Summer Fling

When You Were Young.

Hattie sat at a back table in the Hard Rock Café for what seemed like three hours. Letting out a deep sigh, she checked her phone only to see that it has been forty five minutes instead. As she set her phone back on the table, she saw the waitress walking back to the table, the same sympathetic look on her face that has been there the entire time she was serving Hattie.

“Still nothing?” the waitress asked, though it was clear to see that no one has shown up.

“Yeah,” Hattie said, grabbing her wallet out of her bag before pulling out a twenty dollar bill. Handing it to the waitress, she smiled, “Keep the change, you’ve been sweet.” Picking her Michael Kors bag up off the ground, she slid out from behind the table before exiting the restaurant.

Standing outside the double-wide glass door, she dug through her bag to grab her phone before trying her cousin one more time. Waiting as the phone rang, she grew angrier when he, again, did not pick up. Before hanging up, Hattie decided to leave him a fifth and final voicemail, “Hey Tyler, it’s me, Hattie, again. I think it’s pretty obvious to see that you forgot about me so I am going to wonder the streets until I a) hear from you or b) find a nice man to take me home with him. All my love babe, all of my love.” Hanging up, she threw her phone back into her handbag and began walking South down Yonge Street. The first thing she saw was the Eaton Centre, but Hattie decided that Tyler could take her there for some shopping to make up for forgetting her. Continuing down, she stopped when saw and Urban Outfitters across the street. Looking both ways, she crossed when it was clear and smiled as she entered her favorite store.

“Hey girl, oh wow, I love your outfit,” the girl standing at the front of store said, greeting her.

“Oh thank you,” Hattie looked down at her outfit and smiled. “I don’t’ know if you can tell, but I bought most of the pieces here. Speaking of here, are you guys by any chance hiring? I’m new to town but Urban Outfitters is a universal language.”

Laughing, the girl told Hattie to follow her to the front of the store, where she handed her a clipboard with a three page application attached to it. Hattie filled it out as quick as possible before handing it back to the nice girl she met at the door.

“We call whether you got the job or not, so you should be expecting to hear from us in about three to four days.”

“Thank you, Hattie said before exiting the store. She checked her phone one last time before continuing on with her journey. She decided to head back up the street from where she came from and continue on from there. As she walked down the sidewalk looking at all of the different stores that the area had to offer, she felt something get tangled around her legs. Looking down, she saw a shaggy tan dog wrapped around her left leg and the dog’s owner crouched down trying to get the dog off of her.

“Sorry about that,” the man said as he held the dogs collar, which was now unattached from the leash. “Stella likes meeting new people.” After the stranger clipped the leash back onto Stella, as Hattie recently learned, he stood up and held his hand out, “My name is Phil and I am really sorry.”

Shaking his hand, she smiled, “Hattie and your quite fine. As embarrassing to say, this isn’t the first time this had happened.” Hattie studied the man in front of her for a few seconds before looking down at the dog. Phil wasn’t the cutest man she’s ever seen, nothing special about him, but in the two minutes that they had talked to each other he blushed and giggled more then she had ever seen a grown man do before.

“Uh,” Phil said, nervously scratching at the back of his neck, “It was nice running into you, well not nice running into you, but, uh, we have to go. So maybe I’ll see you around another time.”

“Yeah, maybe,” Hattie giggled, “Bye Phil, bye Stella.” She waved before continuing on with her walk. Ten minutes later she found an empty seat at Tim Hortons and was about to take of her drink when her phone started to ring. Looking at who was calling, she rolled her eyes before picking it up, “Wow, never thought I’d hear from you.”

● ● ●

Phil had just got out of the shower when he heard the front door open to his downtown apartment. Quickly drying off he threw a pair of navy blue boxers on and then gray sweatpants over them, walking out of his door sans a shirt. Phil heard his roommate talking to someone and he just figured that he was greeting Stella, who always waits by the door for him to come home. “Tyler, you’re not going to believe me when I tell you about the girl I met today.” Phil said as he walked into the kitchen. Wouldn’t he be surprised to see that the beautiful girl was standing next to his roommate. “Hattie.”


“Wait, how do you two know each other,” Tyler Bozak asked them, turning away from the fridge.
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my love for phil is outrageous, so please enjoy this, PLEASE!!