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Lilian Montgomery is a chef of one of Los Angeles most prestige’s country clubs. Lilian has made her name known among those that are VIP guests.

It wasn’t easy for Lilian growing up because her childhood memories were ones that haunted her since she was little. Being overweight and not a size 0 she encountered many bullies during her high school days. Still smart, curvy but beautiful, she decides to go to a special high school reunion where she sees people that not only were decent to her but also those that bullied her around.

Brian Haner Jr. aka Synsyter Gates had earned a name for himself in the music industry by becoming one famous guitarist. Along with his friends and also classmates he goes to the reunion.
Brian and Lilian were not friends in high school but she remembers him as the talented kid that always played in a band with his friends. In high school, for Lilian, Brian was the funny and nice boy that once saved her from embarrassment when someone was about to tease her for her looks.

What happens when they meet once again in the reunion? Will they speak? Will Brian once again save Lilian from any future embarrassment or will they just pass their time without meeting in the pathway? Will Brian even remember who she was? Or will he not have a clue about her?

Disclaimer: I do not own Avenged Sevenfold or any other famous people that are mention in this story, including the wives or girlfriends of the guys from A7X. I do however own the plot and the characters created by me. Do not steal or you’ll suffer, got it?

©Christie Montero

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