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I walked out of the building and into the cool crisp night, it had been a few days since I had that dream but things were still bothering. I had woken up with the box in my room the other night and I felt like someone was watching me constantly, I wrapped my arms around me and looked up at the sky. It was so beautiful to just see all of the stars in the sky, not to have clouds covering them. I sighed and turned to make my way home, I never really liked to walk home at night but since I didn't like driving at night either I always to walk.

The lamp posts lit up the street as I walked, it was nice to not have to walk in complete darkness. I let hum escaped my lips as I walked down the long sidewalk, it was a song that my mother had sung to me as a child but I never knew the song.

"That is a nice tune."

I stopped when I heard the voice and slowly looked around, there wasn't a soul on the street but me. Licking my lips I turned and made my way down the street once more hoping that it was nothing by my imagination. Once again I started to hum the tone and let my mind wander to when my mother was still alive, everything was easier and I was happy; I was happy now but I felt empty in a way.

"I don't remember the name but it is a nice tune." I heard his voice once more and stopped.

"Who's there?" I didn't looked around this time, instead I kept my eyes ahead of me hoping once more that it was just me and nothing was stalking me.

I watched as the shadows seemed to move in front of me and started to form a person, I took a step back and narrowed my eyes. When I saw someone walking out of the shadow I took my leave, I turned and started walking in the complete opposite direction. I didn't want to know what or who was coming, I knew better then to stay. I took long strides as I walked the long way back home, I didn't look behind me and I damn sure didn't look anywhere else but in front of me.

I turned the corner and slammed into a body, it was like I had hit a hard wall of pure muscle. Looking up from the spot on the floor I saw a man staring down at me with his arms crossed, he was well and I mean well built. His hair was jet black and shaggy, his jaw line perfectly sculptured and one yellow with one red eye. His arms were folded across his chest as he leaned against the wall, one leg crossed over the other. He wore a black shirt with black jeans and black with blue sneakers, it seemed like a weird outfit in a way.

I just sat on the ground staring at him while he raised an eye brow and soon smiled, his fangs shone bright under the lighting. It wasn't just two fangs, no he had a whole four fangs and they were long and sharp. I nibbled on my bottom lip and watched as he leaned closer to me and placed his hands on his knees and tilted his head at me.

"I could smell the fear Eve, dont fear me." His voice was like silk as he spoke, it was weird. Rough but soft at the same time, deep but light. He held out a hand that I quickly took a look at, his long sharp talons were disappearing into regular nails as he held his hand waiting for me to grab it.

I looked back at his face and saw a bit of annoyance flash before he pulled away and stood up, I knew I had pissed him off but to be honest he scared the hell out of me. I slowly pushed myself off the floor and picked up my bag while turning and walking away from the man, I was not going to be one of those woman from the movie who falls for some demons tricks.

"Where do you think you are going?" I heard his voice once more but I ignored it.

I didn't hear his foot steps but I didn't care, my whole goal was to get home and to get away from what ever was following me.
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