Pictures and Some Memories

The Monster

.:Lisa's POV:.

I sighed heavily as I sat down on the leather sofa, staring up at Adam who stood before me.

I was in for it. I could tell by his angry, hate filled eyes.

"Adam, babe..." I started softly.

"Don't say a word!" He yelled. "I'm going to ask the questions and you're going to answer them. Truthfully! Got it?" He asked.

"Loud and clear." I mumbled, twisting my fingers.

He sighed as he began to pace back and forth, grumbling angrily under his breath. I kept my eyes on my hands.

"When did you meet him?" Adam asked.

"I met him at Diana's family barbecue. He came home early from his band's tour." I told him, honestly.

Adam nodded. "So, he's Diana's brother?"

This time, I nodded. "Yes. Brian is Diana's older brother. Her only sibling."

"And is anything up between you two?" He asked, his eyes locked on mine.

I stared right into his eyes. "No. I would never cheat-"

"It runs in your family, Lisa!" Adam interrupted me. "Your family, more importantly your cousins, are known for being excellent liars and cheating. What makes you any different from them?"

Tears fell down my face. "They made their mistakes, Adam. But I'm not them! We may be family, but that doesn't mean we're all the same!"

"Then why don't you tell Diana that? Tell her the truth on who you really are." Adam asked, placing a foot on the coffee table as he leaned forward. His brown eyes -nowhere compared to Brian's chocolate eyes- staring into my blue ones. "What are you so afraid of? She tells you everything."

I frowned, looking down at my hands. "I can't tell her... You know why I can't tell her. Besides you, she's all I have left to a family."

He smirked. "That's why I don't believe you when you say nothing has happened between you and guy-liner boy. If you're constantly lying to your so called best friend, then why should I believe what you say about Guy-liner?" He asked.

"Because I love-"

I fell to floor roughly. Grabbing my stinging face as I looked up at Adam with fearful eyes. He glared as he walked over to me, standing over me as he pushed me onto my back with his foot.

"Don't you dare say you love me." He jabbed a finger in my face. "Not after that episode with the freak coming out of your shower." Adam said.

"I'm sorry." The tears fell faster down my cheeks. "Baby, nothing is going on between me and him! I promise you! I would never hurt you like that."

He snorted. "You're such a fucking horrible liar! Maybe you're not one of them."

My phone rang in my back pocket, playing HIM's Vampire Heart.

I mentally prayed in my head it was Diana or someone other than him.

If I had any type of luck, it would be anyone but Brian.

"Where's your phone?!" Adam growled out.

"In my back pocket." I pulled my phone out, holding it up to him with a trembling hand.

He ripped it out of my grasp, looking at the caller ID. He chuckled darkly.

"Sexy guitar God?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. "I wonder who that could be?" He answered my phone. "She's busy, Freak. Don't ever call this number."

With that said, he snapped the phone shut and stomped on it.

I sat up and leaned against the sofa, bringing my knees to my chest as I watched Adam crush my phone to tiny pieces on the floor.

I was terrified.

I couldn't move.

Scared if I did, he would beat me again.

When the monster in Adam came out, the only thing you could do is just take the punches. Let him beat it all out on you. And make sure you covered up what he did perfectly. If you missed a spot, he'll get even more pissed.

Adam grabbed my arm tightly. "Come on. We're leaving before he comes here."

"Where we going?" I asked as Adam dragged me roughly out of the apartment.

"Don't worry about it." Was the last thing he said to me, before slamming his truck door in my face.