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"Jack you just don't fucking understand!" Alex said raising his voice and his seemingly innocent fiancé, Jack cowered away and whispered "I'm sorry Alex, i'm sorry, i don't know how many times i have to tell you that i'm sorry for leaving the butter out of the fridge"

Everyday was the same, Jack would be the good domesticated fiancé and cook dinner for his stressed out significant other and as soon as he stepped over their threshold Jack and him would be fighting for hours on end over the smallest of things. It would end up as Alex storming off and keeping their marital bed to himself, whilst Jack got their newly purchased couch, during the weeks he had been slowly accumulating more pillows and blankets on their couch for him to sleep on during these rocky relationship patches. Don't get him wrong, it was comfortable, but so was the boy he was planning to marry.

They all say "You're just going through a rough patch" or "Alex is probably so stressed with the new job and a new house" It was all about Alex and what Alex was doing new or how stressed out Alex was, although Jack never minded because the undivided attention made Alex focus on anything but his stress for at least a few minutes.

Jack had always had his suspicions that Alex was cheating, he was never in the mood anymore and when Jack tried he was simply pushed away and was yelled at before giving up and taking another blanket onto the couch for the restless night ahead.

Sometimes he would watch TV or pay some of the bills, but as 2am rolled around and the TV was flickering in the background, he turned his attention to it.

"Want to know if you significant other is being faithful?" That got his attention. It't not that Jack didn't trust Alex, but since his fiancé wasn't exactly engaging in proper communication with him anymore, he was curious and as they say "curiosity killed the cat" but the Jack remembered that cats have nine lives.

As he dialled the number and followed the instructions, he had to give his fiancé's personal details to a stranger over the phone, which he was mildly reluctant about, but he was determined to find out what Alex was hiding. Before he hung up he was told he would be receiving a letter in the mail within the next few days indicating if his partner was "doing dodgy business behind his back"

As the next few days drew to a close, countless hours on the couch and a sore back, plus an aggravated Alex made for an excited Jack, because his letter would be coming soon and he was more than happy to walk out into the cold air to retrieve it.

Jack opened the mail box in his heavy dressing gown and ugg boots on, warm enough for a few minutes outside, his found his letter was in the post box, he yelped in happiness, only loud enough for him to hear. But the other letter seemed more urgent and much more suspicious. He carefully examined the envelope and carefully ripped through the seal with his freezing fingers.

"Hey baby, your door wasn't open like normal, maybe you were out or something, but i hope you get this before your fiancé checks the post box. I hope he isn't home! You told me you would break it off with him! You know I love you Alex, but i am tired of waiting for you! Anyway, shoot me a text when you are free next, we need to do some house shopping! - Love you Alex xx"

Suddenly Jack didn't care that his legs were freezing and that the neighbours were staring at him through their frosted windows, it all came crashing down around him, he didn't need to open the letter from the TV advertisement service anymore.

When Jack returned to the house, he slipped into some clothes he had left in the washing machine not caring about how he looked anymore, he went into the office and ripped a piece of tape off its reel and placed his ring on the letter from Alex's mystery girl and taped it down, grabbed a pen and wrote his final words to his backstabbing lover.

"At least she loves you"

He set it on the table, grabbed his keys and left without hesitation.