Pictures and Some Memories

Would Only Ever Be A Dream

.:Diana's POV:.

"And here we are!" Matt called out, opening the door to his house. "Home sweet home."

I smiled as I walked in, looking around the well decorated living room. "Where's Bella?"

Matt closed the door behind him, locking it. "She's at my parents house. I'm picking her up in the morning."

He walked towards me, making me back up against the wall. He chuckled deep in his throat as his lips met mine, moving in sync with each others. My heart slammed against my rib cage as his hands slid up my shirt, taking it off and letting it fall to the floor at our feet.

His tongue licked across my bottom lip and I immediately granted entrance, our tongues exploring the others mouth. I pulled his body closer against mine, feeling his excitement against my thigh.

I pulled away, a smile on my lips. "Can we go somewhere... Comfortable?"

Matt smiled as he showed off his dimples, grabbing my hand and leading towards his bedroom. A playful giggle escaped my lips as I skipped beside him, making him laugh.

Once in his room, he kicked the door shut and had me in his arms as his lips crashed back to mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I deepened the kiss, pushing my body against his.

He walked forward, making me walk backwards until the back of my legs hit the bed. I fell against the bed as Matt crawled on top, his lips getting rougher as he unbuttoned my shorts.

I slid my hands up his shirt and he pulled away so I could take his shirt off him, admiring the tatted muscles underneath. His lips met mine again, taking my shorts and panties off in one swift motion.

"Matt.." I moaned as he bit and sucked on my neck.

His hands went around my back for the clasp of my bra, sliding it off me once he undone it. He pulled away as his hazel eyes roamed my now naked body, a smile appearing on his angelic face.

"There's something wrong with this picture." I said, smiling.

He frowned. "What is it?"

I smiled as I sat up, unbuckling his belt. "You still have jeans and your boxers on, silly."

He laughed as he watched me take his jeans and boxers off. I grinned as I noticed he was excited to see me. I kissed his head, earning a deep moan from Matt. I giggled as I reached for the condom drawer, opening the packet with my teeth and sliding it onto him.

Matt pushed me back on the bed, catching my lips with his as he kissed me hungrily.

"I love you..." He whispered in my ear.

I wrapped my arms and legs around him. "I love you too, baby."

Matt knew the art of making love. He was so gentle and caring when we made love, it was nothing like I ever had before. My ex was always about doing it hard and fast. Matt, he took his time and kept at a good pace.

To me, he was a sex God.

It was a few hours later that I laid my sweaty head on his sweaty naked chest, our breathing coming out ragged as we caught our breath.

"You're amazing." Matt breathed out, kissing my head.

I smiled. "Mm. You should really learn to stop talking about yourself." I giggled as he laughed, I leaned up to kiss his jaw. "Welcome home, baby."

He smiled, kissing me lovingly. "Thank you, hon."

I laid my head back down on his chest, wrapping my arms around him as I snuggled closer. His arms around me tightened, placing kisses to the top of my head.

This moment was perfect beyond words.

Matt made me so happy. Happier than I ever been in my life.

I only hoped I made him happy too.

After his break up with Val, he wasn't himself. He wasn't smiling or anything. He barely hung out with the guys.

It was a shame and broke my heart every time I saw him upset.

I've never liked Val because of her twin Michelle. Val always stuck up for her, even if she knew the truth about whatever Michelle said or did to me or anyone for that matter. She would always be on Michelle's side, and would lie through her teeth.

Anyone that hurt Matt, hurt me and I immediately hated that person.

And I always had a feeling she was doing things behind Matt's back. Which was even sadder because Matt was crazy about her, doing everything he could for her.

But just look at Michelle, she always cheated on Brian. Yet he always took her back when she's crawling back to him, begging for forgiveness.

Bottom line, all the DiBenedetto's were scum. And I despised each and every one of them. I wanted to spit right in their faces for what they do to those close to me.

So when Matt finally asked me out, no words could describe how happy I was.

I always had the biggest crush on Matt when I was growing up. I would write his name over and over in my notebooks. Blush when I either saw him, talked to him, or heard about him. I even named my fish after him.

The only thing that sucks about our relationship is that we can't be open about it.

Something about my brother not wanting any of his friends dating me because it would be awkward for him to hang out with them if one of them and I were to break up. Or having to lose a friend because of me.

I bet he was going to regret making the "Don't date your sibling's friends" rule very soon.

Seeing the way he watches Lisa, the way he is around her. It's clear he likes her a lot.

But I won't let them be together. I can promise that.

Eh, it wasn't really something I had to worry about. Lisa already has a boyfriend who is good to her. And besides, Brian is so far from her type of guy. There's no way they could ever be together.

"What are you laughing at?" Matt laughed, interrupting my thoughts.

I raised an eyebrow. "Sorry?"

He chuckled. "You just started giggling out of nowhere."

I giggled. "Sorry. I thought of Jimmy earlier; when he popped out of the trashcan at everyone who wanted to throw their trash away, scaring the hell out of them."

He laughed, kissing my forehead. "That was fucking hilarious."

I nodded, yawning. "Yeah, it was..." I snuggled into him, closing my eyes.

"Take it as I'm not taking you home?" Matt asked.

I shook my head. "No. I'm too comfy and tired to move. You wore me out." I giggled. "I'll just tell Lisa I crashed at my parents." I yawned.

Matt silently chuckled, kissing my head. "Goodnight, babe."

I smiled. "Night."

Matt said something for he laughed, but I didn't hear him as I was already asleep.

Dreaming of the day where we can be together openly, wrapped up in each others arms and madly in love. My brother happy for us.

Shame it would only ever be a dream.