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Little Eve, little Eve, it's time to wake up. Our little game is not over.

My eyes slowly opened, they felt heavy, my arms felt like they weren't attached to my body. The shadows twisted and contorted in the room, causing my eyes to close once more. I took a deep breathe, holding it for a minute and then letting it release.

My eyes opened once more, nibbling my bottom lip, I tried to move once more. My eyebrows narrowed as I realized to why I couldn't move, I was entangled in to bodies.

Lenni was on my left and mark was on my right.

A groan escaped from my lips, "Uh, get off." I spoke, loud enough to wake them and cause them to both jump to the side. My body felt lifted, no more weight and I was able to move once more.

"Thank god you're alright!" My body flinched as Lenni jumped on the bed, happy for obvious reasons. But I wasn't okay, not in the least bit. Everything in my mind was dark, yet it was seven in the morning.

The shadows would twist and contourt, pulling my full attention to them.


I pulled my eyes from the moving shadows and looked to my sister, she was nervous, worried and tired. My eyes lowered to the bed and looked at my mattress sheets, once a nice smooth red, but now they looked as if I was laying in a pool of blood.

"H-How long, have I been out?" My hand rubbed my face, an overwhelming feeling of wanting to sleep pulled at my eyes.

"A week, you were screaming. Then thrashing, crying. Malphas left, hasn't been around. We had no idea what to do." A tear slide down her face, I wanted to wipe it away but my body had become weak once more.

I felt like my body was infected with Mono.

My body shifted, the thoughts in my mind were as blanket as a white sheet of paper. My eyes were glued to the twisting shadows once more, both Lenni and mark looked but didn't see what I was seeing. My hands balled into a fist as the man rested against my dresser, a smirk playing at his lips.

"Were is your prince of hell now?" He pushed from the dresser and slowly crawled on the bed, I pushed myself backwards causing Lenni and Mark to look at me; confusion on their face.

I chewed on my bottom lip, I twisted my hands in the sheets as my heart rate raised. My breathing becoming faster. He sat on his knees and looked between my sister and friend. "Now if they only knew ymwhat you were really seeing, they wouldn't want to put you into the hospital." He twirled at my sisters hair.

They wouldn't do that, would they? My thoughts wondered to them, thinking if they would really placed me in a padded room. I then watched as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

"If this keeps up, Mark and I will have no other option. The looni bin will be your next stop " Lenni scolded.

He placed his hand on Marks shoulder.

"I agree, for three days you have been acting crazy. Sleep walking, screaming, even breaking things. We had to tie you to the bed." Mark spoke, I then felt the tug on my wrists.

Letting my eyes travel I saw the ropes in which bound me to the bed.

"No, I'm not crazy. I swear. H-Hes in my mind. Get him out!" I watched them both back up in fear, they looked between each other and then back to me. I wasn't crazy, he was toying with my mind. I pulled my arm, trying to rub the mark. Trying to reach out to him, but I was stuck. The ropes bound me in place.

"Take them off! please. I'm not crazy!" I screamed, hot tears streamed down my face as I pulled.

I felt a pair of hands on my face as I watched Lenni and Mark walk to the other side of them room, they were leaving me? Why would they do this? Why? The hands pushed my face to stare at the door, my eyes narrowed.

One red, one yellow.

I took a deep breathe and struggled, but my body was becoming weak. "Lenni, why? Why would you leave me?!" My voice was raspy as the red and yellow got closer. My eyes started to widen as he walked in from the shadows, Malphas stood with his hands in his pockets.

"You're a weak human, to think I'm marked with you. To think you're supposed to help me." He scoffed and I shook my head, his body twisted back into the shadows.

My eyes closed, my body weak from struggling; my mind weak from pain. I felt myself collapse into something, but what it was; I couldn't figure out. I was to physically and mentally exhausted.
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