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Two weeks.

I hadn't seen or heard from Malphas in two weeks, it was strange in a way; one minute hes there and the next hes not..

"How do I help him in all of this?" I asked looking at Lenni, who was checking out the guy.

The woman closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"I can't tell you that, I can't reveal your destany to you. I can tell you certain things but I can not tell you everything."

I sat in the coffee shop across the street from my school, I had class in twenty minutes and I really didn't want to go. But I had to pass my finals, I had to get out of collage. Nothing was going to stop me from doing that, not even demons.

I placed my cup on the table and picked up my phone, no messages, no calls, nothing. My phone was so dry that it made me cringe, so I proceeded to Facebook. Scrolling through I was created with the same thing I saw ten minutes ago, pictures, statuses and drama. Sighing I placed my phone back on the table.

This is where I sort of missed his company.

I glanced over to my school and let out a heavy sigh, I had to get to class and get some work done.
The walk home was silent, the street lights lit the way. A few people walked down the street while others were quick to get in their cars, I never drove to school. Being it was only a five minute walk from my house, there was no need to waste the gas looking for parking.

My arms hugged my body as I walked, the five minute walked seemed to become a ten minute walk. Its when I finally noticed that everything was the same, except the cars were gone and the wind had stopped.

"Hello?" I looked around feeling the hairs on my body stick up and goosebumps raised.

There was no one around, which made it even creepier.

"If anyone is there show yourself, I have a life to get back to." I let my arms drop to my side, there was something off. Something different, my eyes narrowed and I caught it. The shadows were contouring into something. A person.

I didn't run, because there was nowhere for me to run. So I stood my ground and watched as the person walked up to me, when he finally stepped in the light I stepped back. The shadows flowed off him like a cape, his eyes were black as night and his hair came just above his shoulders.

His lips were in a smirk showing a few of his fangs.

"So, the rumers are true." He spoke, his voice held venom and a slight hiss to it.

"What are you talking about?" I spoke. Not moving.

He took a step forward, never leaving the light as he looked me over. The smirk never leaving his lips as his hand, ran through his hair.

"Well, one. You know of us demons amd you do not fear us, such a pitty." He looked at his hand, his fingers long and his nails were the shape of talons. "I like it better when they fear us, hm. Either way."

He placed his hands into his coat pockets and looked at the sky.

"What's number two?" I spoke, my voice the slightest bit shaky.

His eyes were back on me and a smile spread across his face. "Ah, yes! Number two. My brother has a human of his own, and he won't share." I took another step back when he spoke the word 'share'. Mt body screamed to run. It screamed for me to hide, but there was no place to go.

He took a step toward and the started at a quick pace, I listened to my body and ran. I heard him laughing behind me as I ran, turning the corner and running to my front door. Swinging it open. I ran in and slammed it behind me. I could hear him laughing on the other side of the door, but it still felt wrong.

Everything was dark, everything was out of focus and dismembered. I rand my hand on my side, hoping and praying that I could get him. That he would show up.

"Eve?" I heard my sisters voice as I walked through my house, but she was no where to be found. I felt a tear slide down my face as I backed against the wall, everything was coming at me.

"Eve! Can you hear me?" I heard her again, fear coursed through my veins as I felt hands on my shoulders. Looking up I screamed, the man stood there with a smile on his face. Menacing as he laughed.

But he was soon torn away, I shook my head. My left hand placed over my tattoo, my nails digging into my skin. Tears rolling down my face, I was confused; disoriented and tired.

"Eve..." I felt a warm hand on my hand, I looked down but nothing was there. "Son of a bitch.... Lenni, Mark. Go get a cold rag." I looked to where the person was talking. They sounded so familiar.

I felt their hand on my cheek, pulling me to look at them. But there was no one there, it was blank.

They sighed.

Closing my eyes I shook my head, hoping to clear it. But when I opened my eyes again, he was there. His fang extended, black orbs and smirk. A scream emitted from my throat, I thrashed and kicked. I wanted him out, out of my head.

They, he, grabbed me and held my hand close to him. He was talking but I couldn't hear anything,

"Please, please don't hurt me." I sniffled and rested my head against the wall. I was in my own personal hell, I was never getting out of this.

I felt it, lips crash onto my own. Cool lips, filled with passion and rage. My eyes fluttered, my body relaxed into the person. Their hands gripped my cheeks as I kissed them back, when they pulled away I allowed my eyes to open....

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