Status: Ongoing

To Sing for Godless Angels

There are ways to love, ways to hate, ways to pray, ways to sin, that no one can or will ever understand. There are acts of lust, acts of love, and acts of pure insanity that, beneath the peeling skin, reveal only the soft, nervous beat of a pure heart running faithfully on good intentions... Of course, with vision clouded by smears of scarlet fear and lunacy, there is little possible to can comprehend of these already intricate, pulsing chambers.

What if Alexander Sterling left his beloved Romania not solely to flee from persecution after refusing to take a young girls' devotion without proper attachment, but also to save someone who could never understand his everyday sacrifice? What if Alexander Sterling had fallen in love with a different member of the Maxwell family? A male member?
  1. My Love is as a Fever, Longing Still
    Memories and future sights