Pictures and Some Memories

Square One

.:Diana's POV:.

"Brian! Get off him! Please!" I begged as I tried for the millionth time to pry Brian off Matt.

Brian had punched Matt square in the the jaw, busting open Matt's lip. Matt had come back at Brian with a right hook to the nose. From there, the fight got worse and much more worse.

Blood from those two was everywhere, I had a few blotches on my shirt and jeans. When someone went to pull either of them apart, they would get knocked out by Brian or Matt.

Mainly Brian, he had less self-control.

"Brian! Stop!" I yelled, slapping at his back when pulling him away did no good. "Stop before the-"

Before I could even finish, police sirens went off as the cruiser slowly pulled into the parking lot. The crowd of people surrounding us three quickly disappeared in five seconds flat.

"Oh, great. Now look at what you two did." I shook my head, slapping my hand against my forehead.

"I'm back." Evan sang out, a weak smile on his lips. "I'm so sorry, Diana." He apologized, cuffing Brian.

"What? No!" I shook my head. "Don't arrest him! Don't arrest anyone!" I begged, grabbing at his arm.

"Arrest that fucker." Some guy pushed his way towards us.

I looked at his name tag, his name was Rick Miller. He was also the manager.

"He started this fight." Rick continued. "He has been causing trouble all night. I have it all on video."

I glared. "Then show the video. I doubt you have anything on my brother!"

Rick chuckled. "Oh, but I do."

And sure enough, he did.

Apparently besides the fight with Adam and Matt, before he had even greeted us, he had gotten into some heated arguments. Few of them dealing with girls flirting with him, and their boyfriends thinking it was Brian doing the flirting.

"See?" Rick crossed his arms. "I told ya."

Evan sighed. "He's right, Diana. I have to take Brian in."

I ran my hands down my face, letting out a shaky breath. "Can I visit him tonight?"

Evan nodded. "Yeah. Just text or call me when you're on your way and I'll have him all set up."

I nodded. "Take good care of him for me. Please?"

"I promise." With that said, Evan left.

I didn't dare watch him put my brother in the back seat of his car, driving him off to jail. It pained me every single time I watched Brian get thrown into that backseat. Whether it be fighting or public intoxication, he always ended up arrested and Mom or Dad would bail him out.

I made my way through the crowds, trying to leave the club to catch a taxi. That is until someone grabbed my arm, yanking me back.

"Diana! What's going on? What happened?" Lisa asked, Jacoby standing close beside her.

Tears fell. "Brian got arrested. I'm going to flag down a taxi."

Lisa frowned. "No... Not Brian..." She shook her head, shoving something into my hand. "Go get him out! Now!" She ordered, nearly yelled.

I looked down at what she placed in my hand; her car keys.

"Lisa, I can't take your car. How will you get back to our place?" I asked her, hoping she caught on to what I was hinting at.

Lisa smiled. "You want me back?"

I smiled, nodding. "Of course. Now, take your keys back." I held out her keys for her to take.

Jacoby pushed my hand back. "I'll take Lisa to yours. You go on ahead and see Brian."

I sighed, seeing as I'm not winning this. "Thanks, guys. I'll see you when I get home, Lis."

With that, I headed out of the club and searching for Lisa's jeep.

I sped down the roads to the Police station, going way over the limit but I could care less at the moment. I needed to get to Brian.

Funny, not too long ago I hated him and would never do a thing for him and here I was, on my way to save his ass. Again.

Finally arriving at the police station and parking in the visitors parking, I ran into the station and up to the front desk. Spooking the officer behind it.

"Brian Haner! I need to see Brian Haner!" I yelled out, breathlessly.

The Officer gave me an odd look, but shrugged it off as he searched through a book in front of him.

"Oh, you're here for the new guy." He nodded.

I nodded my head. "Can I see him? Evan said I could."

"I got it, Adrian." Evan's voice echoed the room, smiling as he walked towards us.

I smiled, running and throwing my arms around his waist. Hugging him tightly.

Evan hugged back. "Come on, I have him waiting for you."

I nodded, following Evan down some corridors until we came into a room that was divided in half by fake glass and desks. A phone sat on the desk that was connected to the other side's phone, so you were able to communicate with whoever you were visiting.

I spotted Brian already sitting at one of the tables, his head in his cuffed hands. I frowned as I took took the seat in front of him, not liking the fake glass between us.

Brian's eyes met mine then, the dull brown saddened me.

"Hey, D..." He greeted once we picked up the phones.

"Brian," I shook my head. "What is your problem? Why the fuck did you attack Matt?!"

Brian glared. "Because he was all over you! What did you fucking think?!" He yelled. "I'm not going to stand there while one of my best friend's take advantage of you!"

"He wasn't taking advantage of me!" I screamed. "He's my boyfriend!"

Brian shook his head, his hand tightening around the phone. "You know my rule, D. No-"

"No dating friends." I mocked him, glaring. "And that same rule goes for my friends too, Brian. That means, no hooking up with Lisa."

Brian eyes darkened. "That's not fair! You just made that a rule! I've had that rule since you were young and had that little crush on Jimmy!"

I shrugged. "Time's have changed."

"You're such a bitch!" He yelled angrily. "This isn't about me and Lisa, this is about you and Matt. You will break up with him, Diana."

I shook my head. "Make me." I sighed. "Why can't you see that he makes me happy, Brian? Don't you want me happy?"

"Of course I do. Just with someone else." He said.

My hand tightened around my phone. "You know what, Brian? You're an asshole! You can do whatever you want and ignore what anyone says or thinks. But when I do the same, you make sure I listen to you." I yelled at him, standing up. "Fuck you! Rot in here for all I care!" I slammed the phone down, stomping out of the room.

And now we're back to square one.

I hated him again.

But also felt sorry that he was in there- NO!

Do not feel sorry for him. Fuck that, hypocrite.

I sighed heavily as I sat in Lisa's jeep, laying my head against the steering wheel.

Why was it so hard to hate him?