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My Stubborn Soul Mate

Chapter 1

Nadia’s POV

I couldn’t stop myself. I knew what my mother and uncle Lucian had intended to do. In some respects I even knew that it was the right thing to do, but I couldn't let them. My soul mate might be a monster that needs to die but he is my soul mate. I can't possibly let anyone harm him.
I needed to stop them before they took my soul mates life away. I had never wanted to do anything but take care of my family and now when I needed them more than ever I felt like they were turning their back on me.

I had to make sure that I could get my soul mate out of here. I was very careful to use as little force as necessary to incapacitate them. It didn’t take much just a small tap at the base of their necks. I looked down at their unconscious bodies and was consumed by guilt. I looked around and started to panic that an unfriendly would find them and hurt them while they were unconscious.
I looked at my soul mate and could see his breath was still coming in laboured gasps. I ran my hand across his hair stubbed face. I opened and peered down his throat to see if he had started to heal even a little. I didn’t think he looked like he was healing but unlike my sister Lorretta I am not a doctor.

I cringed again thinking about what I was doing. By snatching the Leo and not ending his life I was cutting myself off from the rest of my family. I was born one of seven children to a wolf-vampyre hybrid and alpha wolf. We had a happy childhood and were a close family. Three of my siblings were pure wolves Nathan, Heather and Noah. Four of us were born hybrids Me, Lorretta, Suzan and our brother Luis.

Nathan, Heather and Noah all died so young. They had a normal wolf’s lifespan and they grew old and died in less than a hundred years. When my siblings died my mom dad and even my uncle Lucian started falling apart. We were torn by the grief and had become despondent and life had become a challenge. Parents shouldn’t outlive their children.

I became the family matriarch. I pushed myself into situations and forced my family to heal and move past our loss. When my father died several hundred years later I again took the lead and helped my mom, siblings and my and uncle find the better things in life. I have always embraced life and made sure that everyone remembered to look on the bright side.

I realized my mom and uncle Lucian were coming around and knew that it was time for me to start running. Thank god I was a strong hybrid. I picked up my soul mate and tossed him over my shoulder. I actually groaned at his weight. He had to be a solid two hundred and fifty pounds of pure muscle. I looked back at my mom and uncle Lucian and felt a tear slide down my cheek at the thought of having to do this on my own.

I need and want my family to help me now but we are on opposite sides of a very dangerous river. The Leo is my soul mate; I can’t let him die without having some type of closure. Hell, if he is going to die it will be at my hands or none at all. I had to get him away and give myself some time to sort this all out in my head. I was so confused and just needed a little time.

I ran at my top speed which was just over a hundred and ten mile per hour towards the private airstrip that I had parked the rented jet in. I had flown commercial to England then rented a private jet to fly into Africa. I had wanted to keep a very low profile so that the kidnappers were unaware of my presence. Now the jet would help me in a different way. I could fly back to England under the radar then smuggle my soul mate out from there.

The really sad part was I wouldn't be able to recover the innocent little cubs. They deserved to have many champions but I was sure that my family would be able to recover them without my help. To some degree it was better that I didn’t see the cubs. After all my soul mate is their father and his part in their conception wasn't something to be proud of.

Thinking about how he hurt Tara got me all worked up again. Why would he force himself on a woman? Any woman! He was hands down the best looking man I had ever laid eyes on. I would think women were falling at his feet with desire for him. Why in god’s name did he do it?
Even when I had watched him on the video’s I knew that he was a beautiful man. He had the brightest green eyes I had ever seen. His face was pure perfection with his strong bone structure and chiseled chin. With his looks and absolutely perfect body no sane woman would have denied him if he just used a little charm.

I found myself slowing and needed to push the thoughts out of my mind and concentrate on getting to the airfield. Besides, I wasn’t going to find the answers now, and I needed to get out of Africa. I was going to go to my little safe haven in Alaska and just keep him safe and out of the way until I was ready. Ready for what was the question. I just didn't know what I thought I was going to do with him.

My soul mate Leo was blood bonded to Tara and that bond needed to be severed. To my knowledge he would need to die for that to happen and I wasn’t ready to let that happen. Right now I felt damned if I did and damned if I didn’t. I saw the jet and breathed a sigh of relief. Just a few more minutes and I would be headed out of Africa.

I climbed in the cockpit with my soul mate still over my shoulder. I strapped his limp body into the co-pilot seat and ran through all the checks for takeoff. I could feel him starting to regain consciousness so I reached in and used my powers to calm him enough to go back into a deep sleep.
I talked to the tower and was cleared for takeoff. My flight path would take me into Spain and from there I would have to take a commercial flight back to the United States. Then I could rent a small plane and fly us into Alaska. We would need to walk the final length of the journey.

Just ten minutes into the flight I knew that what I didn’t know about my soul mate was probably going to get him or I killed. Who would have thought that were-cat where no good at being in air-planes Jonah told me they chose to take cargo planes but he failed to tell me that it was because were-cat shift in mid air.

Thank god that I was the only person on the private jet when he shifted into a huge tiger. Now I was trapped in a very small cockpit with a very large tiger. The only good thing was that it was still in a deep healing sleep, though it was taking every bit of my mental manipulation powers to keep him at bay.

Now that I knew he would be unable to fly without shifting I was going to have to change my plans. No way could we fly commercial back to the states. I took a deep breath and tried not to panic. I wasn’t sure that I could possibly do this on my own. I was going to need help I just wasn't sure who I could trust to be my ally.
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