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The Babysitter

Wynonna Vanhook hated California. She lived in Orange County for a total of a month and every second of it, she found something new to hate. The seniors were brutal and the kids in her grade were even worse. So when her parents hire a babysitter for a week, it makes it ten times worse to find out that her babysitter is the biggest prick in the world.

Why the hell should someone need to take care of a fifteen year old girl and her nine year old brother? If you asked Zack Baker, the girl was old enough to take care of herself and her brother for a week, he’s done it loads of times. But, he needed the money for the demo for his band, so he thought, what better way to make money than to watch a kids and feed them pizza rolls? But he’ll soon find out that the sassy, sarcastic Wynonna isn't as much a brat Freshman that he thought she was.