Pictures and Some Memories

Old Flame

.:Diana's POV:.

I watched as Adam dragged Lisa out of our apartment and throwing her into his truck roughly.

"Call Brian. Now!" I ordered Matt, getting out of the car quickly.

"Babe!" Matt called, phone to his ear.

"Hey, Adam?!" I yelled, stomping my way up to his truck.

Adam glared at me. "Go on inside, Diana. This doesn't deal with you." He told me, going for the driver's side until I blocked him. "Get out of my way, Diana."

I shook my head. "Fuck no. What are you going to do? Hit me? I dare you." I taunted him. "Lay a hand on me and see how fast your ass will be on the ground."

Adam chuckled. "What's a tiny little girl like you going to do? Huh? Are you really going to stand up for a-"

"Get the fuck away from her!" Matt shoved Adam away from me, blocking me from him.

"Who the fuck are you?" Adam asked.

"Your fucking worst nightmare if you lay a hand on Diana." Matt glared.

A motorcycle's engine roared down the street and came to a screeching halt, making us all shut up and look towards the street. I grinned.

Adam was for sure in for it now. Brian attacks like a beast when you piss him off.

Brian turned the bike off and rushed over to where we stood, his fists clenched bone white as his jaw locked. Anger radiating off him.

I wish I could say I felt bad for Adam, but I don't. Bastard deserves what's coming to him.

Brian grabbed Adam's collar and slammed him up against the side of the truck, punching him straight in the jaw.

"You fucker!" Brian screamed, slamming Adam once more against the truck. "You lay a hand on her? If you did, I'll fucking kill you." Brian growled out, punching Adam repeatedly.

Matt grabbed Brian in a chokehold and pulled him off Adam, I made my way to Adam and socked him in the nose.

"That's for hurting her and throwing her in the car like trash!" I yelled.

"HE WHAT?!" Brian roared with pure anger, struggling to get out of Matt's chokehold.

Police sirens went off, making us all freeze from what we were doing. Matt let go of Brian which made Brian fall face first to the ground, but when he got up he charged at Adam. Punching him again before a cop pulled him off.

I tilted my head slightly as I took a closer look at the cop that held my brother.

He looked familiar.

My thoughts were cut off when I watched him cuff Brian.

"Whoa! Hold up!" I rushed over to Brian. "Uncuff him! He didn't do anything! Cuff him!" I jabbed a finger at Adam.

"Why?" The cop asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Because he abused my friend- Oh my God! LISA!" I screamed out, rushing to the truck and opening the door only to see her curled up into a ball. "Lisa!" I pulled her out, hugging her tightly as she cried.

"Diana!" She sobbed, hugging me as she hid her face in my neck.

I rubbed her back. "Shh. It's alright now. You're safe." I assured her.

"Miss? My name is Officer Evan Michaels," The cop with Brian said to Lisa. "Is what this woman says true? Your boyfriend abused you and this man here-" He gestured to Brian. "- was protecting you?"

Evan Michaels... Evan Michaels...

Was this the Evan I knew from way back when? He did say he wanted to become a police officer like his Dad, who was Chief of police.

Lisa nodded, sniffing as she wiped at her eyes. "Yes. Brian was only protecting me. But my boyfriend didn't lay a hand on me. Please, it's all a misunderstanding-"

"What?!" Brian shouted, eyes on Lisa.

Lisa ignored Brian. "Me and my boyfriend just got into a little fight. No biggie."

Officer Michaels shrugged, uncuffing Brian. "Marcos! Let him go. False alarm." He told the other Officer that had Adam.

I watched as Adam rubbed his wrists, giving Lisa a quick glare before composing his face. Going over and hugging her to his body, kissing her cheek. Lisa frowned as she hugged him back, hesitantly.

"This is fucking bullshit!" Brian growled. "If that bitch wants to protect that fucker and keep getting beat to death, then so be it!"

I watched as Brian stormed back to his motorcycle, roaring it to life before speeding down the street and disappearing around the corner.

I gave Lisa a quick look, seeing as she frowned at Brian. Tears welling up in her eyes but she wouldn't let them fall.

"We'll be on our way." Officer Michaels said. "Have a nice day." He turned to go back to his cruiser.

He glanced down at me before walking away, giving me a wink and a nod with a familiar smile. I knew that smile anywhere...

"Hey! Officer Michaels!" I chased him down to his car.

He turned to look at me, raising an eyebrow. "Yes?"

I crossed my arms, smiling. "You can't say hi to an old friend?" I asked as he grew more puzzled. "It's Diana!"

He tilted his head. "Diana? You mean, Diana Haner?"

I nodded. "The one and only."

He smiled widely. "Holy shit! I thought you looked familiar!" He hugged me tightly, swaying us side to side.

I giggled as I hugged him back. "It's been forever! Look at you! You're a fucking cop!"

He chuckled, nodding. "Hell yeah. God, you're gorgeous."

I blushed, smiling. "Thank you. You look amazing too."

"Come on, Diana. I'll take you to work." Matt grumbled as he wrapped an arm around my shoulders, pulling me closely against his chest.

Yeesh. Can you say jealous much?

Evan smiled. "We need to catch up. Give me your number and we'll go out to lunch or something."

I smiled, nodding. "I'd like that a lot."

After I gave Evan my number he left, getting a call about a break in. I looked around to see that Adam and Lisa were nowhere to be found. I frowned.

I didn't trust him with her anymore. It was a shame, I actually liked Adam for Lisa. He was good to her, from what I saw at least.

But now, I hated him. Hated his guts.

I wanted her with someone else now, but not my brother.

Me and Brian may be getting along great now, but I still did not want him with Lisa. He still had a shitty past with girlfriends. Lisa didn't deserve that.

"Who was that guy?" Matt asked, interrupting my thoughts.

I shrugged. "An old friend from High school."

Yeah... Friend...

Matt raised an eyebrow. "Not an ex-boyfriend?"

Boy, wouldn't you like to know. No way was I telling you.

I shook my head. "Nope. Just good friends." Smooth.

He smiled, kissing my forehead. "Alright. Then I have no worries about him."

I giggled. "Mister Sanders, were you jealous?"

He laughed, snorting. "Me? Jealous? Hell no."

I laughed, playfully pushing his head. "You liar."

"Come on, brat. You're late for work." He kissed me, before following me into the apartment.

I couldn't believe I ran into Evan again.

My Evan.

The one I almost had a baby with as a teenager...

Damn... He looked hella good.

He was no longer the boy I met as a teen. He was now a man and had more muscle to him.

I think the old flame was relit...