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Sighişoara it was never the biggest, richest, or most important of the German towns in Transylvania, but it has become one of the most popular. It wasn't a bad place to live, people always walking around and sometimes it was nice and live at night time. The weather wasn't all that bad either, in the mornings it was around or up to about 80 degrees and its low point was about 44 degrees.

Eve lived with her little sister Lenni along with their number one best friend Mark, things were going normal. Eve went to school part time while Mark and Lenni worked part time and went to school, they enjoyed their lives for the most part. No drama, no responsibility besides the bills and the apartment that they had was right at the water.

How ever things change when Lenni brings a Ouija board home in hopes to have some fun.

Can Eve handle the things that come from this fun little game?

©Amber Laegner, 2014

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