Pictures and Some Memories

The Dream

"What are you drawing, Diana?" My step-mom, Suzy, asked as she sat beside me on the floor. A comforting smile upon her lips.

I smiled back, holding up the drawing I have been working on for a while now. "It of me an Bwian." I smiled wider. "He my best fwiend."

Suzy giggled at my three year old talk, kissing my head. "Brian will be so happy to see this beautiful drawing when he comes home."

"We're back!" Daddy called as he walked through the door.

Suzy got up and greeted him with a kiss, making Brian gag as he walked in behind Daddy.
"That's sick!" Brian, who is five years old, complained.

"Oh, you'll like it when you're older." Daddy teased.

Brian rolled his eyes. "Girls have cooties." He smirked when he saw me. "Hi, D!"

I grinned at his nickname for me, running up to him and wrapping my little arms around his waist. Missing my big brother so much.

"Hi, Bwi-Bwi." I smiled. "I make you sometin." I held up the drawing that was of us as stick figures but I made sure to draw Brian’s wild looking hair.

He smiled, hugging me. "Thank you! I love it! I'll hang it on my wall."

I quickly followed after Brian's heels, giggling as he grabbed the tape and ran up the stairs. Running slowly so I could keep up with him. I jumped onto his bed, the smile never leaving my face as I watched him tape my drawing on his pale white wall. We laid back on the bed, staring at my drawing.

"Bwi?" I called his name softly.

"Yeah, D?"

"We be close sibings foever?" I asked, pouting.

He chuckled, hugging me tightly. "Siblings forever and ever."

.:11 years later:.

I sat in my brother's room, staring at the picture I drew him when I was three years old. He was supposed to take me to the mall today. Scratch that, he promised he would take me.

But stupid Michelle DiBenedetto comes first. Or Stacy Adams. Oh, don't forget Veronica Martin. And probably every other girl in the school. But mainly that stupid, big headed, evil Michelle he always goes back to. She was Brian's constant girlfriend. The one who had changed my sweet brother into someone I didn't know anymore.

She bullied me constantly, but Brian never believed me when I would go crying to him. He would brush me off, complaining that I shouldn't talk about his girl like that. That he was in love with her.

He wasn't in love! She was just some fuck for him whenever he needed it.

Ever since he lost his virginity to her at fourteen, he changed. He became a lot colder to me, much more distant. He was never around. I was bullied a lot more because he wasn't there to protect me. Another promise he broke.

The front door slamming shut downstairs made me jump slightly. I could hear his heavy footsteps running up the stairs and into his room, where I now sat on his bed. He glared at me and I frowned.

"D, what the fuck are you doing in here? I told you, my room is off limits to you!" He growled.

I looked down at my hands, twiddling my thumbs. "You promised me you would take me to the mall..." I said softly.

He sighed heavily. "D, go to the mall yourself. Go make some friends or something. I have my own fuckin life to live, I don't want to be bothered by my baby sister. It's not cool."

"But you promised!" I cried at him.

His fists tightened. "I don't care! Promises break all the fucking time!" He yelled.

My eyes widened. He... he never yells at me.

"God, I swear! I can't fucking stand you. You're so fucking clingy and it annoys me!" He continued.

I glared. "If clinginess annoys you, then why don't you yell at Michelle?!"

As soon as I said that, I regretted it. Brian's eyes darkened as he came closer to me, he grabbed my arm but not tightly. But his gaze is the only thing that struck fear into me.

"Don't you ever talk like that to me again! You hear me?" He growled. I nodded, tears threatening to spill. "Good. Now get the fuck out and stay out of my life." He let go of my arm.

I scrambled to my feet, rushing out his door as tears streaked down my face. I turned back to look at him, my hand on the doorknob.

"I'll gladly stay out of your life. You'll be alone and unhappy and I feel sorry for you. Don't ask a single thing from me. Ever!" I yelled back.

"I wouldn't ask for a fucking penny from you! Now get lost!" He yelled back, the veins in his neck showing.

I slammed his bedroom door shut and ran into my room, hiding my face in my pillow as the tears fell quicker. I felt so empty and alone.

I jumped awake, gasping for air as my eyes quickly scanned the dark room. I was in my bedroom. I could hear the faint sounds of Lisa's music through the wall that divided our bedrooms. I landed back down on my bed, shutting my eyes as I ran my hands down my face.

Another dream about my brother.

It has been almost nine or ten years, give or take, since I have last seen or spoken to my brother. I didn't even congratulate him when his band finally got recognized and signed. As of right now, all I know is that he and the guys were on tour for their album City of Evil.

I rolled over, pulling the blankets closer around me. The tears welled up in my eyes.

I would be lying if I said I didn't miss my brother; Brian. He was my rock growing up. I never liked talking about him. I would only mention to people that I have an older brother and we don't talk anymore. And that's all they would know about him besides his name.

Part of me wishes we could work things out and be a close family again. But I'm pretty sure he wants no part of that.

I mean, he's a famous rock star now. He has all the girls and booze he wants.

Why would he bother with me?