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"Are you mad at me?" Lenni leaned over on the couch and tester head on my shoulder.

I let out a frustrating sigh, "Its not that I'm man Len, I'm frustrated and annoyed." I rested my head on hers."I'm pulled into a world that I never really thought existed, I mean I believe in the supernatural but I didn't belive that much." Lenni wrapped her arm around mine.

"We are in this together, its my fault that I brought it here." She sighed and then sat up straight causing me to jump slightly."let's go find that old lady, I bet she know more." A wicked smirked played on her lips.

Nibbling my bottoms lip, I agreed.

"Let's go."

Swiftly I got my shoes and jacket, grabbed my car keys and we made our way to the market.
"Do you remember what she looks like?" I asked, we had been walking around for ten minutes.

"Like a gypsy bum." She replied shrugging her shoulder.

"Lenni, gypsy. She's not here!" I swung my arms around, I knew exactly where the woman was and I knew exactly how this was going to play out.

The woods were thick as we walked the path, the sun was blocked by the trees and the do not enter sign was posted to scare people off. I didn't want to be here, but my sister could have been right. We walked for what seemed like ages until we stopped.

"Holy shi-"

I grabbed her arm and pulled her forward, we were surrounded by Gypsy's and every single one of them gave me a dirty look.

"Look out for her lenni, I don't want to die here." I whispered into her ear as we came to a clearing of sorts, the caravans were in what looked like a circle.

We were smack in the middle.

My grip tightened on her as fear struck through my body, this isnt good.


We both spun around to see a young man staring at us, I gave a soft smile but didn't return it.

"Um, we are looking for a bum looking lady-" I shoved my elbow into her side causing her to grunt.

"Don't mind her, a woman gave her something to give to me. I just answers, that's all." I spoke clear and loud enough, maybe the woman would here me.

The man nodded and motioned for us to follow, we entered a small caravan and looked around. There was a room in the back, a table with a glass ball and a bunch of other things.


We did as told.
The woman sat in front of us, she didn't look like a bum at all; which once again cause me to elbow my sister. We should have been looking for a beautiful woman.

"I see you have it." She looked to me and I tilted Mt head. "Lift your shirt." My eyes widened but I did as told. I left my shirt to see that the mark had grown more. "He's accepted you." She smirked.

"Accepted?" I pulled my shirt down and leaned forward.

"Its a mate mark, did he not tell you? To seal the mark he must...lay with you." She smiled.

I bit back my words, I wanted to curse her out, call her all types of names. But I stuck with my questions.

"Tell me everything"

She nodded.

"Malphas is the prince of hell, my mother trapped him away over a thousand year ago. She never told me why, just when the time came to find you. I'm shocked he marked you, demons of high stature usually just kill and be gone. But there must be something about you that made him want to stay, to protect you."

I looked to Lenni, then back to her.

"There is another war coming, he needs you by his side. The new kind of hell is planning to take over the earth, malphas needs to stop him."