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Study of Life and Love

Sweet Warnings

I waved happily to a few freshmen from King’s house as I walked past, disappointedly Liam was nowhere to be seen. I had seen him last night with another girl before I had been swept up in the crowd that rushed outside to Caydance. A screaming, murderous, sick Caydance.

“Riley.” I turned at the sound of my name and Caydance’s freshman that insisted on harassing her ran towards me his curly hair pulled back into a small ponytail on top of his head. “H-have you seen Caydance today?” Harry asked me, his eyes searching mine.

I shook my head, having left early that morning for yoga, I hadn’t spied Caydance running or even in the house.

“Oh well, can you just let her know I asked about her?” Harry offered weakly.

I hesitated before agreeing, what harm could come? “Sure.” I waved and continued on towards Grace. It was quiet inside and out of the house, only a few people were in the kitchen and I took the chance to have a quick shower before the bathrooms were overrun.

Caydance appeared after I had already made myself two pieces of toast. She looked tired, bags under her eyes and the first thing she did was take two pills for a headache. I stayed silent, not wanting to approach Caydance first but she came towards me, leaning over to put her own bread inside the toaster. I noticed the hand shaped bruise across the top of her bare upper arm. Her right hand was bruised, swollen and cut.

“You should get that looked at.” I gestured towards her hand. “Tell the nurse you accidentally punched a wall.” I covered the butter back up and left it out for Caydance before grabbing the vegemite in the fridge.

“It hurts like a bitch.” Caydance confessed, staring down at her hand.

“It was a really good hit though.” I smiled at her, earning one in return. “Like seriously, I can’t wait to see what that dick looks like.”

“Thanks Riles.” Caydance said her eyes focused seriously on me. “Really, I mean thanks for everything, for helping me out, getting Thea and all that. Thank you.”

I smiled and gently squeezed her shoulder before going to sit down at an empty table. Last night had been scary and I wasn’t going to pretend that I had been calm and cool about helping Caydance out. I had been scared shitless that Camden was going to start throwing back, but Louis had been there, grabbing for Camden and all I had wanted to do was pull Caydance away from everyone.

I watched, surprised, as Caydance took the seat across from me, willingly. I smiled hesitantly and went back to my toast; the both of us sitting and eating comfortably while the other sisters poured in, most hung over.

Thea, Nina and Leah had all joined our table before Sidney stumbled down the stairs. Her hair was a mess and her eyes still bloodshot. Rhiannon wordlessly handed her a coffee and two headache tablets before finding an empty chair. I grinned at how messy Sidney looked, she was normally so well put together.

“Sidney can be a party animal when she needs to be.” Caydance explained, leaning forward. “You should see her once exams are over, no one celebrates quite like she does when the semester finishes.”

“She beat Caydance and Louis in every drinking game they could think of last year. It was an embarrassment all around.” Thea teased Caydance who flipped her off.

“What the fuck is that?” I jumped at the sound of Sidney’s voice so close, her eyes focused on Caydance’s badly bruised hand. “Were you fighting?” She enquired further, her eyes hard and incredulous.

“No!” Caydance defended. “Kinda. but only a little, Camden started it.” Caydance stood up to face Sidney whose eyes darkened before falling onto the incriminating bruise on Caydance’s arm.

“He did that?” Sidney asked slowly, her voice level. I found myself nodding along with Caydance. “Right.” Sidney slammed her coffee cup down on the table. “He is so fucking dead.” Her eyes flashed and she moved towards the door, Caydance grabbing out for her, a few of the senior girls standing as well, some worried other looked ready to join Sidney down and start a manhunt.

“Don’t do anything Sid. You can’t get in trouble for fighting.”

“Well the fucker is certainly not getting away with this.” Sidney countered Caydance. “I cannot believe… where was I? Doesn’t matter, I’m going to murder him.”

“Sidney, Caydance handled it clearly. Don’t start anymore.” Thea’s tone was calm and placating, her voice neutral and even. Approaching Sidney slowly like she was a wild animal about to begin her hunt at any moment.

“I am going to go take a shower,” Sidney began trying carefully to keep a level voice, “and so will both Caydance and Thea then you will both tell me what happened last night which will then lead to us heading over to Kings.”

“Why Kings?” Thea called out after her.

“Because we are going to prank the crap out of Camden and his house. He and his boys do not get to touch us.” Sidney’s voice was dangerous as she left the kitchen, silence in her wake.

“You better come with Riley, you saw more then I did.” Thea sighed, stirring her spoon through her oatmeal.

I blinked, scared. I had never seen Sidney so wild and I was afraid to actually have that anger focused on me. Nina squeezed my hand and offered a small smile while small chatter began to fill the dining room. Not as loud as before.


I paused hesitantly outside Sidney’s bedroom when I heard the girls already arguing.

“I don’t need you or Louis protecting me Sidney.” Caydance voice was muffled through the door.

“We can’t let him think what he did was okay.” Sidney yelled back.

“I punched! I freaking kneed him in the balls. I protected myself, now can we just move on?

A hand appeared in my vision and knocked on the door. I smiled guiltily at Thea who just shook her head at me and waited for Sidney to answer the door.

Her face was flushed and her hair still wet. Her eyes moved from Thea to me before ushering us both into the room.

I stepped inside curiously. I hadn’t seen many other rooms then the girls in my hall. Sidney’s room was definitely bigger then everyone else’s from what I could gather. She had a large queen bed in the middle of the room pressed against the far wall. It was decorated with light blue transparent curtains that were tied to each column of the bed. The rest of the furniture was mostly white or beige. There was a dresser, a desk, a wardrobe even a small day bed off to the side settled under the window. Her bookcase was full to bursting and I worried that the shelves wouldn’t be sturdy enough to hold her tombs of books.


I looked away from the few pictures stuck above her desk to see all three girls staring at me expectantly.

“Sidney wants you to tell her everything you saw last night.” Thea said softly, smiling encouragingly.

I looked to Caydance who miserably sat on the day bed, her arms crossed defensively and her focus out the window. I worried at my lip before meeting Sidney’s serious face. Her arms were crossed too and her legs spread in a defensive stance.

“Well I uh didn’t see everything. I followed the rush of people who ran outside.” The night flashed through my head, seeing Liam talking to another girl. The disappointment had settled in my stomach, that I was silly enough to think he would actually like someone as young as me. Even after our lunch. “When I got out there Caydance and Camden were already there. He was on the ground and calling Caydance things…” I trailed off unsure whether to repeat it.

“He called me a cock-tease.” Caydance supplied, her eyes meeting mine from across the room. “Then proceeded to announce that I slept with everyone. His statistics were a little out.” Caydance tone of voice was expressionless, her eyes hard.

I nodded in agreement before continuing. “That was when Caydance, uh, punched him. I panicked but Louis was in front of her straight away, pushing back but then Caydance was too clumsy so I grabbed onto you. Tried to help you away. Then, then Harry came.” I didn’t know whether I should go any further

Caydance closed hey eyes briefly as if regretfully living through last night.

“Then I got there.” Thea said, stepping forward.

Sidney’s eyes snapped between the three of us calculating our expressions before she sighed and sank down on the edge of her bed.

“You know as well as I do that if we told anyone I would get kicked out of the sorority. I technically attacked him. I have one bruise on my arm with no proof that it was him, however Camden probably has a black eye, sore nuts, my bruised hand and dozens of witnesses that will say that I attacked him.” Caydance sounded resigned, empty. Less fiery then I had ever heard her before. It was unnerving the way she was just accepting everything that happened, without wanting to put up a fight.

“I’m still going to Louis.” Sidney voiced.

“Whatever. Do what you want, I’m going back to bed.” Caydance stood and left the room, slamming the door behind her.

Thea shared a look with Sidney before following Caydance out of the room. I shifted awkwardly on the spot and debated whether I should just leave too.

“You can go Riley.” Sidney waved a dismissive hand at me and walked towards her wardrobe.

I scurried out of her room and down the stairs; Nina was waiting for me in our room. Worry written across her face.

“How did it go?”

“Never do I want to be caught amongst them again. My God Sidney and Caydance are scary when they fight.” I panted to Nina, falling down on my bed. She crossed her legs and turned on her bed to face me.

Our room was small and with the single beds pushed to either side of the room we could still reach out and touch each other if we wanted to. The closet barely fit all of our clothes together but I guess it helped people bond in a way. We basically lived out of each other’s pockets.

“Next time I decide to push myself into a fight, please stop me.” I whined into the pillow. Worried that I would be pulled further into all of this.

“Hey on the bright side Caydance actually talked to you this morning. On her own.” Nina exclaimed.

I turned my head to look at her, she sat so straight her hands tucked into her lap and her eyes alight with excitement. I smiled at her so glad that I had got her as a buddy.

“She even thanked me.” I laughed.

Nina reacted appropriately with a jaw drop. Shock spread over her face.

A knock on the door pulled our attention to Leah. “You girls better get ready. We have that weird bonding stuff with the other houses to get too.” She disappeared, probably to the next door.

I groaned back into the pillow. My hangover hadn’t magically disappeared as of yet and I was definitely not in the mood to try and make friends or whatever else the seniors had planned for us.

“Come on and get up.” Nina slapped my bum, heading towards the wardrobe. “I’ll even let you wear that denim jacket of mine that you’ve been eyeing off.”

I sat up quickly with a wide smile on my face. “Seriously?” I beamed when the jacket hit me in the face.

“Girls quick, look at this.” Leah was in our face as soon as we entered the foyer; her hand waving wildly to the front door that was left swinging open behind her.

There was yelling coming from further down the street and we all piled onto the sidewalk, students pouring out of the other houses around us and turning to look on as Cromwell’s boys piled out their front door, yelling and squawking carrying on inside.

I watched amused as feathers stuck haphazardly through the boy’s outfits and hair. What really made me laugh was the chickens that were curled inside their arms as the let them go outside before heading back in only to be followed again as the chickens pecked and ran and jumped around trying to get back into the house while the boys brought more chickens out.

“Holy shit.” Nina choked next to me. Tears rolled down both our cheeks while we looked on as one boy tripped and face planted when one chicken decided to peck harshly at his bare foot.

“I swear I hadn’t even asked Louis yet!”

I turned my head at Sidney’s voice to see her holding her hands up defensively to Caydance. Her shoulders shaking with laughter. Caydance shook her head but her eyes were bright when she saw Camden piling out of the house, one chicken in his arm and another pecking at his hair.

A few of the Kings boys were making their way over to us, Louis at the head of the group, shoulders back and expression proud. He walked with the utmost confidence and I couldn’t help but laugh at how proud he was.

“Really Louis?” Caydance called out once the boys were closer. Hey eyes narrowing in on their leader. “I am perfectly able to protect myself.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about.” Louis smirked, his blue eyes were so bright and happy that I was almost afraid of how much fun Louis had pulling pranks. I was afraid of what he would exactly pull on us.

“Pranking Camden to get back at me from last night?” Caydance rolled her eyes. “You didn’t need to do that. I can handle him.”

Louis looked exasperated at Caydance’s reaction before waving behind him to the group of boys that had followed him over. “Actually this prank was mostly Harry’s idea.”

The curly haired freshmen stepped forward and grinned cheekily at a now flushing Caydance. Most of us had stopped watching Cromwell house and instead focused on the interaction between Caydance and Harry. It was so much more interesting.

“Oh, well uh,” Caydance floundered on the spot and I could see Thea and Sidney holding in their laughter, “where the hell did you get that many chickens anyway?” Caydance turned defensive. Her arms crossing over her chest but Harry kept on grinning.

“I know a guy.” Harry shrugged, turning to watch Cromwell house and the chickens littering their lawn.

Caydances face relaxed gently when Harry turned, her expression fond with a small smile across her features. I blinked in surprise she looked younger, vulnerable when I was so used to seeing her as all fire and intimidation.

“Well now that you boys have interrupted our morning shall we proceed to my house and start the days activities?”

Everyone turned towards Toran Braden the leader of Francis. Her suggestion clearly not a suggestion but an order. Her eyes narrowed and her heels long and sharp. Her shortness did nothing to hide the power in her words. She was a person used to being obeyed and getting what she wanted.

“Your majesty.” Louis bowed obnoxiously and headed back to his house calling out instructions.

Toran rolled her eyes before slowly turning to look at the mess of feathers surrounding Cromwell house; a small smirk quirked against her lips before she was turning and marching back to her house.

“Bitch.” Caydance rolled her eyes, earning a slap on the arm from Sidney.

“All the little sisters here?” Sidney questioned her eyes moving around the group gathered before nodding and turning to lead us towards Francis house. I threw one last look back at Cromwell where most chickens seemed to be outside, the Cromwell boys sweeping the seed that had been inside, out for the chickens to peck. A wide smile lit my face when I found Camden his eyes glaring intently towards Caydance. I childishly wanted to flip him the finger. He was wrong last night and he deserved the black eye I could see from here.

We were led into the backyard of Francis house. It was as large as ours but much better decorated. There were chairs situated around a large table to the left of the yard. What looked like yoga mats in one corner near the fence, a garden opposite full of colourful flowers.

“Hurry up, we’re running late with starting this.” Toran’s voice cut across the crowds and everyone fell silent, eyes focused to the back porch steps where Sidney stood, Louis and Toran either side of her.

“Today you all will be competing in a scavenger hunt.” Sidney announced to us. “We have created the scavenger hunt to help you in getting to know one another as well as helping you find your way around the campus.”

“To help you in getting to know each other you will be in a group of six. Two people from each house.” Louis said, his voice booming across the yard. He looked at us all expectantly before clapping his hands together. “Chop, chop, we don’t have all bloody day.”

I jumped and grabbed onto Nina’s hands tightly as everyone around us began moving, confusion as we all tried to find groups with other houses.

“Riley.” Harry called my name and pushed through a few people to reach us, a blonde haired boy following behind him. “Want to go together? This is Luke.” Harry gestured to the boy who nodded at us.

“Sure, this is Nina.” I lifted mine and Nina’s hand that was still joined as if showing her off before another two people joined us.

“Can we come with you two? I’m Danielle and this is Jessie.” I turned towards two girls I didn’t know, supposedly from Francis. They both had long brown wild and curly hair and dark skin. Danielle was slightly taller then Jessie and I nodded quickly accepting them as Louis called us all to stop talking.

“Now listen closely to the following rules, break these rules and you will be disqualified.” Toran spoke firmly, her eyes searching through the faces in front of her. “At the beginning of the hunt you will all be given a piece of paper with a clue. This clue will lead you to the next place you need to go and at every place you arrive at there will be a new clue and a token. You must take the token and follow the clue. By the end of the hunt you are expected to hand in all tokens so we know you have reached every section.”

“There will be no sabotaging. You cannot destroy, harm or distort the clue at any station. The tokens cannot be taken or hidden from other teams. If any team tries this they will be disqualified and punished. If we cannot find which team did this the game will be called off and everyone will be punished.” Sidney added.

“There will be three members, one from each house standing at three different checkpoints. You will show them the tokens and they will give you a sheet stating that you have reached the stations needed before them. This saves you losing or carrying too many tokens. Liam from my house will be at the first checkpoint.”

“Eleanor from mine will be at the second checkpoint.” Toran said as Liam and Eleanor stepped to stand below the leaders as their names were called. My heart quickened when I looked at Liam.

“And lastly Thea from my sorority will be at the end of the hunt, waiting outside our Grace house.” Sidney added as Thea stepped forward, a wide gentle smile on her face.

“And finally to make this all interesting, would you all like to know what you win if you come first in the hunt?” Louis asked eagerly, his hands rubbing together and everyone around me straightened to attention. None of us had expected we would win anything, just forced to play. “Each person in the team that comes first will win complete and full right to their sorority or fraternity. You will no longer be tested and you cannot be kicked out apart from the usual rules that surround everyone else in the house. But in enough words you will become a fully-fledged brother or sister. No more worries.”

I widened my eyes at Nina and squeezed her hand excitedly. I wanted this so bad. To not have to worry about leaving at any moment, that Caydance decide she wouldn’t like me and when the time came say no and sent me packing to the door. I wanted this so bad.

“Play fair, have fun and grab a water bottle and clue on your way out the gate.” Sidney grinned before Louis pulled out an air horn that vibrated through the yard, everyone groaning and covering ears.

Toran smacked Louis on the back of the head as the three of them left to head inside the house. Liam, Thea and Eleanor headed out the side gate probably to their respective areas.

The freshmen were left standing there confused for only a matter of seconds before a mad rush was sent towards the tables filled with water bottles and the senior helpers holding out cards with the clues on it.

“You girls grab the water bottles. We’ll get the clue.” Harry called and we all split. Not questioning his orders.

The four of us girls dived in between the bodies surrounding the water bottle table. There was also a pile of bags off to the side, probably to carry the tokens. Nina grabbed a bag while I began grabbing water bottles.

“We got four.” Danielle yelled from across the table. I nodded and grabbed two extra water bottles before ducking under bodies and arms and the sweating masses, aiming for the gate out of the backyard. Nina’s hand was wrapped tightly in the back of her denim jacket that I wore and we pushed our way through the milling crowd out to the front of the house. Groups were already splitting off and heading in opposite directions. I spotted Harry waiting across the road with Luke and Jessie. Danielle came up beside us with the water bottles and we headed across the road.

“Holy shit, I think people could actually die in there.” Danielle panted when we reached the other three.

“Come on we should find a spot without anyone around.” Luke gestures us to follow him, cutting behind the swimming pool building and through to some lecture halls.

“Okay, read what it says.” Nina said from next to me when we all pulled to a stop. Her hand tightly clutched around the bag she took from the table.

‘A place of wisdom is where you will find your next token,
Look towards greatness and you will find yours.’

“Are these supposed to rhyme or something?” Luke questioned, reading the card over Harry’s shoulder.

“Probably just meant to sound as vague as possible.” Jessie added. Her face screwed up in thought.

“Okay lets think.” I said slowly my mind trying to think of what the card could be hinting at. “A place of wisdom right? That could be anything, we’re in a University where we learn every day. That could be anywhere.”

“But we’re in a place of learning. Wisdom sounds a bit different.” Danielle said slowly.

“What if a place of greatness was the Great Court?” Nina yelled, bouncing on the balls of her feet. “Look towards greatness, look towards the Great Court.”

“Of course! And Wisdom!” Harry yelled, already moving towards the Great Court. “The sign out front of the Great Court. Where all the inspirational quote gets put up every week! A place of wisdom.”

We took off. Running towards the great court and skidded across the grass to the other side out of the sandstone archway to look up at the sign held directly to the right of the entry.

‘Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible. - Richard Feynmann’

Sitting brightly wrapped around the pole was two boxes. One filled with poker chips with the number 1 printed on top. The other had another laminated card. Nina took the chip and tucked it into the bag while Danielle grabbed the next card.

I have the knowledge of the laws and the initial W.H

“Seriously.” Harry muttered, rubbing a frustrated hand through his hair.

But something occurred to me that each of these cards would probably be written by the house leaders meaning that they would send us to places that they knew or were familiar with and Sidney was a legal student.

“Does anyone have a map of the campus?” I asked around. Danielle pulled her phone out and handed it over with the app of the electronic map of the school. I grinned in thanks and scrolled through the building to W.

“There is a Walter Harrison Law Library just inside the Great Court.” I gestured and began walking in that direction allowing the phone to lead me.


By the time we made it to Liam I was panting and beginning to sweat but Liam met all six of us with wide grins.

“You guys are my first.” He said happily, taking the token bag from Nina and dutifully looking through. I beamed with pride and watched Liam’s lips slowly move as he checked through the items.

“All good.” He emptied the bag into a bucket behind him, handed a certificate to Nina and then turned to give me the next clue card. I blushed darkly under his gaze and focused my attention on the card.

‘I am a Witty Wordy Wordsmith’

I voiced the clue out loud and looked up incredulously at Liam. Was this even a clue? He sighed and brushed a hand through his hair.

“Louis thinks he’s both clever and funny.” He murmured as if embarrassed on his leaders’ behalf.

I giggled and stared back down at the card.

“I have no clue. I don’t even think Louis knows what the clue is supposed to be.” Harry grumbled, tugging on a few hair strings. I spied a couple people heading towards us. The next group was catching up. We needed to figure it out quick.

Liam’s eyes followed my line of sight before quickly turning back to us. He shifted on the spot and seemed to debate something before leaning forward. “Tell no one I said this but I will give you another clue. The place you are next looking for is a café.”

I widened my eyes and smiled largely at Liam while Harry grabbed my arm dragging me away. “Thanks.” I grinned, earning a wave before Liam turned to the next group. I watched him until Harry pulled me around the corner.

“What?” I asked, confused as five pairs of eyes stared at me intently.

“Someone got a crush?” Danielle teased.

I flushed and shook my head. “Look up the cafes on the map.” I changed the subject but Danielle obeyed.

“Oh My God. There’s a wordsmith café not far from here.”

“Okay let’s go, go.” Luke began ushering us all after Danielle. I could barely feel the burning of my legs or the cramp in my stomach when I thought back to Liam’s smile.


It was starting to grow dark; I was tired and hungry. We hadn’t wanted to stop and eat and our bottles were finished hours ago. But we were so close. We had finished everything and the last clue led us back to Grace house.

‘Your day has been long and now it is time for the end.
Go home to your Grace.’

We rushed onto the street. Grace rising in front of us as we ran, all six of us. Nina clinging tightly to my hand and we hoped after everything today that we had done enough. That we had actually worked fast enough for this.

Thea was standing out front of the house, a table and bucket in front of her. Louis was by her side and they stopped talking to turn to us as we thundered down the pavement. There were extra footfalls behind us but I didn’t turn back, worried that another team would be too close. Would pass us now.

None of us slowed as we neared the house. My breaths were fast and my cramp painful but we pushed until we were all scrambling for purchase against the table. Thea staring at us all, amused. Louis was outright laughing.

“Bag?” Thea gestures holding her hand out. Nina weakly handed it over and all six of us stood, weary and tired as Thea tipped everything onto the table in front of us.

Footfalls came closer behind us and I finally turned around to see two groups arriving breathless behind us. Faces disappointed. I couldn’t celebrate yet. We still had to make sure we have everything.

I turned back to Thea as she puzzled through the tokens. Louis watched over her shoulder before she finally straightened and stared at us. Her face completely neutral as she looked between the six of us.

“You win.” She said before breaking out into the biggest grin. Harry fell down onto the ground next to me and Danielle jumped crashing into Luke and taking him down with her and Harry. I laughed and joined their accidental pile, Jessie and Nina joining in.

“Holy shit. Holy mother of fucking shit. I thought we actually didn’t get it. I’m so so dead, so tired.” Luke continuously said. His eyes wide as he gripped onto my arms and grabbed a fistful of Harry’s hair. Tears were running down my face from laughter and exhaustion. I had never been so tired before in my life.


“Congratulations.” I grinned upwards to be met with Liam’s smiling eyes with crinkles at the corner.

“Thank you.” I blushed, standing up and trying not to sway on my feet. Caydance had proudly handed me a drink earlier and I wasn’t sure what was in it.

“You okay?” Liam asked, a hand resting gently on my hip. I grinned up at him and nodded.

“Thanks for the hint today.” I whispered, leaning closer so he could hear me. There was soft music carrying around the backyard of Francis house where all three houses were congregating to rest after the hunt.

“You can’t tell anyone about that.” Liam whispered back the warm air from his mouth brushing against my ear before something solid and soft followed it. His lips gently encasing the bottom lobe and I shivered in his arms.

“I should go.” He leant back and his eyes looked so warm I wanted to be surrounded in them.

But he moved further away, releasing me gently then disappearing into the crowd of people around us.

“So you and Liam huh?”

I jumped and spilt some of my drink onto the floor. I looked down at it sadly before looking up to meet Danielle’s eyes.

“He’s definitely dreamy, especially with the whole studying to be a Doctor thing. My god I would love to be his nurse.” Danielle laughed and I smiled weakly back.

“You have the hots for him don’t you?” She asked, a wicked smirk spreading her features. I shook my head in response, but it was too quick and my vision blurred.

“It’s okay I won’t tell anyone. I know all about the whole no Grace girl allowed to date for the first semester. Must suck.” Danielle pouted at me, a warm arm wrapping around my waist where Liam’s arms was. I frowned at the difference between them. I missed Liam.

“All the houses know about the first semester rule. You know about the bet the boys do with each other right. The competition they put on?” Danielle asked, her voice sweet and confusing in my ear. I shook my head.

“They all try to bed the Grace girls, knowing that you can’t sleep with them. A few girls have gotten kicked out over the years from it. The King’s boys use it as a game, usually the older boys, they woo the young innocent sisters and then brag about it.”

I frowned hard at Danielle’s words as they tried to work themselves out in my head. Liam wouldn’t do that would he? I had barely known him and he seemed so nice but I still didn’t know him. And last night at the party he had been talking closely with other girls. What if he actually had a girlfriend and this was all just a joke?

“Just a warning sweetie.” Danielle let go of me and disappeared into the crowd just like Liam.

I sighed and placed my drink down on the nearest bench and moved towards the gate of the fence.

“Hey where you going?” Nina appeared in my vision; all bright and bubbly.

“I’m not feeling up to it. Just going to head back and sleep.” I murmured to her, keeping my eyes focused on the ground. I felt sick, my stomach rolling around while my heart began to sink. How could I be so stupid to think someone like Liam would go for me?

“I’ll come with you.” I smiled hesitantly at Nina accepting the arm around my shoulders and sunk against her as she guided me home.
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Starting to realise parties aren't ending great for my characters... Going to need to change that :P
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