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Molly was an enigma.

She was the love that filled Zacky's heart and the hate that burned in his stomach. She was summer, she was winter. She was rain, she was sun. She drank enough to rival a goldfish and smoked enough to rival Bob Marley. On the outside, she was bright and sunny, but on the inside, she was torrential rain. Molly was an enigma, and because of this, there was no way Zacky could take her home to his family.

Because she was Molly.

Molly || Zacky

I do not own Zacky Vengeance, but I do own Molly and the plot, so please don't steal. This was written for the There's Perfection in Imperfection contest using the prompt X isn’t exactly what Y considers ‘bring-back-home material’.

Trigger warning: contains slight references to anorexia/bulimia.