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The Babysitter

Perhaps *** Off Might Be Too Kind

Wynonna lied on the couch and watched her brother and babysitter play Mortal Kombat on the floor. Watching Zacky shove Andy when he realized he was about to lose brought her memories. It was the same tactic she used with Ian. She laughed as Zacky lost and demanded for a rematch but when her mother returned, it was obvious that their rematch would have to wait for another day. Jane Vanhook was offended by the long groan of her son when she realized that he wanted her to stay away longer. Zacky only laughed and ruffled his hair as he got up from the floor and told him, “Next time, kiddo”. Soon after, he was paid and did what felt like a caress to Wynonna’s cheek. Zacky hadn't mean for it to go like that, he actually had meant to pat her cheek just to annoy her, but he missed, making it seem like a sign of affection.

“What the heck?” Wynonna stated.

Zacky only smiled and left the house.

“What are you talking about, Wy?” Her mother asked.


“You said what the heck. I want to know why.”

“Oh, it was nothing.”

“You sure?”

Wynonna nodded and scooted her warm body so that her mother could sit next to her, the back of her hand pressing against her forehead, “A little warm. How are you feeling?”


“Wy threw up.” Andy announced, his eyes glued to the screen.

“Oh Wynonna, was it a lot?”

“It was like a volcano.”

“Please shut up Andy, you weren't even there.” Wynonna groaned.

“She farted a lot too!” Andy announced with a smirk.


“She only farted in her room because she didn't want Zacky to smell.”

“You little-”

“Oh my little baby, maybe Daddy was wrong and you had a little gassy bomb.” Jane said in the baby voice Wynonna dreaded.

“Mom.” She groaned, hiding under the cover.

“Maybe you're getting better. We'll ask Dad when he comes home, sound good?”

“Is he coming home tonight?”

She nodded, “Early shift. Lucky that the Boss loves him or else he would've had a 36 hours shift like your Uncle Oliver has tonight.”

“Why doesn’t Doctor Monroe like Uncle Oliver?”

“Don’t know. Dad likes to make up rumors and say that they were once lovers.”

Andy made a sound of disgust while Wynonna laughed.


“Zacky, you're fucking up!”

Zack was pulled out of his thoughts and looked to see that Jimmy was looking at him with a face that read dude what the actual fuck?. He sighed and pulled the guitar over his head and said, “Sorry, I got distracted.”

“What’s got you thinking so hard?” Brian asked.

“Dunno.” He mumbled, putting his guitar away and scratching his head.

“It’s that Freshman, isn’t it? What have you got the hots for her or something?”

“I’m not thinking about her,” Zacky lied, “I’m thinking about how to beat that kid in Mortal Kombat the next time I see him.”

“Forget about that stupid ass game. We have to practice.”

“Alright. I won’t fuck it up this time,” He said before chugging his water and pulling the guitar back over his head, “I promise.”

Jimmy counted off again and they played but no matter how loud he played and how hard he pulled the strings, he couldn’t get Wynonna’s silly little giggle out of his head. He figured that if he were just to concentrate, he would forget.

Never had he been so wrong in his life.


The next morning, Wynonna awoke being able to breathe and not wanting to vomit everything she ate. Feeling on top of the world, she hopped down the stairs into the room to see that her mother was sitting at the table while her father cooked breakfast. He looked at her with a raised eyebrow and said, “Someone is feeling better.”

“Thanks to the best doctor slash daddy in the whole world.” She said, pressing a chaste kiss on his cheek.

“Someone is also feeling happier.” Her mother smiled.

“Mommy, if you were sick for two days like that and you woke up feeling better, you’d feel the exact same way.” Wynonna explained, “Where’s Andy?”

“Still sleeping. You’re up really early for once in your life.” Her father added, putting the omelet on the plate and placing it in front of her.

“I do it all the time!”

“Waking up for school doesn't count, sweetie.” Her mother said, taking a sip from her coffee.

“Well, something is something.” She mumbled, beginning to eat.

Later on, Andy joined them, his hair sticking in all directions and staring at Wynonna in confusion, “You're finally awake before me this time!”

Wynonna rolled her eyes and continued to eat, “Mom, can I go out with Adam and Alyssa now that I’m feeling better?”

“Who all is going to be there?”

“Their parents are going to be there too.”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive.” She lied.

“What do you think, Michael?” Her mother asked, looking behind to her husband.

“I say let her go. She’s been good and they're nice kids.”

“Alright. Wynonna, if-”

“Yes mom I-”

“Now wait a second young lady, if I find out that you lied to me or that you did something incredibly stupid you better believe that it’ll be the last time you go out with your friends, do you understand?”

“Yes I understand.”

“Wait, if Wy is going out with her friends. where am I going to go?” Andy asked.

“You want to stay home with me, Little man?” Michael asked.

“Can we play video games? You never go to play that new you got for me yet.”

“Sure little man.” He smiled, “Wynonna, do you have a money to go?”

“Twenty seven dollars.”

“Where are you going exactly?”

“We might go see a movie, don’t know.”

“Make sure you're always with them. Don't stray about.”

“I won’t, Ma. I promise.”


Adam and Alyssa walked around the shopping mall and swiped their parents credit cards continuously while Wynonna only watched, although they offered to buy her something, she would only politely say no. She wouldn’t want to be yelled at because her friends decided to max out their parent’s credit cards.

“I’m going to go check the candy store, alright?” Wynonna announced.

“Go ahead.” Alyssa said, eyeing a blue top.

“We’ll be here, babe.” Adam responded, following his sister inside.

Wynonna spent at least five minutes in the shop, spending ten of her twenty seven dollars. But when she walked back into the store Alyssa and Adam were in, it was revealed that the two were no longer in there.

“Dammit.” She huffed, walking out the store and walking around the mall to find her friends.

Half an hour passed and she still couldn't find her either of them. Feeling aggravated for ignoring her mother rules, she continued to walk around the mall, only making it worse. She stopped walking and ran a hand through her hair. Wynonna bumped into someone and she turned around and immediately said that she was sorry but when she realized who is was, she automatically rolled her eyes at the familiar smirk.

“Lost?” Zacky asked.

“I’m just looking for my friends.”

“Right, so you’re lost.”

Wynonna rolled her eyes again and walked off, Zacky grabbed her arm and said, “You know your parents would shit a brick if they knew you were out and about by yourself.”

“They don’t have to know.”

“I could call them and rat you out.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Why wouldn’t I? They’d probably pay me.” He grinned.

“I know they would. But like I said, you wouldn’t.”

At this point, Zacky stared into her grey eyes longer than he should’ve. She was right, he wouldn’t. Damn her He thought. “Alright, I won’t. You caught me.”

“I know.” She smiled, making Zack smiled back and pull her arm.

“Let’s go find your dweeb friends.”


“No you can’t. Mall’s curfew is in ten minutes. You need me.”

As much as she hated to admit it, he was right. “Fine, come on.”

After searching for ten minutes, they had eventually found the twins at the entrance, waiting out with their shopping bags at their feet.

“Jesus, Wy! Alyssa and I were looking everywhere. Dumb skank wanted to see another top and it was only gonna be four seconds-”

“And then we went to go look for you-”

“But then we lost you!” Adam yells, taking his arms off from Wynonna's waist and noticing Zacky not even two feet behind her. Adam was quick to find an excuse to hug him, tenderly shoving Wynonna out of the way, he fastened his arms around Zacky’s midsection and buried his head in his chest. “Oh, you hero!”

“Adam!” Alyssa yelled

“He smells good.” He whispered, which only made Zacky more uncomfortable.

“Anything for the public good.” Zacky said, prying of the hormonal boy off his body and looking over to Wynonna to say, “I’ll see you, Wy.”

“Yeah. Thanks.”

Zack smiled and when Adam yelled, “Bye Zacky!” he only waved and continued on.

“If that guy wasn't straight-”

“Cool it, brother dear. It’s obvious he likes Wynonna.”

“He does not. We’re far from amiable.”

“Would you help the person you weren't friends with find safety?” Adam asked with a smirk.

“He was doing his job.”

“Did his parents pay him to follow you to the mall?”


“He def likes you, Wy. It might just be a little bit.” Alyssa smiles.

“You guys are delusional. Let’s just go before my mom freaks.”

“Dad’s outside.” Adam said, picking up his ten shopping bags and heading for the door.
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