‹ Prequel: Hate
Sequel: Easy
Status: Completed



Little did I know that Aspen had a "friend" over. Her name was Francesca. She seemed really nice, but she was shy as fuck. She was hesitant to even say hello to me. Anyways, Aspen got a bit worried when I showed up at her doorstep crying. I explained what happened and she went on on how Riley didn't deserve me. I was hoping that going over to her house would mean sex, but she already had someone for that I guess. I sat on her couch for a while until I realized that Aspen and Francesca were gone. I went down the hallway towards Aspens room, (a room I had been in far too many times) hoping to at least say goodbye. I walked into her room and, again, sex going on before my eyes; only this time, I couldn't stop watching. Soon after, I found myself half naked on Aspens bed. I guess Francesca isn't that shy.