behind her were too busy staring between the ex-couple too curious as to what they would do then getting the food they were waiting for.

“Right well I’ll see you at the game Eleanor or tonight, whatever.” I waved at her politely and took steps closer to Louis, hooking my arms through both his and Harry’s to drag them away as inconspicuously as possible.
“Still love her?” I asked him, pulling both boys to the side and stood in front of them instantly dropping both arms. I avoided Harry’s eyes, too busy focusing on Louis to pay attention to the way my skin erupted in bumps and my palms sweated while holding onto Harry.

“No, actually.” Louis breathed out, relief flashing across his face. “That’s the thing, I felt absolutely nothing. I looked at her and couldn’t give a shit.” I inspected Louis’ face for a moment before happily clapping his shoulder. Louis deserved more. I would say he deserved Thea but I was extremely biased in that area.

“That’s great man. Absolutely great.” I grinned at him truly meaning it. My eyes wandered to Harry briefly but he was looking away from us: face screwed up and eyebrows drawn together.

“Harry? Harry?” I waved my hands in front of his face and he blinked before turning back to us both a small blush highlighting his cheeks and I wanted to reach forward and poke them.

“Sid is looking for you.” Louis cut in and I moved my eyes from Harry, my own blush rising to my cheeks. Louis was glancing between the both of us, a smirk present on his face. “She wants you to start getting ready for the match. Just like we should be and not fraternizing with the enemy.” Louis noticeably motioned between us before he laughed and left with Harry. I glared embarrassed at the back of Louis’ head before sighing and heading towards where we were changing for the game.


“Today is not about having fun. Today is not about getting to know the boys. We are going to go out there and show everyone that we are better. Today is the day we are going to send those boys crying back to their mothers!” Sidney yelled at the girls in front of us as I jogged on the spot, the adrenalin already running through my veins.

“Guys! This is supposed to be a friendly game.” I shot Thea a glare instantly.

“Ignore Thea. Sidney’s right. We win this.” I stepped forward as Sidney eyed down the girls in front of us. The older girls were just as determined as we were, the new girls however seemed a little frightened but I was glad to see the spark still in their eyes. “We will not lose to Kings. This is our year!”

Sidney started clapping loudly before everyone joined in, feet stamping on the ground. The adrenalin was pumping faster as we moved out of the locker rooms towards the pitch.

“I’m actually worried that you two might murder someone today.” Thea walked next to Sidney and I calmly. I shot her a glare.

“If that is what we need to do to win. Then we will.” Sidney stated bluntly as I nodded in agreement. We were not losing today. We couldn’t. Thea looked almost frightened for a second before shaking her head.

“Anyway you can use this as a way to be closer to Louis.” I waited for her to look at me before continuing. “You know, slide your body against his. Get him to tackle you to the ground.”

“No flirting today.” Sidney glared at us both as Thea flushed a dark scarlet. Her eyes staying trained on her feet.

“Please, we all know Louis is going to place Niall against you, just to distract you.”

“Niall won’t distract me.” Sidney said forcibly as we walked out onto the field. I shared a glance with Thea; we knew that Sidney was telling the truth. It was nearly impossible to distract her when she set her mind on something and I don’t even think blue-eyed Niall Horan could change that.

I glanced around at the crowd that had begun to surround the field. Most of the people from the houses sat in the front rows, however Indiana had found a seat with Rhiannon. I quickly shot her a wave wondering what made her come today. I hadn’t even asked her expecting her answer to be no. In fact I didn’t think she knew about today at all.

Thea’s snort of laughter pulled me out of my thoughts; her hand covered her mouth while her eyes practically shone.

“What?” I asked curiously, wanting to know what could set her off so suddenly. She shook her head and turned to smile at me widely before nodding her head towards the team of boys standing behind Louis. It took me a few minutes searching through the sea of faces before I saw the head of curls looking directly at us.

“I’m going to kill your boyfriend.” I grumbled at her. She was too amused by the situation to claim that her and Louis weren’t dating. I moved forward as Sidney motioned for me, Zayn moved towards Louis’ side at the same time. I tried to ignore the green eyes that were watching my every move, making me feel almost clumsy.

“Caydance.” Zayn smirked in front of me.

“Malik.” I growled back. His smirk didn’t waver. I knew I was going to enjoy messing with his exceptional quiff today.

Mr. Harrison, head of the sport faculty, stepped forward dressed in a referee outfit.

“Alright, nothing dirty from either side today. I mean it. No cheap shots.” His eyes lingered on mine for a moment as Louis smirked in my direction. I smiled innocently before flipping Louis off when Harrison looked away.

Our two teams immediately dispersed after Sidney and Louis shook hands. We moved away and took our places on the field.

The whistle blew and Sidney kicked the ball. I ran forward staying just behind Thea and to the right. Liam was the first to reach the ball but Thea intercepted the pass he made to Zayn and continued down the field.

I could hear Sidney yelling at the girls as Thea passed to Leah who dodged Niall and took a shot. I paused where I was and a groan slipped from my lips as Louis caught the ball and instantly threw it back.

Liam bounced it off his chest and moved back down the field, passing it to Harry, whose long legs sprinted past me. I sighed and turned, chasing after him before he quickly passed to Niall.

Niall sidestepped Sidney; I could see the bright smile on his face. I pushed my legs faster, passing Harry as Niall passed to Connor. He took the shot and it slipped right through Talia’s hands and hit the back of the net.

A groan left my mouth as the boys cheered. My eyes stayed trained on Harry who grinned widely and winked at me. I narrowed my eyes and turned around ready for Sidney to start again.

The moment she kicked the ball I stuck behind Thea who passed to Riley. Liam barely moved as she raced past him, instead turned to follow her but only with half of the energy he had before. A snort left my mouth as I shook my head and moved past him to the left of Riley.

She was coming closer to Zayn who wouldn’t let her go as easily as Liam.

“Riley.” I called her name. Her head turned and she smiled brightly before smoothly passing me the ball. I easily slipped past Niall but I could see dark curly hair in my side vision and I instantly passed to Sidney the moment I could see her.

She took the ball and tore towards Louis booting it straight into the left corner of the net before Louis could move.

“YES!” Sidney screamed loudly as Leah tackled her in a hug.

“Nice pass.” Harry was at my side, smiling down at me.

“Thanks. I’m sure you will get better.” I flicked his nose lightly before walking away, ready for the next kick off.

By half time the scores hadn’t changed. We were both still tied with one goal each. I moved towards the bench, in desperate need of my water bottle when dimples stepped into my vision. I stopped in my tracks and hated the fact that I had to look up slightly to see his eyes.

“What do you want Harry?” I asked tiredly, sweat was moving down my face and I felt disgusting.

“I was thinking we should make a bet.” Harry’s dimples barely moved as his eyes stared straight into mine. There was a light in them that made me wary.

“A bet.” I said slowly. I was curious what he was willing to bet.

“Yes, a bet. If we win this game I get to take you out to dinner, as a date. And if you win I’ll kiss you.” I laughed at him and shook my head.

“If I win shouldn’t I get something I actually want?” I smirked in return but his expression didn’t falter.

“That is what you want.” He winked at me and I could tell my face-looked shock. I couldn’t believe he had actually said that, with confidence.

“Don’t be so sure.” I replied instantly, Harry rolled his eyes in return.

“Fine, if you win I will do whatever you want.” He compromised, the smile still annoyingly permanent on his face. I stared at him for a moment, thinking over his words. I glanced towards the girls standing around our bench. None of us had gotten injured but we were tired. Really this game could go either way right now.

“Not confident that you girls are going to win?” I looked back at Harry and glared. I knew he was baiting me but God did I want to wipe that smile off his face.

“Deal. If you win I’ll go out on a date with you. If I win… well I’ll think of something.” I nodded at him.

“Should we kiss or something to seal the deal.” I rolled my eyes at him before extending my hand in a handshake. His hand clasped mine and he shook once before pulling me closer. I snorted at his lame attempt and pushed against his chest and danced away from him.

“You’re going to regret this Styles.” I called over my shoulder.

“We’ll see Fairweather.” I froze in my tracks and glanced back at him. I was going to kill Louis. Harry laughed, loudly, before winking and walking back to his boys. I shook my head and jogged over to the girls, desperate for a drink.

“Fraternizing with the enemy?” Leah questioned when I sat down on the seat next to her. I glanced over to where Harry had joined the boys. His head was tipped back, bottle in his mouth as he guzzled down the water. A small sliver of his tanned skin was showing as his shirt lifted up. I glanced away as my cheeks grew warm.

“Just made a little healthy bet.” I told her as Thea moved to join our conversation.

“What bet?” She asked. Her eyes were instantly weary.

“Let’s just say we better win otherwise I might have to change my view on dating freshmen.” I muttered to her as Sidney snorted from the other side of Leah.

“Please, like your view hasn’t already changed. You like him.” She shrugged at me before bending down to tie up her shoelaces. I gaped at her in response. “You shouldn’t be flirting with our enemy, anyway.”

“Right I’ll get right on that when you and Niall stop staring at each other with goofy grins.”

“Just get ready.” She growled back before joining in talking with the other girls.

“Honestly I don’t think this many girls have dated the King’s boys before.” Thea fell down next to me as I looked at her curiously. “You know, Sidney and Niall, Olivia and Connor, You and Harry, Riley and Liam.” She whispered the last part softly.

“You and Louis.” I continued. She opened her mouth to protest. “If you claim that Harry and I are dating then I get to claim that Louis and you are.”

She sighed and folded her arms across her chest, saying no more on the matter. I smirked, happy that I had won this one.

“Let’s go girls. Time to finish this.” Sidney yelled loudly, motivating us all to get up and run back onto the field.

A warm hand slid across my back, I spun around to be met with Harry’s wide smile. His hand rested comfortably along my hipbone.

“Just wanted to wish you good luck.” He murmured, looking down at me, his mouth was a lot closer to mine then I wanted.

“I’ve seen how you play Styles, you’re the one that might need the luck.” I scoffed back at him, not making any attempt to step out of his space.

“Never claimed I was good at this,” he shrugged earnestly, eyes moving to look behind me. “But I’m pretty confident Louis wants to win this.”

I spun around and stared at a glaring Louis who was making wild hand motions at Harry and me. I laughed loudly, Harry’s chest vibrated with laughter from behind me.

“I think you might be standing a little too close.” I murmured softly, glancing over my shoulder.

“Yet you’re not stepping away.” I shivered as his lips ghosted over the shell of my ear before he stepped back. I sighed and moved towards my position, refusing to look for Harry.

“God try not too jump him on the field.” I stared at Sidney for a moment as she grinned back. “Honestly if you had a dick we would all be able to see your boner.”

“Yeah well let’s all hope that Niall’s hides his for you otherwise people might start getting different ideas about him.” I scoffed back. Sidney laughed loudly, rolling the ball underneath her left foot.

“We’re going to win this right?” She asked me suddenly, peering up from watching the ball. I smirked at her; I could practically feel the determination surrounding us both.

“We’re going to crush them.” I responded forcefully.

Crushing the boys, however, was harder then we anticipated. Every move we made, every tactic and the boys countered it. Every shot was stopped by Louis and passes intercepted. We were exhausted and no one had scored another goal this entire half and the game was almost over.

“Fuck, we have to get a goal.” Sidney panted from next to me as I held a hand to my left side, I could feel the ache of a cramp settling in. Leah jogged in front of us, her ponytail was beginning to fall out, a few stray red hairs stuck to the back of her neck.

“Get me the ball and I’ll get it to Thea. We all know she is the best person to get a ball pass Louis.” I nodded in agreement. Everyone always underestimated Thea. She was too nice, polite and innocent, people didn’t realise how determined she could be. Louis was about to find out.

“You got this.” I whispered to Thea moving past her to my position again. My eyes searched and found Harry not far away. He was watching Niall who shifted in front of the ball for a moment before the whistle blew.

I used all the energy I had left and forced my legs towards the ball. Harry stepped into my vision before I could reach it. I let out a noise of frustration.

I circled around him to see Olivia with the ball; she passed to Riley who took off down the field. I met her and motioned to Leah. Riley passed without interruption, we both jogged and stayed near her as she moved around the boys and got closer towards Louis. My eyes searched and found Thea moving in from the left.

I looked towards Louis, his eyes had already found Thea and he was watching her closely. I could feel my legs slow and I frowned. He knew. He knew Thea was going to get the ball. Our plan was going to fail.

I slowed down to a stop and held my breath as Riley passed to Thea who moved a couple more feet forward and glanced up at Louis before taking the shot.

The ball headed straight towards Louis outstretched hands. I groaned as the ball slipped through his hands and hit the back of the net.

“HOLY SHIT!” Riley screamed from next to me as the whistle blew and Riley’s sweaty body pounced on mine. I stumbled a few steps, my eyes still trained on the net. I had to be seeing things. Louis shouldn’t have missed that. He should have caught it. It was an easy catch. I could make the catch and during training I had let in nine out of ten balls.

“We won Caydee.” I flinched from Olivia’s screaming, Riley bounded off me and attacked her freshmen buddy Nina.

I let Olivia drag me towards Sidney who was currently crushing Thea underneath her body.

“I can’t believe that happened. I swore for a moment there Louis had caught it.” Thea mumbled into my ear when I pulled her into a hug.

“Yeah me too.” I murmured back, my eyes found Louis and I quickly pulled away to head in his direction. He rolled his eyes dramatically before holding out his hand.

“Good game.” I grabbed his hand and shook it.

“We still would have won.” I told him, his face feigned confusion. I knew him too well by now for that to fool me though. “You know if you asked her out I’m positive she would say yes.”

“I have no idea what you could be talking about.” He mumbled, pulling his shirt over his head and wiping it across his forehead. I ignored his naked torso and glared at him.

“You’re not fooling me Louis. I know you let the ball in. I just didn’t realise that you would let a girl ever come between you and soccer.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about.” He repeated.

“Don’t worry she’s too naïve to know you did that for her.” I smiled happily at him as his cheeks turned redder.

“We’re just friends.” He muttered, suddenly finding interest in the grass. I frowned at him; if he wasn’t going to admit it then he didn’t deserve her.

“Figure it out Lou. She’s been waiting too damn long for you.” His eyes snapped up to mine and narrowed in suspicion. I moved away and headed towards a familiar body standing not that far away, watching our interaction.

“So I guess you won.” Harry frowned and ran a hand through his sweaty curls. I shrugged at him and glanced back to wear Louis was glaring at his water bottle.

“I’m pretty sure Louis threw the game for Thea so I would class this as a tie.”

“What?” Harry’s jaw fell open and his eyes searched for Louis.

“I don’t actually think he realizes what he did.” I mused to Harry who continued to gape in front of me. He finally snapped his jaw shut and shifted his weight on the spot.

“So where does that leave us with the bet?” A nervous fluttering feeling hit my stomach, I bit my lip and took a deep breath.

I looked up at Harry before stretching on my toes a little bit and pressing my lips to his warm cheek. I lingered for a moment; my eyes skimming shut before taking a step back.

“Since it’s a tie I think we should both get what we want.” I told him honestly, my heart moving painfully before I turned and quickly walked away. I wanted to reach my bag and get out of here before I did anything else.

“And what was that?” I was met with Thea’s smiling face as she held my bag out for me. I shook my head at her and accepted it. We fell into step behind the large crowd of Grace girls heading back to our place and cheering loudly.

“Come on Thee, I think it’s time we had a talk about how stupid college boys are when they like a girl.” She looked at me confused as I wrapped my arm around her waist. Her and Louis were going to be harder to push together then I thought.


“Louis wouldn’t.” Sidney shook her head, her cup filled with whatever alcohol of the night.

“You saw the shot Sidney, Thea kicked it right into his hands, there is no way Louis wouldn’t have caught that. He could catch that in his sleep.” Sidney frowned and her eyes stared down into the red cup as if expecting it to hold the answers. “If it helps I don’t think he actually realised what he done till afterwards, until I may have pointed it out…” I trailed off innocently. Sidney rolled her eyes but chewed her bottom lip.

“So you think he’s going to prank us next?” She asked, her eyes searching the packed room around us. I nodded.

“His prides been hurt and the only way he’s going to feel better about that is to humiliate us.” I told her, my eyes catching onto curly hair where the make shift dance floor was. I pulled my eyes away before I saw who he was rubbing up against.

“Alright tomorrow we will talk about every prank you have and start figuring out how we can strike back.” She nodded, her eyes hard. I nodded back in agreement before staying quiet, Niall was heading our way.

“What are you lasses talking about? You’re all serious.” Niall asked curiously. I shared a look with Sidney.

“None of your business Nialler.” I grinned, winking so he knew I was joking before making my excuse to leave. Niall’s hand had already found it’s way to Sidney’s hip and I didn’t want to see where that would lead, not after the amount of alcohol I had already seen Sidney consume.

I headed off to search for my own, running into Indiana and her roommate CC in the kitchen, CC loading up on drinks.

“Hey guys!” I jumped in between them both and grabbed a drink, instantly downing it before reaching for another. I could feel Indiana’s amused eyes on me. “Did you like the game?”

“I particularly liked when you flogged the King’s asses.” CC hollered at a boy walking past, he watched her amused for a moment, seeming unsure how to understand her.

“I quite enjoyed the sexual tension between Harry and yourself. Really livened up the game.” I turned my glare to Indiana and downed another drink; I could feel the dizziness of the alcohol already kick in so I grabbed another. Indiana’s eyes tracking my hand slowly, sometimes I wondered if there was a drinking problem in her family, with all the bruises that I’ve seen her have and the way I had never seen her have a proper drink But she was so closed off that I was too afraid to ask.

“There was no sexual tension.” I lied.

“Oh really. So you didn’t kiss him at the end of the game.” I sighed and cursed as a blush warmed my cheeks.

“Leave me alone.” I grumbled at her, she laughed loudly and brightly and I couldn’t help but smile back, she wasn’t always this open. Maybe she had had something to drink tonight.

Our attention was pulled when the music was turned off in the other room and everyone began to pile into it. I grabbed Indiana’s hand and tugged her with me, worming our way to the front way Louis was standing on a speaker, Zayn pushing Sidney up to stand with him, Louis wrapping a supportive arm around her waist when she looked unsteady on her feet, her cup raised high in the air. I laughed at the picture they made.

“As leaders of Grace and Kings houses we would like to announce that the count has finally finished and we officially have the number that we raised.” Louis cleared his throat importantly and held his phone up in front of his face; obviously reading off a text someone sent him.

“Drum roll please.” Zayn, Niall and Liam all stepped out, hitting their hands on the nearest surface, some people around stamping their feet along with it. “We made… Thirty thousand eight hundred and ninety-four dollars!” The room erupted in cheers. It was our biggest fundraiser yet. Beating the highest score by over three thousand dollars. Louis jumped up and down and Sidney almost tipped forward if Niall wasn’t there to sweep her off the speaker and set her firmly on the ground. She giggled helplessly and held on tightly to Niall.

The music started up again and my body began to sway, the alcohol finally taking effect. I moved towards the dance floor and centered myself between everyone. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pounding of the beat vibrate through the floor and up through my toes making me feel the music. My hands rose up and I swayed, smiling happily when someone’s arms wrapped around me from behind.

I swayed with the person behind me, enjoying the warmth and rhythm. It wasn’t until wandering hands went too far that I snapped my eyes open and spun around. Where I met a familiar face: Camden. His smile was blinding and cocky, his pelvis shoving against mine so I could feel his hardness against my leg. Disgusted I pushed back and away from him. A frown crossed his features and he reached out but I moved through the crowd around us and headed out of the room towards the back door.

It was cool outside and I took a breath before a strong hand was on my arm again. I spun around surprised to see Camden again.

“Let go of me.” I hissed yanking on my arm, trying to pull it out of his reach, my head was buzzing and I was still swaying on the spot.

“Come on Caydance don’t be like that.” Camden grabbed on to my hips, tight enough to make me wince before smashing me against the front of his body, he smelt like he had swam through a large batch of Vodka. “We had so much fun last year.”

“Oi!” Camden turned at the noise and I took my chance, lifting my knee up higher and pushing forward, hard. Camden instantly let go of me, crying out and falling to his knees, his hands covering his now probably aching balls.

“Caydance you okay?” Louis hand was on my arm but I pulled back, hissing as he touched the bruise that Camden had already made.

“Bitch!” Camden hissed out, still kneeling on the ground; there was a crowd around us now. “You’re such a fucking cock-tease and you act all high and mighty when everyone around here knows you’ll jump at any opportunity just to get some cock.” Camden spat out, literally onto the ground at my feet. I was moving forward before I could stop myself, smashing my first into the side of his face. Hands were pulling me back and I was too shocked and drunk to feel the ache in my hand.

“Caydance, Holy shit, Caydance. Someone get Sidney.” Riley’s voice broke through my haze and I recognised her as she pulled me further away from the scene. I stumbled along with her, trusting her to get me to away from it all.

“Caydance, Caydance wait.” I paused as Harry ran from the crowd, his face anxious.

“Not now Harry.” Riley moved forward but I stopped her, standing up straight to face Harry, my expression neutral, I refused to cry about what Camden said.

“Are you okay?” His soft hands reached out and held onto my stiff fist, I hadn’t realised it was still clenched. I hissed when Harry’s fingers brushed over the cuts on the top of my hand. “That was a pretty good punch.” He smiled at me, a chuckle falling from his mouth and I felt ashamed.

“What do you want Harry? A quick fuck?”

Harry’s face turned sour and he shook his curls. “I don’t believe what he said and neither should you.” He practically growled out the words, I was surprised at the anger Harry was showing; I didn’t like it.

“You don’t know me Harry.” I stepped back out of his grasp and nursed my sore hand against my abdomen, I still swayed on my feet and a nauseas feeling began swirling in my stomach.

“I know that what he said was because he was just being a jealous prick.” Harry moved forward and cupped my jaw softly.

Surging forward, I pushed my body against his and moved to press our lips together except Harry stepped back, frowning and shaking his head at me.

“I really don’t want to do this while you’re drunk.” I made a move to protest but the swirls of nausea rose upwards and as I opened my mouth my body hurled forward until vomit covered Harry’s shoes.

“Caydance, oh for fucks sake.” Thea’s voice was in my ear and I whimpered in acknowledgement my hands seeking her out. “I’m here, I’ve got you and it’s okay. Let’s get you home. Riley, hold the other side of her would you.” I let the two girls lead, my head lolling to the side while my feet tried to remember how to walk.
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So just a heads up, I know nothing about how to play soccer other then the basic kicking the ball into the net ;P So forgive me for any mistakes, I did some research to try and make it as accurate as possible!!

Enjoy guys! :D