Status: In Progress

I'll Be Safe and Sound as Long as You Kiss Me Again

We are the in crowd are attending Warped tour again this year, but what happens when they meet newbies Tonight Alive? Will Tay and Jenna become friends and remain friends throughout the tour, and what do the guys think of their growing 'friendship'?
  1. Come Back Home
    WATIC head off to leg one of warped tour.
  2. Exits and Entrances
    It's the Welcome to Warped party and all the bands are finally together for the first time.
  3. You Don't Owe Me Anything
    Jenna wakes up to a shocking hangover and then discovers the events of the previous night...
  4. Never Be What You Want
    WATIC and Tonight Alive head out for something to eat after their sets, but one sentence changes the whole setting within the warped group.
  5. Better Luck Next Time
    Tay and Matt go on their second date, but a shock confession brings it to a rearing halt.
  6. Thank You and Goodnight
    Tay thinks Jenna and Cameron are going to start dating, which leads to some shocking events.
  7. Ten Times Better
    Tay wakes up to find that it's not Matt that's joined her in the bunk.
  8. The Edge
    The pair have been dating for a while now but something is getting in the way of Jenna's happiness.