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The Babysitter

Day One: I Don't Need You

“The phone numbers are on the fridge, emergency money is in that drawer. They might lie and say everything is expired and that there isn’t any food but they’re lying. We went out to buy them food last week and they’ll still have enough for a whole month.” Mrs Vanhook explained.

“Got it.” Zack smiled, running his tongue over his bottom lip, playing with the holes that used to have piercings.

“No parties. No girls.” Dr Vanhook said with a firm face.

“Last time I checked, you needed more than three friends to have a good party.”

Mrs Vanhook laughed and Dr Vanhook smirked, “Andy is upstairs playing video games and Wynonna should be upstairs sleeping.”

“Do I have to change her diaper later or-?”

Zacky was interrupted by the sound of the doctor laughing, “Wynonna is fifteen.”

“Oh.” Zacky said, a little dumbfounded

“That’s should be it then. Wynonna and Andy’s dinner is ready. Just warm it up and they’ll be fine. Take care of our babies, please Zack?”

“You can count on me.”

“Alright. We’ve kissed Wynonna goodbye, we told Andy goodbye. Is there anything we haven’t done?”

“No. We could-”

“We are not doing that. Come on, let’s go before we miss our flight.”

“What’s the rush? You know we’re going to see you mother right?”

Mrs Vanhook scolded at her husband and yanked him out of the door, saying goodbye to Zacky one last time and leaving him alone in the living room. Walking to the kitchen, he began to heat up the pasta and walk up the stairs, knocking on the door with the sounds of video games coming out. Unsure if this was Wynonna or Andy's room, he knocked and said, "Hey uh, your dinner is ready."

The door suddenly opened and revealed a boy with circular glasses on his nose, "You're our babysitter?"

"That I am."

"You don't look like a baby sitter. You look like Oscar Wellinger's brother."

"I don't...know who that is."

"Dinner is ready?" Andy asked as he walked out of his room.

"Yeah, your mom told me to heat it up."

"Are you going to wake up Wy?"

"Does she expect to be awoken before dinner?"


"Which room is hers?"

Andy pointed to the closed door, Zacky told him to get washed as he walked towards her room, knocking, he said, "Hey, Wynonna?"

No response. He tried again.

"I'm the babysitter. Well not really a baby because you're- anyway, dinner is ready."

Still no response.

"I think you have to open the door." Andy suddenly said, holding his bowl of food in his hand.

"There is a rule in the book of Man that says do not open the door of a girl's room if it is closed unless you want to die."

"Just open it. I do it all the time."

"But you're her brother."

"I'll go in with you."

Zack hesitated for a moment and opened the door to reveal a girl sleeping in her red and pink sheets, "Hey Wy! Food's ready!" Andy yelled.

She slowly began to wake up, when her eyes opened, they immediately flashed to Zacky. She frowned and fix the bun of dark brown hair on top her head, "Andy? Who is that?"

"Babysitter. Remember how Mom and Dad-"

"I remember, alright." She grumbled, sliding out of bed and walking past the two of them.

"Don't worry. Wynny is always grouchy after she wakes up from a nap. She'll get over it." He reassured.


Wynonna put generous amounts of food in her bowl and walked to the table where she ate with her brother.

"Aren't you going to eat Zack?" Andy yelled to the living room.

"I don't eat until you guys sleep."

"How do you live?"

"With snacks." He smiled.

Suddenly, a loud crash came from the kitchen. Zack got up and saw that Wynonna was picking up the plate from the floor, "You okay?" He asked.

"I'm fine."

"Do you need help-"

"I'm fine." She replied, picking up the plate that miraculously had not broken, "I don't need someone only two years older than me to change my diaper and clean my messes."

"You wear a diaper?" He asked with a smirk, returning the attitude he was receiving.

Wynonna rolled her eyes and put the dish in the washer, stomping off to her bedroom.

"I think she's bleeding." Andy added innocently.

"Don't think so. She just doesn't like me."

"I like you. You're a lot better than Ingrid."

"Never trust anyone named Ingrid." Zack sighs, sitting down at the table, "You know your sister is in my Sociology class?"

"Maybe that's why she doesn't like you."

"I wouldn't blame her. I'm not the nicest person at school."

"Do you make fun of Wyn?"

"No. I don't."

"But other people do?"

"Other people who aren't very nice, yeah."

"People who act like Oscar Wellinger?"

"I guess yeah. But she doesn't like me because I'm older."

"That's dumb. You shouldn't judge people because they're older."

"You're a smart kid, Andy."

"Don't tell Wy, but mom says that I've got a lot of potential to be a doctor like dad."

"Don't doubt it."

"So wait, does this mean that you're going to be taking us to school?"

"I think that was in the job description, yeah."

"That means that you and Wy have to be alone in the car once you drop me off."

"We'll be fine. She won't kill me."

"But she'll create a character that seems like you and kill you there."

"You worry a lot for a nine year old."

"If you had my sister, you'd have to be." Andy grimaced, getting off the table and walking up the stairs.

Zacky raised an eyebrow and watched him walk up the stairs, his shoulder slumped slightly.


"What if the girl you're babysitting is super hot?" Jimmy pressed.

"You're mind is clouded in that fantasy, isn't it?" Zack asked with a grin, "She's fifteen and she goes here. She could be one of those hormonal Freshman."

"Lucky you that you're still still underage." Jimmy laughed.

"Not sure if that's a good thing. But in this case, I'll go with it." Zacky laughed.

"You." Zacky was pulled out of his thoughts when he saw Wynonna standing at the door.

"Yes?" He replied.

"Why are you here?"

"To babysit you, obviously."

"I'm fifteen almost sixteen. I don't need a babysitter. My parents hired you for a reason."

"Yeah, so that you don't burn the house down."

"I bake. I know what I'm doing. How much are they paying you?"

"That's a bit personal."

"I know your kind, alright?"

"My kind?"

"Yes. Seniors, the big douchebags who think they're better than everyone."

"You know why they think that? Because of Freshman like you. Parading around like you know everything. Like you're grown up. That's why seniors stomp on you."

Wynonna stared at him and Zack rolled his eyes, covering himself in his sheets, listening to her feet walk back to her room.

"What a fucking brat." He grumbled to himself.
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