‹ Prequel: Cinematic Confessions
Status: On hiatus for the time being.

Non Sequitur

Autumn Kinsington loved movies, but she never expected to be living a real life romantic comedy. After being a surrogate mother to her best friend's baby and giving birth to their beautiful daughter, she thought she would go back to a normal, boring life. Corey had just proposed to her, and they were getting ready to plan a wedding for the following off-season. But, that all changes when she finds out that she's actually pregnant again with her and Corey's baby, prompting her to want to postpone the wedding until after the baby is here. And then there's the issue of her father moving to Chicago and beginning to date her wedding planner, who happens to be younger than Autumn herself. But, Autumn learns to laugh at her life with her friends, family, and of course Corey by her side.

*This is a sequel to Cinematic Confessions. While this can be read as a stand alone story, you should read the prequel to get the backstory first!