‹ Prequel: Hate
Sequel: Easy
Status: Completed



Walking home from my shitty job as a grocery store clerk, I decide to surprise Riley with her favorite magazine and a new sweater that she's been wanting. I know they aren't the greatest gifts, but I figured they'd make her happy enough. (This was about a week after I told Aspen that we weren't a real "couple", just friends. Well, fuck buddies.) Reaching my doorstep, I slowly unlock the door, a faint noise coming from upstairs. Curious, I make my way up the stairs and into my bedroom. I feel like I'm going to puke. There lays Riley with her ex girlfriends face between her legs. I throw the sweater and the magazine to the floor yelling, "Liar!" and run out of the house. I call Aspen, tears pouring down my cheeks, and ask her if I can come over. "Get the fuck over here." is all she says back.