Status: Work in progress!!

We All Fall to Pieces

WARNINGS (Will be updated as I write! if anyone sees anything that should be here that I haven't added, please let me know) - tw: mentions of eating disorders

Jenna McDougall is seventeen, and she thinks she's finally won her battle against the eating disorder that's plagued her since she wasn't much more than a kid. She can look forward to summer at last - wear the clothes she wants to when it's hot without fearing that people will be disgusted in the way she looks, make new friends, talk to boys... She's hoping to maybe even kick off a summer romance.

But she isn't counting on meeting Alex. Alex is twenty-one, a total stranger, and he smiles at her in the way not many people do.

It's not easy to trust, not easy to love, not easy to work out what you've got to lose.