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The Babysitter


Zacky was laying in Wynonna's bed with the bottle in his hand as she took a shower. He sighed, “Maybe just one today and tomorrow I'll quit.”

“Or you could quit now.”

“But where's the fun in that?”

“The fun in that is that you'll be able to function properly, you fuck.”

“I'll just take one today to get rid of the symptoms, okay? And tomorrow, I'll quit.”

“Zack? Are you okay?” Andy asked, walking into Wynonna's room.

“Hey Andy,” He said, sneaking the pills under Wynonna's pillow, “I'm fine. Just arguing with myself about some things.”

“You gonna be okay?”

“Yeah. You need something?”

“I just came for Wynonna's controller.” Andy explained, picking up the gray controller and walking away, “Don't...hurt yourself thinking too hard.”

“I won't, thanks bud.”

Andy gave him one more small smile and left the room, Wynonna coming in and taking his place. “Everything okay?”

“Honky dory.” Zacky smiled, opening his arms and motioning her over.

“I'm still naked, I'll be there in a second.”

“You say that like it's a bad thing. Clothes are unnecessary, come here.”

“In a second.” She said, walking behind her changing station, “Can I ask you something?”

“Anything, baby.” He said as he took the pills from under the pillow and popped a quick one before putting them in his bag. Last one. Forever.

“What was Brian talking about earlier?”

“Honestly, I think he's just bitter.”

“Over what?”

“Michelle broke up with him last week.”

“What? Really?”

“Yeah. He's just jealous of our happiness.” Zacky smiled, watching her emerge from the dressing station with her hair up in a bun.

“Is that so?” Wynonna asked, sitting down on her bed next to him, “Are you happy?”

“Like you wouldn't believe.” He grinned, taking her hand and kissing it gently. “I love you loads.”

“I do too.” She smiled, laying down and cuddling into his side. “So now what are we going to do? Lay here and talk about the world?”

“We could play with your game system. It looks like it might be collecting dust.”

“I wanna play with something else. Or rather someone else.”

Zacky smirked and pulled her closer to him, “Ooh, feisty.”

“Shut up.” She laughed, attaching her lips to his, “Can we?”

“Do you want to?” Zack asked, his fingers tracing her pink lips.

“Mmmhmm.” She mumbled against his finger, a smile spreading on her lips.

“It's not going-”

“I know, you told me yesterday.”

“Wynonna, I don't want to rush any of this. I really don't.” Zack said wearily, his fingers stopping at her waist.

“Maybe you're the virgin here.” Wynonna smiled, kissing him and pulling away shortly after, “Go close the door.”

“You're serious? What if your brother hears? What if your babysitter hears, what if your parents come back unexpectedly.”

“Why are you freaking out?”

“I don't know.” Zacky says, closing the door and standing in front of Wynonna. “This is kind of illegal, remember?”

“Nobody has to know.” She says, sitting on her knees and stroked his face. “Please Zack?”

“Okay.” He said, “If you don't-”

“Yes, I'll tell you if I change my mind. I promise. Now hurry up and do me.”

“You Freshman and your hormones.” Zacky laughed, kissing her and pressing her down on the bed.

Wynonna trembled and felt Zacky's lips remove themselves from hers. She removed her hands from his face and sighed happily, pecking his lips once more before curling to his side. “See? That wasn't so bad, was it?”

“I never said it would be bad.” Zacky explained, “I just said, it was illegal and that if anyone were to find out about it-”

“Who's going to care? Honestly Zack.”

“You never know, Wy. It could be a teacher or it could be some little church lady who's concerned about us or hell, it might even be Brian to rat us out.”

“Why would he do that?”

“I don't know, he's been acting weird lately, I feel like it's something he might do.”

“I don't think he'd go that far.”

“Jealousy makes you do really weird shit, Button.” He sighs, rubbing his fingers against her spine.



Wynonna pondered and began to wonder if she should really ask her question, instead, she looked up and Zacky and smiled, leaning up to place a kiss on his jaw, “Goodnight.”

“It's three in the afternoon.” He laughed.

“Goodnight.” She repeated, pressing her naked body closer to his. “You're so warm.” Was the last thing she said before she closed her eyes.

When Wynonna woke up, she saw that it was already dark outside and that Zacky was gone. Confused, she slipped out of bed and saw that his things were still strewn across the floor. She picked up one of his shirts and pulled it over her head as she walked out of the room quietly. It was eleven at night, and she wondered where her boyfriend had gone without telling her. At the end of the hallway, she saw the light at the end on. It was the bathroom. Wynonna continued her way to the bathroom and saw that Zacky was standing in front of the vanity, sweating and trembling in front of the mirror. In his hands was the bottle of vicodin, Wynonna stayed silent and watched as her boyfriend toyed with the white tablets in front of him, his fingers shaking as he decided.

Zacky's never felt this much pain in his life since he got in the car accident. His stomach was rebelling against everything he ate and his head was being slammed on. He was panicking, his breathing was short and rigid. Inside of his head, he fought with himself, if he took one now, he would be relieved of his pain, but if he didn't, he would be in the most pain he's ever experienced in his eighteen years of life. It was amazing how he didn't see Wynonna in the reflection of the mirror, he was so entranced by the white tablets that there was nothing else to pay attention to. Suddenly, Zack felt the stomach acid rise in his throat. His eyes clenched shut as he made his way over to the toilet, where he was hunched over and vomited breakfast, lunch and dinner. When he was finished, he flushed and rinsed out his mouth, falling onto the floor and continuing to shake. At this point, his head continued to hurt and the only thing he could do is shake and cry. He was scared, it was only for a month, he thought. Wynonna swallowed and padded barefoot inside. Zacky didn't look up, he was still afraid. Afraid of what she would think, afraid of what she would do. Wynonna rested on her knees and ran her fingers through his hair comfortingly. He looked up at her, still shaking violently and his eyes red from crying. He was vulnerable.

“It's not the flu, is it?” She asked softly, looking at the vicodin bottle that remained on the sink.

He shook his head and held himself, continuing to sob.

“Why didn't you say anything?”

“I was scared.” He stuttered, “I d-didn't know.”

“Scared of what?”

“I didn't know what I was doing. It hurt and I just-” Zacky didn't finish his sentence, his stomach interrupted him and his hands shook.

Wynonna took him in her arms and felt him shake and sob in her arms. “You should've told me.”

“I didn't know how.” Zacky said shakily

“You can tell me anything, sweetest. Why didn't you?”

“I thought you were going to leave me.” He admitted, feeling like a child as Wynonna continued to comfort him.

“I wouldn't leave you, if anything, I'd stay, you need me more than anything.”

“So, what do we do now?” He asked, feeling his hands stop shaking.

“We go to sleep and I'll talk to my dad about it when he comes home the day after tomorrow.”

“You're going to tell him?”

“I have to. I want you to get better.” She said softly, wiping the sticky strands of sweaty hair off his forehead.

“Okay.” He says shakily, “Alright.”

“Bed time. Come on, let's go.” Wynonna says, removing his head off her lap gently and pulling him off the floor and back into bed.

Zack didn't sleep in the sheets, it was too hot. Although he didn't show it, Wynonna knew and she opened her bedroom window and let the winter wind come through the window. Zacky frowned, “You'll be cold.”

“I have a blanket. I'll be alright.” She smiled, feeling his fingers searching for hers.


“Yeah, Zack?”

“You'll be there, right?”

Wynonna smiled and kissed their intertwined hands, “Every step of the way.”

Zacky took a deep breath and nodded, scooching himself closer to her warm body, “Okay.”
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