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I walked through the door into my apartment, my keys hit the table next to the door as I took my bag off and placed it on the floor; within seconds of behind home I was rushed by my sister and Mark. I stopped and started at them as they both stared back at me, it was an odd stare off contest or something. I tilted my head and looked past them to see a box on the table, it wasn't a large box but wasn't small either. A deep brown medium wooden box with a latch on it, sitting on my glass living room table.

I raised my arm and pointed between them at the box.

"What...the that?" I said while walking past them.

The closer I got to the box I was able to see the scribbled writing across it and around it, I knelt down and read off the words that surrounded it.

"Vorsicht, Tod lebt in und die öffnet, ist, dass, wer zahlt." I slowly leaned forward and opened the latch and pushed the top open, it creaked softly.

"What does it mean?" Lenni asked.

I heard her and Mark walked up to me and sit on the couch behind me, the farther the box was opened the worse the smell that escaped. I placed my shirt over my nose and fully opened the box to see other box within.

"I have no clue, but its all over the box. What is that smell? where did you get this?" I looked back at Lenni and she shrugged.

"I don't smell anything, Some lady rushed me at the market and shoved it at me. She spoke weird words and your name was muttered as well, these gypsy's are crazy." She rubbed the back of her neck and looked over to Mark who was looking at her with an 'are you fucking serious' look. My went back to the box and I pulled out the other box.

I heard the rumble of thunder in the sky and I looked out the window, the sky had grown darker then it was earlier.

"That's weird, the weather was supposed to be beautiful today." Lenni walked over to the window and watched as the clouds got darker and darker, it covered the sun out completely as the rain started to come down.

I looked at the other box, it was smaller and held something inside. The wood was older and broken in places and the same word written all over the box.

"Sich hüten" I spoke as I opened that box, this time I was greeted with the smell of Roses and chocolate. I narrowed my eyes and looked up at Lenni who was staring down at me, Mark soon came over and sat right next to me while I pulled out the ouija board and placed it on the table. It seemed to be in great condition, the piece sat nicely next to it.

"A fucking ouija board Lenni, are you crazy." I looked at my sister who was sitting there staring at the board, slowly she knelt to the floor and looked it over.

"I don't get it, why is everything else is such horrid condition but this is just perfect, it was like nothing happened to it. The lady did say something about it being a a thousand years old, maybe more." I rubbed my face with both hands as the lights flickered from the storm.

"This whole thing is eerie as fuck." Mark spoke as he placed his elbows on the table, resting his chin on his hands.

"Let's play?" Lenni spoke and my arm reached out to smack her in the head, only for her to dodge it.

"No! these things bring bad things, nothing good comes from this. All these writings and this one word. It has to be a warning." I placed the smaller box back into the big box but this time I knicked my hand on a piece off woods drawing blood. "Shit!" I pulled my hand from the box and looked at the cut on my hand.

I looked over to the two who were just staring at me with puppy eyes, I crossed my arms and gave them both a dirty look. "No." Standing I took my chance to escape and go to my room for a nice nap, but before that I placed a bandage on my hand and then left to my room.

"Eve..." I heard a deep voice talking into my ear which caused me to open my eyes, my room was dark but I felt like I was being watched.

"Who's there?" My voice was low as I asked the question, I hoped that nothing would respond back.

"My dear Eve, dont be scared." I screamed when one red and one yellow eye apearred in front of me with a grin that allowed bright fangs to show themselves, the voice laughed as I scrambled to get away. "There is no use in running, I will always find you."

My eyes shot open and I was greeted with the sun shining through my window, did I sleep all through the night?
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"Vorsicht, Tod lebt in und die öffnet, ist, dass, wer zahlt."--"Beware, death lives within and that who opens is that who pays."

"sich hüten"-"Beware"