Pictures and Some Memories

Miss Me?

.:Lisa's POV:.

"Are you ready yet?!" Diana called from the other side of my bedroom door, banging on it.

"No! I can't decide if I want to wear the purple and skull bikini or the zebra print! Or maybe the leopard print?" I said, teasing her.

"Seriously? Wear the zebra print!" She yelled.

I laughed as I was already in the purple and skull bikini, just sitting on my bed as I played around on my phone. I loved to test Diana's patience. I was actually surprised she hasn't taken the door down yet. She always does around this point.

"Lisa! Come on!" She laughed. "You're driving me insane!"

I giggled while putting on my jean shorts and black tank top with matching flip flops, grabbing my purse and sunglasses to meet an annoyed Diana. My smile growing.

"Okay. I'm ready." I grinned.

Diana rolled her eyes, smiling. "You were sitting on your bed, waiting for me to take the door down again. Weren't you?"

I scoffed, faking hurt. "Never!"

Diana laughed, grabbing her car keys. "I know your crazy ass was. Come on. My Dad's waiting for us." She said, leading out of our apartment.

We soon arrived to Diana's parents house, seeing cars parked everywhere and her family crowding the backyard from what I could get a glimpse of. I could only picture what inside was like.

I don't have a problem with crowds, I actually loved a crowded house. It meant so much to me. Showing how close of a family they all were. And family was super important to me.

For my own reasons I'd not like to mention...

"Come on!" Diana giggled, jumping out of the car. "My family awaits!"

"Onwards, horsey!" I yelled, jumping onto her back.

Diana laughed and ran with me on her back, jumping the stairs and knocking on the door. Why she knocked was beyond me. It was her parents house and they were having a party. Wouldn't you just walk in?

But that was Diana. She did things you would never expect. Mainly why we were best friends.

The door swung open to reveal a man that had Diana's brown eyes, to my guess would be her Dad.

"Daddy!" Diana squealed, throwing herself into his arms.

Yep, I was right.

He chuckled, hugging her. "Hi, sweetie. So glad you could make it. I missed you." He kissed her cheek.

She smiled. "I missed you too, Daddy. So much!"

He smiled, looking over at me as he held out his hand. "Hello, there. I'm Brian Haner Senior. But you can call me Papa Gates, or Papa G."

I smiled, shaking his hand. "Hello, Papa G. I'm Lisa."

He smiled. "Lisa. No last name?"

I smiled weakly. Diana's eyes flashed to me, raising her eyebrows. Waiting for my answer, no doubt. Even she didn't know my last name. I prefer it to stay that way for as long as I could.

Papa Gates laughed. "Don't be so nervous. Lighten up. You don't need to give me your last name, it's not like I'm going to background check you or anything."

Diana laughed. "You may want to rethink that, Dad. She's like Jimmy, sometimes worse."

Papa Gates gave me a look, but smiled. "You know, you look like someone I know."

I froze. "Uh, yeah. I hear that a lot oddly enough."

He chuckled, stepping to the side. "Alright, then. Well, come on inside. The party's in here and the backyard. The pool is open and waiting for you girls. Beers are in the coolers out on the deck."

Diana stepped in. "Come on, Lis. Race you to the beers!"

I grinned. "You're on!"

We raced through the house to the backyard, sadly she won. But she had the upper hand, she knows this house. She grew up in it. I didn't.

"Ha, Ha. I beat you." She giggled, sipping at her beer.

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever. You cheated. You know the house better than me." I took a gulp from my beer, sitting beside her on the lawn chair.

She laughed, playfully nudging me. "Oh, stop."

"Hello, ladies." A man greeted, joining us on our lawn chair.

He sat right up against me, our legs pressed firmly against one anothers. I smiled the best I could.

"What do you want, Chris?" Diana asked, clearly annoyed. "Shouldn't you still be in jail?"

Oh, so this was the guy Diana was telling me about last night? I checked him out. He was okay looking, he had pretty blue eyes. But you can tell he had some major baggage. Meaning, trouble along with him.

He grinned. "Got out on good behavior, baby cousin." He looked down at me, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. "What's your name, sweetheart?"

"None of your business." Diana glared, pulling me out from under Chris's arm.

"Awe, don't be like that. Come on, D. I just want to be friends." He smiled.

Diana's grip on my arm tightened. "Don't. Call. Me. D!" She growled.

Chris smiled. "Why not? Cause of a certain someone?"

Diana glared, storming off into the house. I sat back shocked at Diana's reaction.

Why did she flip when Chris called her D?

Chris's chuckle rang in my ears, I turned my attention back onto him as he lounged beside me. A smiled on his lips as his eyes locked with mine, his fingers tracing an invisible pattern on my bare shoulder.

I raised an eyebrow. "Why the hell are you laughing? You started that."

He shrugged. "Because, sweetheart. She won't let go of the past."

I faced him, crossing my legs. "The past?"

He nodded, smiling. "Do you know of Brian? Her brother?"

I nodded this time. "Yeah, but barely. Just that he's her brother and they don't talk anymore for whatever reason she won't tell me. I don't even know what he looks like." I giggled.

He laughed. "Follow me."

He got up and walked inside the house, I followed after him as he led us into the living room. Surprisingly no one was in there. Chris took a picture off the fireplace ledge, and handed it to me. I glanced down at the picture in my hands; seeing Diana with Papa Gates and some woman. Along with some guy with long black hair and chocolate brown eyes, a smirk playing on his thin lips.

He was really super cute. Scratch that, he was gorgeous. But something tugged at my brain about him. What that could be, I had no idea.

"That's Brian. The one with the long black hair." Chris informed me.

I nodded, tearing my eyes away from Brian to look at Chris. "Okay. So what happened between Diana and Brian?"

Chris brought me closer against him, his hand resting on my hip. "Well you see, Brian and Diana-"

"Get your hands off her, Chris!" Diana yelled, entering the room.

"A party for me?! You shouldn't have!" A voice yelled out, clearly heard over the music.

"BRIAN!" The crowd cheered out, happily.

I didn't turn to see Brian, instead I watched as Diana's eyes grew wide as she looked behind me and Chris. I could hear Chris's chuckle beside me. I tried to make sense of Diana's emotions that were clear in her eyes.

Fear. Nervous. Anger. Pain. And... Love?

Someone from behind me cleared their throat, while a few others chuckled lowly. I looked behind me to see five heavily tattooed men standing in the living room with us three, one standing out the most. His chocolate eyes eying me up and down, a smirk appearing on his thin lips. My heart raced at the sight of him, making me nibble my bottom lip. His smirk turned into a smile as he walked over to us, Chris immediately stepping away from me as Brian glared at him and his hand on my waist.

Brian smiled at me as he gave me a wink before he looked over at Diana.

"Hey, D. Miss me?"