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My eyes opened and my body involuntarily shot up from the laying position, I was cold and yet hot; sweat dripped from my forehead as I took in my surroundings.

I was alone, in a strange room. A hotel room maybe, my eyebrows scrunched as I slowly stood myself up from the bed. It felt strange to stand, as if I hadn't walked in weeks. My legs felt like jello, and my was weak.

My hand held the bed for support as I walked around, taking steps from the bed I made my way to the door and slowly pulled it open. Three sets of eyes landed on me, lenni, Mark and Malphas. None of them stood up, none of them spoke.

They just watched me.

"Where are we?" I asked, my voice was scratchy; most likely due from the lack of water. My hand raised with a bit of a shake and ran through my noticeably greasy hair.

As I waited for them to respond, I let my eyes wonder. There wasn't a move shadow in sight, there was no voice in my head, no laughter and no pain.

"My apartment, in new York." Malphas spoke, his tone a little wavy. My eyes connected with him as I felt a pain in my stomach, which was accompanied by a large embarrassing growl. "Your hungry, I would imagine. You've been out for two weeks." He stood from the couch.

I watched him pour a glass of water and slowly make his way over to me, his face stern. I took the glass and the moment it touched my lips, I drank it all without a single breathe.

"I thought you left? There were so many times were I watched you guys leave me, you wanted nothing to do with me." Lenni rushed over and wrapped her arms around my neck. The hug wasn't crushing but it was a bit uncomfortable.

"No, we stayed by your side the whole entire time." She looked me in the eyes, tears brimming and I sighed.

"Let's get you some food."
"You were attacked by the king of hell himself, at least that's what Malphas has said " Lenni leaned back on the couch. "He had you in some sort of trance like state, placing thoughts in your mind. Torturing you from within yourself." Mark sighed as he looked over to me.

"So your lover boy brought you here."

I sat with my hands rested on my legs, I was confused. The whole time I thought I was home, I was in my bedroom tied to the bed. Malphas hated me, Lenni and Mark left me. Leaning back I let a frustrated sigh escape my lips, was this really what I wanted to deal with?

Did I really want to stay involved? I was a moving target for all demons. Rubbing my face I groaned and stood up, this wasn't something I needed in my life. It was from normal to abnormal in a few weeks.

"I'm..." I looked at them, Mark was painting his nails and Lenni was watching me."I'm gonna shower. " Lenni gave me a small nod as I turned and made my way back to his bedroom.

Once entering I took the chance to look at it, the sheets were black with a large black and red fluffy comforter. The bed was a large king size bed and looked as if I had been the only one sleeping in it. On the right side of the room were two large glass doors that led to a balcony, there was a work table and a dresser.

Looking to my left was a door that led to a bathroom, there was another door with a walk in closet and another table that was stacked with books and paper work. The painting on the wall were pretty creepy and yet beautiful at the same time, blinking I turned and made my way to the walk in closet.

There was a pair of clothing, with a towel and a note.
Were this for now, its mine. I will get you proper clothing.

Nibbling my bottom lip I grabbed the stuff and headed for the shower.

The warm water dripped over my body, my hair filled with shampoo as I leaned into the shower. My body being rinsed of the soap, turning my back to the water I leaned my head back allowing the shower to hit my scalp. The shampoo was rinsed from my hair with my eyes closed.

Taking in a deep breathe I opened my eyes and almost screamed, there stood Malphas. His eyes staring into my own, my heart rate started to pick up as I took a step back hitting the cool wall. He took a step forward, his being engulfed by the water. His hand reached out and traced the mark, sending shivers up my spin and around my body.

"What are you doing?"

My arms had attempted to cover my naked body,l as he took another step closer. Causing our skin to touch. It felt weird, having him so close. My hand instinctively pushed against his chest causing him to slightly step back. A scowl over came his face and his eyes narrowed.

"Do you not want me?" He sounded hurt In a way. Was he rushing something to protect me?

My head lowered causing the water to drip over my face, then I looked at him and sighed. "Not like this, I want you on both of our terms and not just yours. I want it to mean something and not be rushed to protect me. Nothing ever works when you rush it, you always get hurt. Mentally and...physically." My eyes connected with his.

He stood there, letting the shower wash over his body. I couldn't lie, it took all of My will power to not look down; to not grab him and ravish him in the shower.

I watched as a smirk played on his lips, he leaned forward and placed a small kiss on my forehead. And then took a step out of the shower grabbing his towel, butbnefore exiting his stuck his head back in the shower.

"We will be shopping tomorrow."

I gave him a small nod as he walked out mmuttering something I couldn't understand.

"Voi păstra tine ca sigur ca pot până atunci, îngerul meu".
♠ ♠ ♠
" I will keep you as safe as i can until then, my angel"

So we are seeing a different side of Malphas, who knew a demon lord/prince could be so...caring and protective.

Don't worry, we will be seeing more of the iteraction between them soon.