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The Babysitter

Day Four: Amends


Andy sat in his bed and could not sleep.

His mind went from his sister, to Portland and back to his sister. He wondered if she was awake right now. He wondered if she was still crying, he wondered if she was playing video games. Eventually, the worry and paranoia began to crawl up his throat, making it hard from him to breathe. Getting out of bed as quietly as he could, he passed the guest room where Zacky snored and opened the door to see that his sister was sitting in bed. Her face was relaxed on the screen, watching Zelda jump around on everything. When she noticed her brother’s presence, she paused the game and pulled out the other controller, holding Mortal Kombat in her hands.

“Are you okay?” He gently asked, setting up the game and sitting next to her on her bed.

“I’m better.”

“Are you sure?”

Wynonna nodded and continued the game, for a few minutes, they played silently next to each other, watching the blood and the gore spill on the television. Andy sighed and said, “Wy, you know what happened that day wasn’t your fault, right?”

She nodded, “I know it wasn’t.”

“And you know that Mom and Dad still love you, and I love you. Zacky didn’t know.”

“I know.”

“Then why do-”

“I don’t know, Andrew.” Wynonna said firmly, “I know it wasn’t my fault, but I was there, Andy. I was there and it made me feel like everything was my fault.”

“You were only six.”

Wynonna blinked tears out of her eyes, “You know, I still have dreams about him?”

“What was he like?”

“He was the best big brother you could ever ask for,” She smiled, “He took you to get ice cream, and he never would tell you off if you messed something up. He loved me and he was so excited to meet you.”

“Do you still think he’s out there?”

Wynonna swallowed hard and nodded, “I do. Mom and Dad don’t, but I do.”


Sunday morning, Zack woke up with the thought that he would have to apologize to Wynonna. It was obvious that he had touched some very personal spots that he didn’t mean to. He had no right. He was just the babysitter. After he had finished brushing his teeth, he walked to Andy’s room first, but when he saw that he wasn’t in his bed, he panicked. He walked to Wynonna’s room and saw that he was there, dead asleep with the controller in his hands, next to him was his sister who was in the similar position. He knocked on the door frame and watched as they both got up slowly.

“Hey Zack.” Andy mumbled, rubbing his eye.

“Morning kiddo, breakfast?”

“Yes please.” He yawned.

“You down for going out to eat?”

“That sounds cool.”

“Alright go brush your teeth,” He smiled, putting his attention to Wynonna, “You coming, Wynnona?”

“I suppose.”

“You not obligated to.”

“I’m not leaving my brother alone with you.”

“Alright. Well, let’s get ready then.”


“Mom doesn’t usually take us out.” Andy said from the back.


“She never had the time.” Wynonna mumbled from her book.

“Dad’s a doctor, mom’s a teacher. They’re pretty busy.”

“So you’re home a lot?”

“Yeah,but we go on vacation a lot.”

“Really bad ones.”

“But you liked Disney land!”

“That’s true. I liked that one.”

“You like Disney?” Zacky asked.

“Yeah I do.”

Zacky smiled at the mutual interest and parked in front of the small restaurant, “Have you ever been here before?” Andy asked.

“I used to come all the time with a girlfriend. She loved it here.”

“Are you still with her?”

“Nah, I broke up with her for reasons.”

Andy grimaced and walked into the unfamiliar restaurant to the woman standing at the podium. “Hello little one, just you?”

“No, I came here with my babysitter and my sister.”

The older woman looked up and saw Zacky, smiling she said, “Well well well, if it isn’t Mr Baker. Where’s Daisy?”

“We didn’t...we couldn’t work it out.” He smiled politely, not wanting to talk about his ex girlfriend anymore.

In a minute, Miss Louise had seated them in a booth next to the window. Wynonna sat next to her brother and Zacky sat by himself. Andy then announced that he was going to wash his hands, leaving Wynonna and Zack alone at the table. After a few short awkward seconds, Zack was the first one to say something.

“Wynonna about yesterday-”

“Forget about it, you didn't know.”

“Exactly, I didn't know. Whatever happened in Portland was your business and I shouldn't have pushed it. I'm sorry.”

“I'll get over it.” Was all she said. He grimaced and knew that it was the only reponse he was going to get. Seconds later, Andy return and sat back in his place next to his sister, asking if they had already ordered.

“I ordered you orange juice.” Wynonna said.

“Awesome.” He grinned, taking a sip from his cup.

“Hey you! I haven't seen you in a while! How's Miss Daisy!” The waiter, Marvin, asked.

“We broke up a while ago.” Zack replied.

“Didn't work out, huh? Now you've got a new-”

“She's not my girlfriend.”

“Just friends then? I'll tell you Miss, the girl he dated was a complete ditz. She asked if I had a pet croc just because I was from Louisiana!”

“Do you have a pet crocadile?”

“I do. But that's beside the point.”

Wynonna laughed a full laugh which surprised Zack. He had been so used to her grouchy, sleepy face that he completely forgot that she was capable of actual human emotions. He thought to himself how much better she looked when she was happy.

“But anyway, let's leave Miss Daisy Ditz out of this. She was a sweet girl. What can I get you all to eat?”

“I want pancakes!” Andy announced.

“Pancakes for the little man, What about you, Miss?”

“I'll have what he's having?”

“And what about you, ex Mr Ditz?”

Wynonna giggled at the nickname and Zacky only sighed, “I'll have what I usually have.”

Marvin finished writing down the order, said a small joke and left.

“What was Daisy like?” Wynonna asked curiously.

“Annoying and sexually active.”

Andy scrunched his nose and said, “Gross.”

“If it makes you empty out your imagination, she wasn't sexually active with me. She was with other people.”

“Still unnecessary for Andrew to know.” She mumbled.

“Just teaching him that some girls aren't as sweet as they look.” He explained, “Or, sometimes, girls aren't always as mean, grouchy as they look. Some of them are sweet and love to laugh.”

Wynonna glared at him and disapproved of his subliminal message, but Zacky knew that she was only upset because he had figured her out.
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