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The Babysitter

She's My Best Friend's Girlfriend

Zacky was everything but happy. When he awoke from his little episode, he had seen that Wynonna was no longer next to him and that his mother replaced her spot. “Where's Wynonna?”

“She went home, honey.” His mother replied, “How are you feeling?”

“I'm fine. When did she go home?”

“A while after you went to sleep. Why?”

“I didn't say bye.” He sighed, rubbing his face harshly.

“She'll be back soon. Don't worry.”

“Why would I worry?” Zack asked.

Mrs Baker only smiled and patted his cheek, “I'll go get you something to eat.”

When his mom left, his brother entered with a cheeky grin on his face. “Hey.”

“What do you want?” He groaned.

“Just wanted to say hello to my favorite sibling.”

“Fuck off.”

“Vicodin is fucking you up, isn't it?”

“What do you want Matt, really?”

“Is Wynonna-”

“She's older than you.”

“By what?”

“Eight months.”

“I've always liked older women.”

“She's also taken.”

“I also like older women who are unavailable.”

“You're sick, you know that? I don't think she's into kids who haven't hit their voice change yet.” Zack smirked.

His brother rolled his eyes and walked out the door, “You can be a big can of cock, you know that?”

“It's not the first time I've heard something like that. Go make yourself useful and get me food.”

Another month passed and Zacky was finally able to walk on his feet thanks to the frequent check ups on Dr Vanhook's part. He walked around the house and while walking down the beach with Brian, he came up with some conversation. “How's Wy?”

“She's good.” Brian replied, “She asks me a lot about you.”

“I would hope so.” Zack smiled, putting his balance on one of the crutches and popping a pill in his mouth.

“Dude. You need to chill with those pills.”

“I'm in pain. Plus, this is the first one I took all day.” He lied, putting the bottle back in his jacket. In fact, it was his tenth pill.

Brian shook his head, “Whatever. Anyway, she said school is boring.”

“Tell her I said I know. How are things with you and Michelle?”


“You're just a boring guy.”

“I know I am. I think she knows it too, she's going to break up with me sooner or later. I can feel it.”

“What are you going to do when she does?”

“Nothing. Why would I keep her if we're just going to be miserable. Maybe it's just healthy we take a break from each other for a while until I get...not bored. You know?”

“I feel you. Maybe you need a Daisy Ditz.” He smirked.

“I don't want to look after her, you fuck.” Brian laughed, “Maybe I'll just find a teenager whose parents are overprotective and need someone to babysit their grown ass daughter.”

“If you can find another one, go for it. I've already got mine.”

“You really like her then?”


“Wynonna, you really like her?”

“Of course I do.” Zacky said, a bit taken back, “What the fuck would make you say that?”

“Just wondering. I never know what goes on in that coconut of yours.”

“I could write you a book.”

“I'd rather not. If I wanted to read an emotionally compromised teenager's head I would read my sister's diary.”

“McKenna's three.”

“She thinks she can write.” He laughed, “It's cute.”

“Gotta see her when I'm not limping and pathetic.”

"She wants to see you. She wonders why you haven't come back around.”

“What did you tell her?”

“Told her that you done fucked up. That's what I told her.”

“That other guy fucked up. Not me.”

Brian smiled and felt his phone vibrating in his pocket, “Hello?” He answered.

“Oh loverboy!” Adam's voice came.

Brian rolled his eyes so hard that he felt that they wouldn't be coming back, “What do you want?”

“We need your excellent driving abilities to take us to the mall. Wynonna is in dire need of a dress.”

“Isn't your mother getting suspicious of me parking a foot away from your house.”

“Not at all. In fact, she knows you've been driving us this whole time. She wants to pay you for driving us around.”

“I'm not your fucking chauffeur.”

“You could be, lover boy.”

“Fine, whatever. I'll be there in a few minutes.”

“See you then, don't be late.”

Brian sighed and snapped the phone shut and continued to shove it in his pocket. Zacky gave him a confused look and asked, “You okay there?”

“I have to take your girlfriend and her friends to buy a dress.”

“Isn't that my job?”

“Seeing as you are incapable of walking, much less driving, I'm going to take them.”

“You make it seem like it's a bad thing.” Zack mocked, “Take me home then. I've had enough walking for today.”

And that's what Brian did. After he dropped off his friend in his house and making sure he safely made it to his bed, he began to make it out his where he swore he saw Zacky sneak in another two pills. He made his way to the Monroe residence where the twins were more than annoying today. He met their mother who was more than friendly.

“So loverboy,” Alyssa smiled, partaking in the new nickname, “Momma seems to like you. Maybe you'll be our step dad.”

“Please Al, Momma will be lucky to have him as a son-in-law.”

“Believe it or not, I don't want to be either of those things.” Brian sighed, parking in front of Wynonna's house, “Call up your little amiga, I don't want to be here forever.”

“I'm already on it.” Adam said, the phone pressed to his ear but before the phone even made it to the dial tone, Wynonna was already hopping out from the front door with a smile on her face.

“Hey guys!” She said after she got inside.

“Hey Wy, you look super cute today.” Alyssa smiled.

“Thank you.”

“That smile on your face makes you look even cuter, cutie. What's got you so happy?” Adam asked.

“I don't know. I just woke up in a great mood today.” She beamed, looking at Brian in the rearview mirror, “Hey Brian!”

“Sup Wy?” He smiled.

“So Wynonna, what's the occasion, what do you need a dress for?” Alyssa asks.

“I just wanted a dress, I haven't worn one in a long time and I outgrew my other ones.”

“You gonna wear it for Zack when he's able to walk.”

“He can walk now.” Wynonna informed, “But maybe, I don't know. It would be weird to come over to his house all dressed up, that would rise suspicions.”

“Oh who cares! Dresses are for all occasions, you just gotta figure out which one to wear.”

“You'll help me right?”

“Of course! Brian will be there too!”

“Excuse me?! I'm your fucking driver not your chaperone.”

“You know if you go along with it we'll tell Momma to pay you extra.”

“Going by the way your mother acted towards me, I don't think I want extra.”

“Was Momma Moe hitting on Brian?”

“I wouldn't say-”

“Momma was totally stealing Brian from me.”

Brian sighed and parked in the mall's lot, he rested his head on the wheel and said, “Get out.”

“You're not coming with?” Wynonna asked.

“Yeah, I'll be out in a second. Go on without me, I'll catch up.”

“Alright. Don't take too long, loverboy.” Alyssa smiled. Brian rolled his eyes and lifted his head, watching Wynonna walk away.

“Damn ZV, you got a good one.” He sighed.


“What do you think about this one, Wynonna?”

“I like the first one I tried on.”

“What about you, Brian? What do you think?” Adam asked, finally using his real name.

“It's pretty I guess.” He said, putting his gaze back on the magazine he read.

“I knew we should've brought Zack.” Alyssa exhaled, “But no! He had to go break four ribs.”

“Two.” Wynonna and Brian corrected.

“And a broken leg too.” Brian added.

“And arm!” Said Wynonna from the dressing room.

“Hush you!” Adam threw the dress over the door, “Try this one and we'll be done. I promise.”

“Alright, alright.”

Wynonna took a minute or two to put on her dress and later called out for Alyssa to help her zip up the dress. Brian looked up when she came out and swallowed, for he felt a lump in his throat the size of a baseball.

“Wynonna! Babe, this is totally the one!” Alyssa squeaked, looking at her best friend with complete adoration.

“God, you look so hot! You're buying this dress and if you don't I'm paying for it. Momma will understand. Brian tell her how hot she looks!”

“Don't listen to them, Brian.” Wynonna smiled, her cheeks red from embarrasment.

“No, they're right. You look really nice, Wynonna.”

She smiled wider and made her way to the dressing room, “I'm changing to my clothes.”

“We'll be here. Brian? Come over her and help me get these shoes from the top shelf, please?” Adam asked sweetly, taking his arm but feeling his finger nails digging in his arm, “What the fuck do you think you're doing?!”

Brian blinked and snatched his arm back, “What are you talking about, you shitdick?”

“What? Do you think that just because I'm gay I'm blind?! You like her!” He whispered angrily.

“You're gay? Really?” Brian mocked with a smirk on his face.

“You like Wynonna!”

“You're out of your Goddamn mind. That's my best friend's girlfriend.”

“Good.” Adam hissed, his deep blue eyes staring at him, “You better fucking remember that, Loverboy.”

“Don't worry. It's always being talked about.” He seethed, looking at him with the same intensity.

“The blue ones. Size seven.”

Brian turned and got the shoes off the shelf and handed them to him, where he snatched him and walked back to his sister and Wynonna.

Brian let out a deep breath, “I need to be more careful about this.”
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