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The Babysitter

Baby, I Want You

After Zacky had returned Wynonna to her friends, he walked back to Jimmy, who was standing next to a bench eating.

“Dude where did you go?” Jimmy asked as he ate his soft pretzel.

“I felt my help being needed.” Zack replied, “Also, I got hungry.”

“Got any food?”

“Nah. I saw Wynonna walking around like a lost pup so I helped her back into safety.”

“Don’t flirt with kids.”

“She’s not a kid.”

“Still, dude. Flirting with Freshmen is bad juju.”

“Not flirting. Helping.”

“You don’t even get paid to help. Since when do you fucking do that?”

“Since now. Shut the fuck up and eat your pretzel.” Zacky grumbled.

Jimmy only laughed while Zack put his hands in his pocket, “Dude, I’m just messing with you. I know you don’t go down on Freshmen. Especially Wynonna.”

“I’m glad you know that.”


When Zacky got home that night, he skipped dinner and went upstairs to his room. Feeling drained from all the activity Jimm forced him to do after the mall, all he wanted to do was sleep. He pulled his shirt over his head and jumped in bed and let his eyes droop closed.

For a minutes, his dream only consisted of colors, shapes, and the sounds coming from downstairs. But soon, the shapes turned into a face and the colors filled in those shapes. Long dark brown hair with grey eyes. He knew he would never see a pair of eyes like these so he relished in them and stared deep in them. The sound was his favorite part. Her laugh and her giggles made him laugh in his sleep. He dreamt of her and even deep in his subconscious, he knew that this was wrong. But no matter how hard he tried, the images of Wynonna’s smile and the sound of her laugh would continue to play.

Soon, the images stopped and Wynonna stood in front of him now. She was was smiling and her hair rested on her shoulders as always. He walked slowly towards his and gently cupped her face in his hands, she smiled wider and leaned against his hands, “Hi.” She said.

“Hi.” He replied, smiling himself.

She feels so soft. He thought. His thumbs caressed her cheeks and he began to lean in slowly. But he awoke abruptly in his dark room, confused and angry. He groaned and sat up in his bed, running his hand through his hair as he tried to think about what happened. It wasn’t a wet dream, but he wished it was. At least wet dreams had no meaning in them, but this one did and it had a lot of meaning. He was angry at his head but the worst part of it all was that he was angry for waking up.

Zacky let out one last grunt and fell back in his sheets, glancing at the clock before going back to sleep.

4:10 AM


Monday came around sooner than expected. In Sociology, Wynonna and Zacky were moved and their seats were across from each other but that didn't stop the tension between the two of them. Billy Wellinger (Oscar Wellinger's older brother) would stop writing notes and look between the two of them, his eyebrow raised. Even Mr Greggs would notice that glances they gave each other. Although Wynonna would look away, Zacky’s eyes were glued on her.

Marissa Herbert was also one of the several people who noticed the longing glance. The junior gritted her teeth in jealousy and looked at Wynonna, wishing that she was the one receiving those glances. She watched Wynonna mouth what? towards Zacky and he only shrugged, laughing. She had no other choice but to laugh back. Marissa rolled her eyes and continued giving her dirty glances.

“Miss Herbert, I could be wrong but I’m the one teaching. Not Wynonna.”

Wynonna raised her eyebrow and she made eye contact with Wynonna. Marissa looked her up and down and curled her lip at her, “Sorry Mr Greggs.”


A few days passed by and the envy Marissa had was getting worse and worse. Not only had Wynonna noticed, but Zacky did too. In fact, when Marissa had shot him a small smile, he would only laugh, roll his eyes, and put his attention back to Wynonna, where they would talk silently across the room using their eyes. The bell rang, and Wynonna got out of her seat, Marissa followed close behind. She stepped on her shoes and when she passed by, she shoved her entire weight into the lockers. Wynonna dropped her book and looked at Marissa in shock. She only let out a cackle and said, “Sorry.”

Little did she know, Wynonna had very little patience. Picking up her book, she got up from the floor and walked towards her. She tapped her shoulder and, using the corner of the book, jammed it right under her eye. Marissa let out a yelp of pain and Wynonna continued to jam the corner of the book all over the face. If it weren’t for Zack being almost right behind her, she would’ve needed facial reconstruction.

“Shit! Wy, calm down!” Zacky panicked, taking her arms and pulling her back. But she continued on, it was then when he grabbed her waist and pulled her outside, leaving a screeching Marissa on the floor repeating, “She blinded me!”

Nobody even liked Marissa Herbert anyway.


“Jesus Christ, you could’ve killed her!” Zacky yelled, standing not two inches from her.

“I know how to break a nose. Dad taught me.”

“Doesn’t mean you should apply that knowledge! Jesus, one month and you’re going to be suspended already.”

“It wouldn’t be the first time.” She laughed, wiping the hair off her face.

Zacky laughed and flicked her forehead, “You’re insane, Wynonna Vanhook.”

“That’s not the first time I’ve heard that either.”

Zacky continued laughed and flung an arm over her shoulder, “Come on dweeb, I think you’ve got some Marissa blood on your jacket.”

“Let’s go.” Wynonna smiled up at him.

Somewhere, in the back, Jimmy and Brian were leaning against a wall, watching Wynonna and Zacky walk back to school.

“I give it a month.” Brian said.

“Shit, I give it two.”

“You up for a wager, Jim?” Brian grinned.

“Fifty and I get to touch your girl’s butt.”

“Watch it.”

Jimmy rolled his eyes, “Alright. Fifty and I get to watch you touch your girl’s butt.”


“Do you really think Zacky’s going to go through with it?”

“Dunno.” Brian shrugged, “That kid’s weird.”

“Got that right, who knows, might be good for him to date someone younger than him.”

“At least she’ll be smarter than Daisy Ditz.”

“Are you kidding me? Compared to Daisy, Wynonna is a Goddamn Einstein.”

Brian laughed and the school bell, slapping his shoulder, he said, “See you at lunch.” And walked off.

Jimmy stayed behind and saw Wynonna and Zacky as little dots in the distance, he shook his head and laughed, “Never date a Freshman, huh?”
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