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The water crashed into the large rocks, there were a few scattered clouds in the sky but it was pretty much clear for the most part. The sun was on full blast today with a high of 80 degrees and not much of a breeze, what breeze did come felt magnificent. The sun was shaded by the large umbrella that I had planted into the sand, it was a beige color with a black outline that way the sun wouldn't heat it up when I had to pack it up. My sun glasses also covered my eyes, they had a nice tint to them so my eyes wouldn't be bothered.

I felt the cool breeze rush under the umbrella and around my soft skin, it felt nice being around the ocean. To just lay one blanket above the hot sand in a bikini bathing suit, I slowly sat up and leaned on my elbows while looking out at the ocean, it was a nice blue; dark but nice. There were small waves in the distance and with every wave the tide started to rise, I lowered my glasses and looked out at the ocean once more.

"Once more you drive me to leave because of your high rise, we will see each other again." I placed my glasses back on and stood up slowly, I had enough time to gather my belonging before heading home.

I folded my umbrella and set it to the side while I quickly shook the towel of sand and then wrapped it around the umbrella, gathering both under my left arm I picked up my bag of stuff with my right hand and made my way back to my car. Even though we lived right above the beach, I never relaxed right by my house. This was my down time, my get away from everyone time; I went farther down the beach from the house so no one would bother me.

Getting to my car I placed everything in the trunk except my keys, getting in the driver seat I turned my car on which greeted me with a nice purr from my car. I drove a nice sleek black 2014 Hyundai sonata with double glass roof top, it was nice to take out at night and just watch the stars or admire a thunderstorm.

I slowly drove through the street trying my best to avoid the on coming people from the fair, I never paid attention to what kind of fair was being held; I just knew that it caused me to take the long way home from where ever I was coming from. I sighed when I had come to a full stopped, traffic on the side roads once again. With a groan I leaned my head back and reached my arm out to turn the radio one.

The music hummed as I leaned my seat back and placed my hands behind my head, usually these things took a while so I was going to close my eyes for a few minutes.


My eyes shot open and I quickly fixed my seat, I head the person behind me honk their horn once more for me to move, I guess I had closed my eyes longer then I thought. Placing my car in drive I took off towards my house.
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