The Black Keys of a Piano


Dun dun dun... Ding ding ding... Dun ding dun ding dun...

I looked down absentmindedly at the piano keys before me. I had never had any musical talent, and l honestly did not feel like I deserved to be playing the beautiful instrument. It was far to big, too grand for me to be touching. Hardly good enough to be considered average at playing, never mind a music prodigy. No. I'd never be that, my music teacher Mr. Clarence clarified that already on Friday.

He said I could play well... If I wanted to. But he kept trying to convince me to maybe try a different instrument or try private tutoring for piano. Mostly because that his nice way of trying to tell me to get out of his class, because I was embarrassing him with my sharp and dull pounding on the keys. He also tried to convince me that maybe playing music wasn't for me at all and I should try a different hobby. But no... I want to play music, not sit back and just listen to it.

Ever since I was younger, I'd wanted to play music. Some kind of music. But neither of my parents knew how to, and we couldn't afford lessons, so I waited until I was old enough to participate in school, but here, it's a completely different learning habitat. Too many noises and distractions to fully devote yourself to playing.

With a frustrated sigh, I stood from the old maple bench, dragged my fingers across the keys which sound varied from quiet and pitched to loud and deep. I turned and walked away, maybe he was right. Not for me. Okay, sure whatever.
♠ ♠ ♠
Ok it's short, sort of a preface sort of thing idk