Summer Fling

When Did Your Heart Go Missing?

Hattie sat at the checkout counter with her chin in her hand watching the clock and praying that it would speed up. Her shift was over at seven and the last ten minutes were going slower than a beginner in an hour long cycling class. Deciding that she needed to be productive, Hattie backed away from the counter and head over to the clearance rack that desperately needed reorganized. Once she was done sorting the clothes from extra small to large she looked at the clock to see that she stayed a whole seven minutes after her shift ended. Running to the back of the store, she threw her bag over her shoulder before clocking out and starting her walk home.

Saying hello to the doorman, Hattie went toward the elevator that would lead her to Phil’s top floor penthouse in the expensive downtown condo. Putting in the four digit code that would let her in, she threw her crochet satchel down on the hard wood floor of the foyer before heading into the living room where Phil and Tyler spend most of their nights. Finding it strange that they weren’t in there, she went into the kitchen, which she again found strange. Looking around, she saw a white piece of paper folded, more like crumbled, up on the counter.

“H, Phil and I went out for dinner. Here’s hoping that there will be some pretty girls at the bar. All my love, and Phil’s, Tyler,” Hattie read out loud to herself. Rolling her eyes she tossed the paper into the garbage before heading into her “room.” Stripping out of her clothes, she pulled her spiral curls into a bun before stepping under the warm spray of the shower. After she was finished, she put on her pajamas before shutting her light off and heading toward the kitchen. Pulling out one of the drawers on the island, Hattie found the stash of takeout menus that the boys horded. Calling Utopia, a restaurant on Yonge Street, and ordered a Grilled Chicken & Brie Panini before hanging up and flinging herself onto the couch in front of the four television screens that were set up in the living room.

After finishing her panini and four episodes of Gossip Girl, Hattie was bored. Checking the time on the television she saw that it was already midnight and figured that if the boys weren’t home now, then they wouldn’t be coming home at all. Walking into the kitchen, she opened the fridge and knew she hit the jackpot when she saw three packages of cookie dough sitting in the back on the lowest shelf. Checking the expiration dates, she tore open the first back and took a huge block of it before shoving it in her mouth.
Once Hattie had one of the packages in the oven, she set the timer and began exploring the unknown that is the Kessel/Bozak condo. After years of sleepovers at Tyler’s house she already knew what his room would look like, so she didn’t even bother going in it. But Phil’s room, that was a different story. Ever since the first day when Phil found out that she was Tyler’s cousin, he had been acting like she had the plague. Taking a deep breath, Hattie threw open Phil’s bedroom door and flipped on the light switch. Looking around the room all Hattie saw was bare and white. And then she saw something, a frame leaning against the wall right before the bathroom door. It was a picture with Phil and a bunch of kids surrounding him. For the most part he looked scared but there was tiny little smile just wanting to erupt onto his face.

“I buy a box for a couple of games at Air Canada do that cancer patients can forget about their problems for a little while and enjoy a night out,” a voice behind her said, causing her to jump.

Hattie turned around with a sheepish grin on her face and said, “That’s really great. What’s your tie with cancer patients?”

“I used to be one,” Phil said as he pushed himself off the doorframe to walk over to her. “It was years ago and it happened and now I am making something positive out of a negative situation.”

“That’s really fantastic Phil, truthfully.” Hattie smiled before moving closer to him. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure,” Phil said, throwing his hands in a nonchalant manner. “What’s on your mind?”

“Why do you avoid me? When we met on the street a couple of weeks ago you seemed generally interested and then I walked through the door and you have ignored and avoided me since. So what did I do?”

“You want to know the truth?” Phil asked, walking over to his bed and sitting on the edge of it. “That day I met you, it was like this instant attraction, something I have never felt before. I vowed that I would walk my dog up and down that street every day until I saw you again. And then, there you are, standing in my kitchen, with my best friend. So what am I supposed to do, risk a friendship? I don’t think so.”
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28 days later and i still love phil :))))
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