Pictures and Some Memories

Never Change

.:Lisa's POV:.

"Are you fuckin ready yet?" I heard Adam grumble through my bedroom door.

I slipped my shirt over my head. "Yeah! Give me one more second, please?"

He groaned. "This is your family's dinner, not mine. So I don't care if we miss it."

I rolled my eyes as I put my wedges on. Checking out my outfit for the family dinner.

Happy with my appearance and fixing my make up, I joined Adam out in the living room. Eying him in his white button up and black dress pants.

"Finally." He breathed out, grabbing his truck keys off the coffee table.

"Do I look nice?" I asked, looking at my outfit.

Adam rolled his eyes. "You look gorgeous. Now come on." He grabbed my arm, leading me out the door. "I don't want to be around your cousins long. So let's get this night over with."

I climbed into his truck. "What do you have against them?"

He didn't answer, he just shut my door and went around to his side. He got in and started the truck, driving to my Aunt and Uncle's house.

"Hello?" I called for his attention.

"What?!" He snapped, making me jump.

I looked down at my hands, speaking softer. "I asked, what do you have against my cousins? What have they done to you?"

He sighed. "Lisa, babe. Do I really need to explain to you why I don't like them? You know why I don't like them. They're lying, cheating whores."

I nodded my head, looking out the window. Adam laced my hand with his, giving it a gentle squeeze. I looked over at him, raising an eyebrow. He smiled and kissed my hand.

"I love you." He murmured against my hand, kissing it again.

I smiled, running my fingers through his soft brown hair. "I love you too."

We soon pulled to a park outside of my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Nick's house. Walking into the house with Adam, our hands laced together as we saw my Aunt Debbie cooking over the stove and my Uncle watching a football game on the television.

"Hey!" Uncle Nick smiled, noticing us. "Come here, kids."

I smiled as I went over to hug and kiss my Uncle's cheek. "Hi, Uncle Nick. Where's the twins?"

He chuckled. "Up in you three's old room. Michelle has a date coming tonight."

I raised a brow. "A date? Who?"

Uncle Nick shrugged. "Who knows?"

I looked at Adam, who was occupied by the game. "You'll be okay down here?"

He nodded, eyes on the television. "Sure..."

I giggled as I kissed his cheek, running up the stairs and heading into my old room.

So many memories flashing by, some good and some not so much.

"I CAN'T FIND ANYTHING TO WEAR!!" Michelle yelled out, throwing a shirt over her shoulder.

I giggled as it landed on my head. "Jeez. Thanks, Chelle."

"Lisa!" Val and Michelle screamed out, hugging me tightly.

I laughed, hugging them. "I missed you guys!"

"We missed you too!" Val kissed my cheek, her smile wide.

"So who's the lucky guy I'm hearing about downstairs?" I asked Michelle, sitting on my old bed.

Michelle smiled, a blush on her cheeks. "Only the most amazing man ever!"

I giggled. "You really like him, don't you?"

Michelle raised an eyebrow. "Like him? I love him!"

I smiled, glancing around. "Ooh! How about this?" I held up my old black strapless dress that was mid-thigh. "I'm sure your date would love to see you in this."

Michelle grabbed it out of my hands. "This is perfect! Thank you!!" She kissed my cheek, running into the bathroom.

I smiled. "She seems excited."

Val giggled. "Well, yeah. She's in love with him. You've met him before when we were all in high school. Well, you were in middle school, I believe."

I nodded. "Who?"

Before Val could answer, my Aunt Debbie called my name.

I excused myself and headed down the stairs to help my Aunt with tonight's dinner, giggling over news we had to share with each other since it has been a while since we have chatted. She was surprised to see Adam and I still together after all these years, yet we were not engaged. She was really hoping that we would be soon, saying we were perfect for each other.

Yeah... Perfect...

Not the word I would use to describe our relationship.

"Mom, how do I look?"

Aunt Debbie and I turned at the sound of Michelle's voice and the clicking of her heels on the tiled floor. I smiled.

"You look fuckin gorgeous!" I grinned.

Aunt Debbie smiled. "You look beautiful. This boy is going to think you're an angel."

Michelle smiled, tucking her hair behind her ear. "Mom, you know-"

The doorbell ringing interrupted Michelle. Her eyes grew wide as they brightened with excitement.

"He's here!" She squealed, running to the door.

Adam chuckled as he came to my side, wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me against him. "Something tells me she's excited."

I giggled as I playfully slapped his stomach, earning a loving kiss from him.

"Hey, none of that in this kitchen." Uncle Nick laughed, joining us. "That's my daughter right there, Adam."

I smiled at my Uncle Nick, warming to his words. I loved when he called me his daughter. Made me feel wanted and loved.

"Oh, you get used to it. Should see them when you're not around." Val giggled, skipping to my side.

I gently slapped her hip. "Bitch." I giggled.

"Mom? Dad? I'd like you to meet my boyfriend." Michelle walked in with a huge smile on her face, leading someone into the kitchen where we all stood.

My eyes widened when he walked into the kitchen.

My eyes racking his entire body, leaving no area unseen.

He wore a black button up shirt and left a couple buttons at the top undone with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, fitting his body perfectly. Showing off his amazing muscles. Wearing black jeans that fit him in all the right places. His black hair straightened, sporting a bandana and fedora upon his head. His chocolate eyes glowing with eyeliner drawn carefully around them. That heart-stopping smirk on those thin lips of his.

My heart gave itself a squeeze when his eyes landed on mine, widening slightly.

"Everyone," Michelle smiled up at Brian, her hands wrapped lovingly around his bicep. "This is my boyfriend, Brian." She leaned up to kiss his cheek.

He gave her a quick smile but looked back at me, his eyes darkening slightly then turning black when he saw Adam close beside me.

Adam's arm around my waist tightened, his fingers digging into my hip. I flinched in pain, pulling his fingers out of my hip. Brian's eyes got even darker, his hands balling up into fists.

"Hello, Brian." My Uncle Nick stepped forward, shaking Brian's hand. "I'm Nick; Michelle and Valary's father. This is my wife, Debbie." He introduced my Aunt.

Aunt Debbie smiled, hugging Brian. "Nice meeting you, Brian."

"And you already know Val." Uncle Nick gestured to Val. Brian nodded. "This is my niece, Lisa. And her boyfriend, Adam." Uncle Nick introduced us.

Brian glared at Adam before looking at me. "You're a DiBenedetto?!"

The room went silent. I stared down at the floor, nodding.

"Yes." I said just above a whisper.

"Does Diana know?" He asked. I shook my head. "She's going to be-"

"You can't say anything!" I looked up at him, my eyes wide.

He smirked. "She's my sister. She deserves to know."

With that said, he turned on his heel and walked back out the front door with the phone up to his ear.

"Brian!" I yelled his name, chasing after him.

"- Did you know Lisa is a DiBenedetto? She's been lying to you about who she is." Brian told Diana, winking when he saw me standing behind him.

My heart dropped.

I never wanted Diana to find out. I knew she despised my cousins, Valary and Michelle. She hated every member of the DiBenedetto family. Whether she knew them or not.

Brian held his phone out to me, smirking. "She wants to talk to you."

I grabbed his phone with a shaky hand, taking a deep breath as I put it to my ear. "Hello?" I whispered.

"YOU'RE A FUCKING DIBENEDETTO?!" She screamed. "I can't believe you lied to me! All these fucking years! No wonder you're with fucking Adam still! He treats you like absolute shit but you still stay with him because you're just as desperate as your slutty fucking cousins." That hurt a lot. "Get your shit out of my apartment, fucking lying whore. I don't care where the fuck you go, just get out and stay out of my life! You fucking DiBenedetto's never change." The line was cut off.

Tears fell down my face as I held the phone to my ear.

My best friend. The one I had called my sister. Just... Abandoned me.

Just dropped me... Like nothing.