Sequel: All or Nothing
Status: Completed! Stay tuned for the sequel.

I Can Be Your Everything

** This story reads like a bag of dicks and I’m currently in the process of re-writing it! **

I just wanted to live my life, peacefully. Work hard, find a good man, settle down and maybe have children, then grow old. Unaware of anything. Blissfully ignorant but happy. The worst thing hopefully to happen would be my kids getting bad grades. But life doesn't work like that, it hits you so hard you'll fall to your knees. It'll have you hanging by your wrists, whipping every inch of your skin taking your innocence and love away until you can love no more. It'll create demons. Small awful demons who whisper in your ear at night. Who tug away the blanket of faith and security.

*Disclaimer - I don't own shit! Well except for the characters I made up and the story. Cheers!