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The Babysitter

Now What?

The next morning, Wynonna awoke by herself. She realized that she would no longer have Zacky waking her up every morning of the day anymore. Convincing herself that it was a good thing, she went to the bathroom and afterwards went down the stairs to see that her mother was on the kitchen table reviewing paper work. Wynonna sat across from her and watched her work.

“What's up, sweetie? Feeling okay?”

“I'm feeling fine, did Dad leave?”

“He left an hour ago, you should be asleep still.”

“I couldn't sleep. I thought I would wake up early and so something.”

“Like what?”

“Talk to you because it's been a week since we've talked to each other.”

Jane Vanhook smiled and looked up from her paperwork, “Sorry about that. Grandma was very demanding and you know how she gets. How was Zacky as a babysitter?”

“He was okay.”

“He's not here anymore, you can tell me what he was really like.” She smiled.

“He was nice, Mom. I was a little bit of a brat towards him but the day before you came I was a little bit nicer, I guess. He treated Andy great and Andy really liked him.”

“You know what I didn't like about him?”


“Those God awful piercings that's what.”

Wynonna laughed and got up from the table to prepare her breakfast, “But that's was all you didn't like of him.”

“Pretty much. He's a nice boy and we don't judge by appearances, only by their behaviors.”

Wynonna sighed and got the subliminal message and said, “Alright, Andy told you something didn't he?”

“He told me that the two of you argued a lot. And that nine out of ten times, you started it.”

“That might've happened.”

“Wynonna, how old are you?”


“And how were you acting with Zack?”

“Like a ten year old.”

“Apologize to him.”

Wynonna sighed, “I did not miss this.”

“Are you going to apologize to him?”


“Good. I have his number and-”

“Moooom.” She groaned

“Alright. I won't call him, I trust that you will tell him. You promise?”

Wynonna sighed, “Yes, I promise.”


After waking up in his own bed, Zacky sat and looked at the time. He had awoken an hour earlier only to realize that he no longer had to wake up a moody teenager before he went to school. Walking to the kitchen to see his younger brother eating cereal, he grabbed an apple, said goodbye to Matt and made his way to school, still tired and hungry after he finished his apple. The whole day seemed sluggish and slow and for some strange reason, Wynonna wasn't in sociology today. Feeling bored, he rested his head on the desk and prepared to sleep, for he had no one to annoy this hour. Soon, lunch came around and after eating his sandwich and annoy his friends, he walked off to the library to see if she was there. Smiling when he saw her sitting in her usual seat, walking over, he sat down in front of her and put his head on his hands, waiting for her to notice him.

“What do you want?”

“I wanted to annoy you.”

“You succeeded. Go away.”

“I actually came because I wanted to know why you weren't in sociology today.”

“I wasn't feeling very well.”

“You still don't look so hot.”

“Considering what your ex-girlfriend looks like, I'm thinking it's a good thing I don't look hot to you.”

Zacky rolled his eyes, “You look like shit.”

“Thank you.” She sniffed, putting her head down on the table.

“Did you go to the nurse?”

“Wow the nurse! The only medical attention I can get! How could I have never thought about that?!”

“Jesus Christ, you're a bigger bitch when you're sick.”

She didn't reply, instead, she let her head fall to the table and sleep.

“Should I call someone?” Zacky asked

“I'll call my mom in a second.”

“You better call her now, it looks like you're about to projectile vomit and I don't want to be around for that.”

Rolling her eyes, Wynonna got up from her seat and walked back to the nurse, where she would then sent home for having a fever.
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