Pictures and Some Memories

Just Like Old Times

.:Brian's POV:.

You're such a dick, Brian. Why did you have to say shit back to her and piss her off more?

Oh, maybe because you don't like when you're being yelled at?

Shut up, Brian. You deserved to be yelled at.

No I don't! I wasn't doing anything!

Yes you were. Diana asked one simple favor and that was to stay away from Lisa. No matter what.

You're starting to sound like Diana. Get off my back.

My thoughts battled with themselves as I grabbed a beer out of the cooler, smiling and nodding towards those who welcomed me home.

"Brian! My God, look at you!" My Aunt Shirley yelled out, smiling widely.

Ah crap.

Aunt Shirley was the one I tried my best to hide from ever since I came home.

Aunt Shirley was my Dad's friend from his childhood. Not really our Aunt.

My eyes widened in horror as she scurried over towards me, arms held open wide.

She was dressed in a tight cheetah print dress that came to about mid-thigh, and cut into a low v-neck to show off her cleavage that was clearly fake. Her stilettos were obviously killing her feet and making it impossible for her to walk, let alone run towards me. She had a fake almost orange tan with bleach blonde hair, and a face caked in make up.

Aunt Shirley pulled me in for a tight hug, her strong perfume that she must have bathed in before she arrived choking me. She kissed both of my cheeks, surely leaving two bright red lips on both my cheeks. Again.

Going to take hours to get that off - like last time.

"My, just look at you!" Aunt Shirley smiled, taking a step back to check me out. I mentally thanked God for the fresh air that I immediately inhaled after she stepped away from me. "You're a hunk, Brian! A sexy beast! I bet you have all the girls swooning after you." She laughed.

I smirked, nodding as I pictured the fan girls from our shows. "Yeah, you could say so."

"I know so. Just look at these arms." She grabbed my right arm, admiring it as she felt up my bicep. "So big and muscular. And your face is to die for! Especially those chocolate eyes you have." She pinched my cheek, smiling. "You're a heart killer, Brian my boy."

"Uh, yeah." I pulled my face out of her fingers, spotting Zacky in the house. "Aunt Shirley, excuse me for a second. I need to talk to my friend Zacky."

She held her hands up, smiling. "Of course. We'll talk later. Aunt Shirley here needs a new drink." She giggled, holding up her empty red cup.

I chuckled as I quickly made my way back into the house.

And that is why my cousins, Diana and I dodge my Aunt Shirley. Her heart is in the right place, but she goes a little overboard on the whole compliments thing. Especially when she drinks, making it even more uncomfortable.

"Yo, Vengeance!" I yelled, gently pushing my way through the crowd.

Zacky's head snapped up, a beer already at his mouth.

"Yeah, Syn? What's up?" He asked once I stood before him.

"Have you seen Lisa? I need to ask her something important." I asked him, my eyes scanning the room for her.

Zacky grinned, punching my arm playfully. "Gonna ask her out already?"

My eyes met his green ones. "Huh? What? No. I'm not going to ask her out, I just met her today. Besides, she has a boyfriend. I just have to ask her about some things about D." I informed him.

He nodded, taking another gulp from his beer. "Ah, alright then. Yeah, Chris took Lisa upstairs." He shrugged.

My fists tightened as my blood began to boil in my veins. I wanted so badly to punch something right now, and I knew exactly who was first on my list.

"Who took Lisa upstairs?" I asked through clenched teeth, making sure I heard him right.

"Uhm, your cousin Chris." Zacky raised an eyebrow at my sudden change in mood. "Something wrong?" He asked.

"Brian? What's going on? Where's Lisa?" Diana asked as she walked into the house, Matt right behind her.

I didn't bother answering them as I pushed by, taking the stairs three at a time. My gut telling me Lisa was in danger. Even though I didn't need my gut to tell me that. I didn't even pay notice that Diana was talking to me again I was so angry.

I went to the door at the end of the hall, hearing Lisa's pleas on the other side of it. My blood beyond boiling at this point, I kicked the door off it's hinges. My jaw snapping shut at the sight before me. I could sense a crowd behind me but I paid no mind to them.

My eyes on Chris and Lisa.

Lisa had tears falling down her face as Chris had her pinned down on the bed.

"GET THE FUCK OFF HER!!" Diana pushed by me.

I grabbed her wrist and pulled her body behind me as I grabbed Chris's shoulder, ripping him off of Lisa. I shoved him to the floor as I repeatedly punched him in the face, making sure to put all my strength into each and every punch. I could feel the skin on my knuckles ripping as I punched him over and over.

Diana pulled Lisa out of the room as the guys tried to pry me off Chris, but I wasn't done with him. I was far from done with him.

"Brian, back off." Dad's voice yelled.

I gave Chris one more punch, smirking at his torn up and bleeding face. Ignoring the searing pain in my hands and mainly my knuckles, I looked at my Dad's angry expression.

"The fuck is going on up here?!" He yelled.

I opened my mouth to explain but Diana beat me to it. "Chris was about to take advantage of Lisa. If it weren't for Brian, she... She would have been..." Diana didn't even get to finish as the tears fell. "I'm a horrible friend. I was supposed to keep her company, keep an eye on her since he was here..."

I hugged Diana tightly, surprised that she didn't pull away from me. Instead, she pulled me closer as she cried into my chest, staining my shirt with her tears. I rubbed her back soothingly, kissing the top of her head.

"It's not your fault, D. It's none of ours except for Chris's. No one but him knew this was going to happen." I reassured her.

"Speaking of Chris.." Dad started, grabbing and dragging Chris out of the room. "You are to never step foot on my property ever again and..." Dad's voice disappeared as he descended down the stairs.

Soon the guys left and headed down the stairs, leaving me and Diana up here. She pulled her face away from my chest, tears still falling down her face. I frowned, wiping her tears away with my thumb.

"Don't cry anymore, D. Lisa's okay." I told her softly. "Come on. Smile, it looks better on you."

She smiled, giggling as she hugged me tighter. "I'm so sorry, Brian."

"Sorry for what?" I asked her, confused.

She sighed. "For how I treated you, I was just-"

I shook my head. "Don't. I fully understand. Let's just move on, okay? Start brand new."

She nodded, smiling. "Welcome home, Bri-Bri."

I smiled as she used my nickname only she could use. "Good to be home, D."

Diana looked at me, a smile playing on her lips until she finally burst with laughter. "I'm sorry! Haha! I can't keep it in any longer!"

I laughed, confused as all hell but finding it funny as she laughed her ass off. "What's so damn funny?"

"Aunt Shirley got to you!" She laughed. "Not only can I tell by the kiss marks on your cheeks, but I can smell her awful perfume on you." Diana laughed harder. "You would think you would have learned how to dodge her all these years!"

I laughed along with D, shrugging. "She has a tracker implant somewhere on me, I swear that woman does. No matter where I go, she always finds me."

Diana shrugged. "She's your sugar mama, duhh."

I smirked. "At least I get free stuff from her."

Diana scrunched her nose. "Ew, Bri-Bri! That's sick!"

"Huh? Oh! Ew! Oh God, no!" I freaked out, knowing where her mind went. "Not a chance in hell!"

"Brian likes older women! Brian likes older women!" Diana sang out, running downstairs.

"DIANA!" I yelled her name, chasing after her.

Just like old times.