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My Stubborn Soul Mate

Chapter 4

Nadia's POV

My tiger boy is one strange creature. My brother Luis believes that he might have been under some kind of mental manipulation or possibly the victim of a very well done illusion. That being the case I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he refuses to even look at me.

I took a deep breath and walked back to my room to think about what Luis told me. It seems that were-cat share some of the same skills as vampyres. Things like astral projection; which is the power to separate one's spirit from one's body and move around. Something like a ghost if you will. My soul mate will developed this skill once we complete our blood bond. If he didn't already have the skill that is. All vampyre's and their beloveds have this basic skill.

It seems were-cat excel at illusion manipulation, which is exactly what it sounds like. It is the power to generate illusions that will fool all five senses and a person’s emotions. vampyres have this skill as well but most aren't very good at it doing it on a grand scale. Some of the older more gifted were-cat also excel at memory manipulation. This is basically the ability to control memories. Any normal vampyre can do memory manipulation to their blood donors on a short term basis. However according to Luis, a well developed were-cat can manipulate memories over a longer period of time and can influence multiple people at the same time.

As a Leo and a leader of his people, my soul mate would also have minimal but effective mental manipulation abilities. He might even has some ability to do small illusion manipulations. vampyres have the power to modify and control the thoughts, mindsets, and upper brain functions of others for short periods of time. As a Leo my soul mate would also have this ability over his pride. He could make demands that his pride members would have difficulty denying or breaking. This is very similar to what an Alpha has with his wolf pack.

Thankfully, were-cat however don't have some of the vampyres more dangerous powers such as Psionic inundation. Psionic inundation is the ability to overload another persons mind with a psionic wave. The wave causing pain, memory loss, lack of consciousness, vegetative state and sometimes even death.

Since I was born a hybrid part werewolf and part vampyre I have some but not all of the vampyres powers. My powers also have a mind of their own. They work when they want to but not when I want them to. Of course I can astral project, and I have some mental manipulation, and Psychometry which is the power to perceive to the residual information of an object by touching it.

Generally speaking however when I need the skills they don't feel like working. My siblings and I have decided it must be a trade off since we've found that we are not just immortal we appear to be invincible. We have none of the limitations that vampyres have. It appears that we simply can't be killed.

My bother Luis was first to discover that the rules of killing a vampyre just don't apply to him or any of us for that matter. Initially, we thought perhaps it was just Luis but I have unfortunately discovered for myself that I too am immune. Since I am a twin to Suzan and Lorretta I am pretty certain my sisters Suzan and Lorretta are also invincible. It's probably because our mom was created to be a hybrid. She would have been a normal wolf but was converted while she was still in her mother's womb. My siblings and I however were born just as we are. Half wolf, half vampyre and one hundred percent invincible.

Technically humans always lose their ability to have babies once they blood bond with a vampyre. For some reason even though my mom was born a hybrid and even later blood bonded with a vampyre she never became infertile. In fact, she had a total of seven babies with my dad her true wolf mate. Three of the babies were born regular run of the mill were-wolves. Nothing special. Nathan, Heather and Noah lived, loved and died just like every other wolf. Four of us however were born hybrids. As a result myself, my brother Luis and my two sisters Suzan and Lorretta are all similar yet very different than our mom.

For starters we are not bothered by the sun. My mom blisters and gets sick from sunlight. She has even some signs that perhaps it could kill her like a traditional vampyre. My siblings and I love the sun and revel in its brightness.

My mom can only drink wolf blood. Odd since that would be a death sentence for a vampyre. We however can drink any kind of blood, wolf, human, vampyre or were-cat. It's all the same to us and none of its poisonous to me or any of my siblings. We are perfectly capable and very happy to consume all types of blood with no negative effects.

Even the more traditional ways of killing a vampyre such as beheading and heart removal don't apply to me and my hybrid siblings. Both Luis and I have survived having our heads removed and we both had no problem with putting them back on our shoulders and having a complete recovery within moments.

I ran my conversation with Luis through my head one more time. He told me the elder had been very gifted and thought he might have put the whammy on my soul mate and his whole pride. Then he told me about mom's party and begged me to come and try to make things right with the family. He said if we told them of our suspicion most of the family would give my soul mate the benefit of the doubt. I wanted to believe Luis but the truth was, my soul mate was not responding to reason and bringing him around my family sure as heck wasn't going to help.

As it was, I was afraid I was going to have to tie him down and put a tube down his throat just to feed him. He was refusing to feed himself and his body was suffering the consequences. I tried everything I could think of to break through to his sick and suffering mind. Nothing I tried was working. I was at my wits end and was thinking about feeding him my own blood in an attempt to help him get well.

The problem with that was if he was suffering emotionally I would be exposed to all his feelings without a buffer. I know some of my family practised ways of hiding their emotions but I never wanted to. I always thought I would find my soul mate and everything would be sunshine and roses. I was woefully unprepared for problems with my soul mate. I took a deep breath and decided that perhaps I was going to need to get someone who could help me. Someone who had the powers to do things for my soul mate in ways that I couldn't. Someone who had very very strong powers of mental manipulation that could break through and undo the damage that the elder were-cat had done.

I picked up my phone and punched in Ina's number. Ina was like family now and I knew she would help. I also knew she wouldn't be missed by my mother during the party the way other members of my family would be. I knew the moment I heard Ina answer that I had done the right thing.
Miguel's POV

I watched the female vampyre cautiously. She seemed to be reciting her heritage with pride and was doing so in the formal way that were-cat and vampyres greet each other. She was painstakingly telling me her origins and all her living family. If she stayed with traditions when she finished she would pause and expect me to do the same thing. I listened intently as she listed out her heritage and family.

"My name is Ina; I was born a Romanian princess before we recorded time. I was turned by the ancient vampyre known as Keanu. I have lived thousands of years and there are only two vampyres that are older than me.

My father Keanu is the oldest known living being that still walks the earth. The second oldest being on earth is my good friend Apep who once shared Godhood with the were-cat. My mother and soul mate have both already passed away. My soul mate and I turned one child. His name is Damien and his is still considered young for a vampyre. His soul mate is a werewolf named Sophia. She gave birth to a child named Joel Jr. and he is a hybrid like your soul mate Nadia's mother. I consider him my grand child despite our lack of a blood connection.

My father Keanu recently found a second chance love. Her name is Lorretta and she is the sister to your soul mate Nadia. Now, I have given you my bloodline. I swear I have many extended family members but no more of my direct bloodline."

She stopped speaking and turned expectantly towards me waiting for my words. She had stuck with tradition and had been honest in her words. My honour demanded that I do the same. I took a deep breath, swallowed loudly and said

"My name is Miguel Lorenz I am were-cat who turns into a tiger. I am the Leo of the Brazilian Pride. I was born to Ankara and Roman Lorenz. My parents are both were-cat like myself. My father shifts into a lion and my mother shifts into a tiger like myself.

I am the only child of my parents and was considered a miracle birth since my mother was not only fertile but also survived child birth. As you know my people are losing their fertility. Most babies born in my generation are sterile.

I am fertile and I was blood bonded to a fertile female named Tara. Tara shifts into a beautiful leopard. Shortly after blood bonding with Tara I impregnated her against her will and she recently gave birth to two cubs. A female that shifts into a leopard like her mother and a male that shifts into a tiger like me.

I am ashamed to say that I don't know the names of my own children. In fact, I have recently learned that and Elder were-cat kidnapped them from their mother and I'm not even sure if my cubs are safe or are now still being held captive. The last thing I can recall is feeling my blood bond with Tara get shattered so I don't know if she and the cubs are even alive anymore."

I dropped my head into my chest and felt tears blurring my vision. Saying my origins out loud was far worse than holding it inside. I was sobbing hysterically when I suddenly felt the female vampyres arms wrap around me in a protective and kind gesture.

I held her cool body against mine and allowed myself to grieve. Ina was stroking her hands down the back of my head and back and I was reminded of being young and receiving physical comfort like this from my mom. For the first time in months I almost felt like I was myself.

While Ina patted my back she said softly to me. Your children and Tara are fine. Nadia's brother and uncle Lucian killed Paul and retrieved the children. Your daughters name is Kim and your son is called Karl. They are both beautiful and healthy were-cats.

I pulled back just slightly from her and smiled brightly into her face and told her I was thankful and grateful that she reminded me of who I was. I know that it cost her a lot of energy to dig out Elder Paul's mind whammy. I was overcome with gratitude and I was about to place a small kiss on her cheek in thanks when I heard a menacing growl followed by a woman screeching


Her words slammed into me with the force of a freight train. Ina had referenced her as my soul mate. She herself had said those exact words to me multiple times over the past few days. I suddenly understood what this woman was to me. This was no mind whammy. The growling woman in front of me was truly my soul mate and I was her soul mate.
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