Pictures and Some Memories

The Pulse

.:Diana's POV:.

"You going to call her?" Matt asked, entering the kitchen.

I toyed with my phone at the kitchen table, nibbling my bottom lip. "I don't know... What if she doesn't answer? What if he answers?"

Matt lifted my chin so I was now looking up at him. "Babe, if he answers just demand for Lisa. If he refuses, we'll go to his place. Just call her and find out."

I took a deep breath, nodding as I searched through my contacts. Scrolling down to Gummy Worm. I pressed the green phone symbol and it began to ring. I bit my nails as I waited for Lisa to answer her phone.

"Hello?" She finally answered, breathlessly.

If she was doing what I think she was...

"Hey..." I greeted, timidly.

"Diana?" She asked, shocked.

I giggled weakly. "Yeah, it's me... Uhm, am I interrupting anything?"

"What? Oh! No, I was working out." She cleared her throat. "Is there something you need? Did I forget something?"

I took another deep breath. "No.. No. I just," I looked up at Matt, he nodded his head for me to go on. I sighed. "Lisa, I'm so sorry for what I said the other day. I was just angry and I don't want our friendship to go to waste. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me? Please? You're the only DiBenedetto I like. You're my best friend. I need my partner in crime. My Gummy Worm."

It was quiet on the other end. My heart raced as the seconds ticked by. I checked my phone to see if she had hung up or something.

Nope, we were still connected.

"Lisa?" I called her name softly.

"I'm still here." She whispered.

"Why are you whispering?" I asked.

"Adam's cat just walked into the room... He's staring at me." She whispered.

I giggled. "It's just a cat. Focus, woman!"

She giggled. "No, I don't want to be friends with you."

I frowned. "Oh... Okay, then."

"I WANT TO BE BEST FRIENDS WITH YOU!!" Lisa yelled out happily, making me drop my phone in fright.

"Ah, shit!" I scrambled to get my phone, I laughed. "Keep it down some. Nearly gave me a heart attack."

"Nearly gave me a heart attack." She laughed, playfully mocking me. "Get used to it!"

I giggled, rolling my eyes."Ah! I'm so happy we're friends again! We should go out and party tonight!"

"I'm so down! I need to get out of this house. Adam is away on business and it's just been me and the cat." Lisa cried out.

"Where'd he go?" I asked, curiously.

He was her fiance -but she didn't know I knew that yet, I'll let her tell me on her own- so shouldn't he be with her? They just recently got engaged after all.

"He went to New York to interview some football player. I have no idea. So he's going to be gone for a few weeks." Lisa explained. "Oh! I have news to tell you!"

Little did she know, I already knew. But I'll play along for her sake.

"Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!" I chanted, hoping I sounded eager.

"I'll tell you tonight." She sang out happily. "What club are we going to tonight?"

"Hm... Let's go to... The Pulse!" I smiled.

"Ah! I haven't been there in forever since the - You know what? Nevermind." She laughed.

I knew what she was remembering but I won't tell you guys. I'm not that mean.

"Well, put on your sexiest outfit and we'll hit the club tonight!" I shouted.

"Pfft. Every outfit I own is sexy." She said.

"Whatever." I laughed. "Just get ready."

"Aye, aye. Goodbye for now, babycakes!" She hung up.

I closed my phone quietly and set it gently back down on the table, keeping my hands and eyes on the table. Not daring to look up at Matt.

"Diana?" Matt called my name. "Babe, you okay?"

I slowly looked up at him, tilting my head slightly.

A look of worry crossed his face. "Diana...?"

I threw myself into his arms, sending us flying to the floor as I hugged him tightly. Kissing all over his face, saving his lips for last.

"I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you!" I chanted as I kissed him repeatedly.

He laughed, kissing back. "Take it as things went well?"

I smiled widely, nodding excitedly. "I got my best friend back!"

He chuckled. "See? I told you she would forgive you."

I smiled. "We're going to The Pulse tonight too."

He raised an eyebrow. "By yourselves? I don't feel comfortable with that."

I rolled my eyes. "You're coming with, silly. And so is Brian. We're telling him tonight."

Matt smiled. "Now my blood is pumping."

"Nervous?" I asked.

He shook his head. "Just the adrenaline rush."

I giggled, getting off him. "I need to get a shower so I can look good tonight."

I skipped towards the bathroom, hearing heavy feet thudding behind me. I glanced over my shoulder to see Matt running after me, a lust filled glint in his hazel eyes. I squealed as I ran ahead of him, but I wasn't fast enough for he scooped me up over his shoulder and headed for the bathroom.

***The Pulse***

Music pulsed throughout my body as I squirmed in and out between people, being led by Matt through the crowds to the bar where Lisa had said she was. Brian was on his way, he had to pick Pinkly up from the vet first.

"Over here, you bimbos!" We heard Lisa laugh out.

Looking up to see her standing on the counter, waving like a maniac with a corona in her other hand. I didn't blame the guys for keeping their eyes on her. She really did find her sexiest outfit tonight.

"Jesus, woman! Get down from there!" I laughed, helping her down. "Not only will you break your neck because of your heels and horrible balance, but I can totally see up your shirt."

She shrugged. "Had to get your attention somehow."

Matt chuckled. "Along with every guy in the entire club too?"

Lisa rolled her eyes. "They're just extra." She smiled widely at me. "I have some news to tell you!" She sang out, hugging me.

I laughed. "What's that news?" I sang back.

Lisa pulled away from me. "I'm engaged!" She screamed out, happily.

She held out her left hand, showing off a beautiful diamond ring on her finger. I had to give it to Adam, he knew how to pick out nice jewlery. And Lisa did seem really happy.

I hugged her tightly. "Congratulations! I'm so happy for you both!"

She smiled. "I can't believe I'm getting married! Fucking married!"

"About time too. You two were together for four years!" I smiled.

Lisa was going to say something until Buckcherry's Crazy Bitch played throughout the club. Her smile growing wider.

"I love this song!" She yelled out, running and dragging me onto the dance floor.

I laughed as I dragged Matt along with us. He was never one for dancing, but damn it, he was gonna dance.

Lisa was dancing crazily, her blonde hair flipping this way and that. I laughed when she lifted her hands over her head and clocked Brian in the chin, since he came up behind her.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry." She apologized, until she saw it was Brian. "What are you doing here and sneaking up behind me?"

"Ow. Fuck." Brian groaned, rubbing his chin. "Sorry, damn. I won't walk behind you." He rolled his eyes, making Lisa scowl.

"I invited him, Lis." I told her, truthfully. "I wanted us all to get along." I pouted.

She sighed. "Fine. I'll deal with him only if you're around."

"So, where's your fiance? Does he know his girl is out at the club looking sexy and catching every guy in the room's eyes?" Brian smirked down at Lisa, bringing his beer up to his lips.

Oh great. Why can't he ever just shut up?!

Lisa glared. "For your information, Haner. Adam is away in New York for work. And I'm not catching any guys eyes."

Brian's smirk grew into a smile. "You caught my attention, though."

"Brian!" I scolded. "That is-"

I stopped short when my eyes caught sight of something in the distance, hanging out by the bar. His lips all over the girl's lips and then her neck. She giggled as he smiled down at her, his hand tracing the length of her thigh.

This was not good.

My blood boiled as I watched them, watched him.

How could he do that? How could he lie?

"You okay, Diana?" Lisa asked, tilting her head slightly.

I shook my head. "Fuck no!" I glared. "Turn around, Lis. There's something you need to see."

Lisa gave me a puzzled look before turning around to see what got me into this angry mood. Brian and Matt both looked around, but quickly saw what I was seeing before Lisa.

"That fucker!" Brian growled.

"He's a dead man." Matt glared.

"What are you guys..." Lisa's voice thinned out, her voice cracking at the end.

She finally saw what we were watching.

Adam making out with some girl by the bar, his hand up her skirt. Her hands tangled in his hair.

"I'm gonna kill him!" Lisa yelled out, stomping towards them.

We all followed after her, I was closest behind her with Brian following close at my heels.

There was no way she was going up to him alone. That would be bad news.

"Adam!" Lisa growled, making Adam jump away from his bitch.

"Lisa, baby. Hey," Adam grinned, chuckling nervously. "Guess what? I came home early and came here to surprise-"

"Shut up, Adam! Save the lies!" Lisa yelled out. "You're a fucking liar. Were you fucking this dirty tramp the past few days?" She pointed at the girl. "Whatever. I don't even fucking care. Have your fucking ring back." Lisa ripped the ring off her finger and shoved it into his hand.

Before she could take a step away from him, Adam had grabbed her arm.

"You dumb fucking whore. You don't break up with me." He yelled.

And his next move was the worst move he would ever make.

Adam had thrown Lisa roughly to the ground, and that's when Brian and I lunged for him while Matt helped Lisa up and onto her feet. Brian and I threatened Adam as we punched him repeatedly. Not giving him the time or day to compose himself.

It wasn't until a few more minutes when someone yanked me off of Adam, he looked horrible. Blood now covered his face along with the many bruises, his eyes and nose were swelling. But that's what happens to you when you fuck with someone a Haner cares for.

I glanced over at Brian to see him in a chokehold from Matt, I looked up to see who had gotten me. My heart racing at the sight of him.


Evan smiled down at me. "We need to stop meeting like this." He laughed.

I nodded. "Are you going to arrest me and Brian?" I frowned.

Unlike Brian, I have never been arrested. So I was pretty terrified right about now. Luck was on my side when Evan shook his head no.

"No, you two are in the clear." He said. "I'm here for the guy you two teamed up on. I got a call about a guy throwing his girlfriend-"

"Ex girlfriend!" Brian corrected Evan.

Evan shook his head. "And since I know this was in defense of... Lisa? I'm letting you two slide on this one."

I hugged Evan. "Thank you, Evie. I owe you so much." I kissed his cheek, ignoring the hateful glare from Matt.

He smiled. "Just doing my job. Now," He cuffed Adam. "I need to take this low-life into custody. See you around, Diana." Evan winked, leaving.

I smiled after him, a soft sigh leaving my lips.

I glanced around the room, avoiding Matt's eyes, as I searched for Lisa. She had to be in hysterics right now.

"Did you guys see where Lisa ran off too?" I asked Brian and Matt, both shaking their heads.

"No. I'm going to check the parking lot." brian said, pushing through the crowd.

I nodded and decided best not to talk to Matt, searching the girls bathroom before looking for her outside.

I found her under a street lamp, wrapped up in some guy's arms as she cried in his chest. I walked up to them, warily. I wasn't too sure if it was Lisa, to be honest.

"Lisa?" I asked softly.

Lisa looked up at me with tear filled eyes. "Diana..." She sobbed.

I frowned, kneeling in front of them as I rubbed her back. I took a look at the guy she was with. He had green eyes with two tiny tattoos by his eyes, one being a cross and the other a star. His black hair wild, sticking out in odd directions. Tattoos covered his hands. The words Love and Hate on his fingers.

"Who are you?" I asked the guy when his green eyes met my brown ones.

He held out one of his hands. "I'm Jacoby."

I nodded, shaking his hand. "Diana. How do you know Lisa?"

I don't recall her knowing anyone named Jacoby.

Lisa sniffed. "I bumped into him-"

"Literally." Jacoby chuckled softly, his arms tightening around her.

Lisa giggled weakly, wiping at her nose. "He comforted me. A total stranger, someone who had no idea who I was, left his friends to comfort me."

Jacoby rubbed her back. "I wasn't going to let a girl that had no one cry by herself."

Lisa smiled up at him as he smiled back down at her, using his thumb to wipe her tears away. I smiled widely. I don't know who this Jacoby guy is, but he was good to her and looks like he really likes her. I approve.

Someone placing their hand on my shoulder made me yelp in surprise, only to see Matt standing over me.

"Sorry." He murmured. I nodded, slowing my heart rate. "Can we talk privately?" He asked.

I got up to my feet, glancing down at Lisa. "Are you going to be okay?"

She nodded. "Yeah, I should be fine."

"She'll be okay. You have my word." Jacoby said.

I frowned. "Please don't hurt her. She's been through enough for one night." I warned him before following Matt.

Matt leaned against the brick wall, crossing his arms over his chest as he kept his hazel eyes on me. Searching for something in my eyes. An aggravated sigh escaped his lips when he pushed off the wall, pacing back and forth in front of me.

"What's wrong, babe?" I asked, not liking his sudden mood change.

"What is with you and that Evan guy? Tell me the truth." He asked, his eyes confused and worried.

"Nothing is up between me and Evan, Matt. How could you ask such a thing? You know I love you, I've spent all my time with you."

"Can you blame me when I see my girlfriend drooling after some cop that she used to be friends with? Seeing her hug and kiss his cheek? Watching him as he leaves the room?" He glared.

I glared back. "I can't thank a friend now?" I shook my head. "I'm not drooling after him, Matt! Evan is nothing but a friend to me! All he'll ever be! You know I love you and only you! I would never cheat on you. I couldn't even dream of doing that to you." Tears fell down my face. "Why don't you trust me?" I whispered, looking down at my feet.

Matt pulled me into his arms, hugging me tightly. "Baby, I'm sorry. I just got jealous. I do trust you, I trust you with my life. I'm so sorry, babe. I love you. I love you so much, baby." He pressed his lips to mine.

I immediately kissed him back. Once his lips touched mine, I could no longer stay mad at him. No one but him could ever make me feel this way. So loved and adored. He was really the man for me.
I wrapped my arms around his neck, making him push me gently against the building as he deepened the kiss. Our tongues meeting once more.

"I love you so much, babe..." Matt said against my lips.

"How sweet." Brian's voice rang in my ears, the sound of slow clapping filled the air.

Matt jumped away from me as we both stared at a pissed off Brian. His eyes black with rage, his jaw locked as he made his way closer to Matt.

"Brian!! No!" I yelled out.

But it was too late.