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The Babysitter

Day Two: Band Practice

Zack never realized how hard it was to wake teenagers up. When he awoke the next morning, he decided to wake Andy up first and then go to Wynonna, who refused to get out of bed, groaning and continuously turning away from him.

“Wynonna, you have to wake up.”

“Go away.”

“You’re going to be late for school.”

“I don’t care.”

Then, Zacky did a move that his mother did that always seemed to work on his older sister. He grabbed her sheets and yanked them off the bed, causing Wynonna to curl into a ball and groan. She sat up and stared him down, Zacky only smirked and said, “Time for school.”

She huffed in her pillow and slowly made her way into the bathroom, where she slammed the door shut. Zack walked down the stairs to make breakfast until he saw Andy eating a bowl of cereal.

“You mom said I shouldn’t allow you to eat cereal.”

“She doesn’t have to know.”

“I’ll make sure she knows.” Wynonna said, walking into the kitchen and fixing her bagel.

“Stop ruining my own vacation!” Andy yelled, tiny drops of milk landing on her face.

Zacky laughed and said, “You heard the man, let him enjoy his Froot Loops without further intrusion.”


After breakfast, Andy jumped in the passenger seat of Zack’s car while his sister sat in the back, her arms crossed and sleeping.

“Does she always sleep on the way to school?”

“Always.” Replied Andy, clicking on his seatbelt.

“She’s always this tired?”

“When she’s on her period, yeah.”

Zacky laughed and he could see Wynonna frown in her sleep.

Soon, Andy was dropped off at his school, where then, Zack and Wynonna made it to Huntington Beach High School. Zack got out of the car first and shook her shoulder, “Hey, we’re here.”

She opened her eyes and without another word, she got out of the car with her bag on her back.

“No sassy remark, huh?” Zack mumbled, walking over to his friends who sat under a tree.

“So that’s the girl you’re babysitting?” Brian asked once he made it over.


“Is she slutty?” Jimmy asked eagerly.


“She’s cute.” Brian added.

“And a big brat.”

“Why? Does she refuse to sleep until you’ve kissed her Justin Timberlake poster?”

“She doesn’t like him. She likes to play video games.”

“So she’s an antisocial dweeb who spends her time playing Mario?”

“Basically.” He snorted, “She hates me. But her brother is less annoying and he’s fucking nine.”

“That’s how they work, teenager girls are terrible if you’re taking care of them. But if you’re having sex with them, it’s a lot better.” Brian grinned as the bell rang.


Sociology came around and Wynonna flinched when she realized Mr Greggs was giving out assigned seats. Frowning, she saw that her seat was next to Zack, after a few seconds of begging, the only thing Greggs said was, I’ll see. She sighed and gave up, dropping her things on the floor and sitting next to her sitter, paying attention to the lesson.

“What are you thinking for dinner?”

Wy turned her head and looked at him in confusion, “What?”

“Dinner. What do you want?”

“Now isn’t the appropriate time.”

“Andy said he wanted Macaroni, do you like-”

“Mr Baker. I don’t think you can tell, but Wynonna is trying to pay attention to the lesson.”

Zacky stopped talking and Wynonna flashed Mr Greggs a smile, mouthing out a thank you.


“So how’s that Freshman you’re sitting?” Matt asked as he took a bite out of his sandwich.

“Zack says she’s a real skank.” Jimmy grinned.

Matt raised an eyebrow while Zack rolled his eyes, “That is not what I said. She’s just really hateful.”

“Well how would you feel if your mom got you a sitter at your age?” Matt asked, food dripping from his mouth.

“Not possible. My sister would take care of Matt and me.”

“But still, put yourself in her position.” Brian said, “Maybe if you get her to like you, her parents might pay you more. More money means better demo.”

“Brian’s right. Just put up with her shit and she’ll get over it in no time.” Jimmy put.

“Are you still coming to practice?” Matt questioned, changing the subject.

“Maybe. I’d have to find a place for them.”

“Just bring them with you. Like they’ll care.”

“But little Miss Wynny looks like she will.” Brian mumbled, looking over at her table and seeing that she was talking to her few friends.

Wynonna sat at her table with her friends and ate quietly, this stuck curiosity in Alyssa, causing her to ask, “What’s up, Wy? You look down.”

“Did you lose on that video game you were playing?” Adam, her twin brother, asked.

Wynonna shook her head, “It’s nothing like that.”

“It’s the babysitter, isn’t it?” Alyssa asked worriedly, “Did he touch you?!”

“Babysitter?” Adam questioned.

“Table of morons, the one next to the tall, dumb one.” She grumbled, “And no, Alyssa, he didn’t touch me.”

“Zack Baker?”


“I’d let him touch me.” He grinned, Wy sighed and put her attention to her spaghetti.

“He’s right. Well, in a sense. Zack’s really cute and he seems like a nice guy, why don’t you like him?”

“Just because he’s cute and nice doesn’t mean I’ll like him.”

That’s a good enough reason for me.” Adam stated.

“What my brother is trying to say is that the petty feud between you and seniors is really dumb.”

“It’s not really dumb.”

“Wynny, just because Nick Holster from Portland denied you request to go to the dance with you is literally the stupidest reason to hate every senior.” Adam pointed out.

“It’s logical. And not stupid. I liked him a lot.”

“And now he’s gone forever. Wynonna, Alyssa isn’t asking you to marry the guy, she’s just asking you to be nice. He’s only being a dick because you’re taking huge shits on him. You’re literally discriminating him.”

“I am n-”

“You are.” The twins said in sync.


“Andy, you down for Mac and Cheese?”


“Come downstairs it’s ready.” Zack said, walking towards Wynonna’s room and seeing that the door was opened. He knocked on the door frame and she looked up in response, her glasses perched on her nose.

“You wear glasses?” He asked.

“I usually don’t wear my contacts inside the house.” She mumbled, saving her game and turning her Gameboy off, “Do you need something?”

“Mac and Cheese is ready.”

“Not hungry.” She replied, crossing her legs.

“You sure?”

“Very. Get out.”

Zack raised his arms in defense and left the room.


“Hey Andy? You don't mind me going to a band practice tonight, do you?”

“Not really, except, what about me and Wy?”

“You guys wanna come with?”

“That’s sounds awesome!” Andy said enthusiastically, “But Wyn might not-”

“I’ll go.” A voice said from the staircase, “Anything is better than staying here. Even if I have to see you play.”

“I’ gonna go get my shoes!” Andy ran up the stairs to get his shoes and a number of other things.


Wynonna wrote in her notebook as they drove to Matt’s house, in the back, you could hear Andy’s Gameboy and the sounds of lasers killing off aliens.

“Hey Zack?”

“What’s up?”

“Are your friends like Oscar Wellinger?”

“Not at all. Tell me if they start acting like it and I’ll beat them up. Sound good?”

“Sounds good?” He said, returning to his video game.

Zack got out of the car after he parked next to Brian. Opening the door for Andy and Wynonna, they made their way to the garage, where Brian tuned, Jimmy made a ridiculous amount of noise and Matt warmed his vocals.

“Zack’s here!” Jimmy announced, “With children.”

“Guys, these are my friends. Matt, Jimmy and Brian.”

Andy cheerily said hello while Wynonna mumbled a faint, “hi”.

“Let’s get started Z, Mom has a dinner thing I have to go to in an hour.” Matt frowned.

“One hour practice tonight, then?”

“55 minutes if you keep yappin’.” Jimmy said from behind the drums.

Zacky got out his guitar from his case and began to tune while Wynonna and Andy did their individual things.

When they began to play, Andy would tap his foot to the beat as he killed aliens while Wynonna continued to write and doodle in her notebook. She had to admit, they weren’t that bad. Forty minutes later, practice had ended and Matt left for the dinner party. Leaving the others to pack up.

“You don’t really like Zack, do you?” Brian asked.

“Who told you that?” Wynonna mumbled.

“He told us. It doesn’t phase him really. He’s used to it.”


“I’m just saying. There aren’t a lot of people who like him. The only people who like him are all in this room, counting Matt of course.”

“Hey! Are you guys done practicing?” A voice said, coming into the garage.

“What do you want, Seward?” Brian sighed.

Johnny smiled and looked at Jimmy, “I was trying to see if you guys were done practicing.”

“Yeah. We are, bug off.” Zacky grumbled.

“Hey Jimmy.”

“Where’s your brother, short shit?”


“Like you should be. Isn’t it passed your bedtime?”

Johnny laid his eyes on Wynonna, blushing, she looked back to her notebook. “Whose this?” He asked.

“Kids I’m babysitting. Leave them alone.”

Johnny ignored the request and sat to Wyn, “I’m Johnny.”


“Like Winona Ryder?”

“Kind of.”

“What are you doing with these seniors?”

“I came with Zack because he’s taking care of me and my brother.”

“How old are you?”


“Do you go to Marina High?”

“No, I go to-”

“Huntington. Like us.”

“Ah, that sucks. We could’ve been friends.”

“Wynonna doesn’t like people. Mom said she’s antisocial.”

“I’m not antisocial.”

“Yeah! She’s talking to me right now.”

“Look Gnome, practice is over, go home.”

“Fine, I’ll see you Wynonna and....?”


“See ya Andy.” He smiled, walking out of the garage and towards his friend’s house.

“Who was that?” Wynonna asked.

“Johnny Seward. Jimmy’s friends with his brother but apart from that, he’s a little shit who think he can play bass better than Wendt.”
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