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I looked at the box in front of us, it was me Mark and my sister sitting in the living room just staring at the box; I told them what happened and of course they didn't believe me. Lenni leaned forward and poked the box but nothing happened, Mark leaned forward and poked the box but nothing happened. I stared at the box intently waiting for something to flow out of the shadows in the box, I waited to see the long talons reaching out towards me.

"Are you sure that you weren't just tired?" Mark asked.

I shook my head and placed my elbows on my legs while resting my chin in the palm of my hands, this thing was trying to make me look like a fool. That was not going to happen, I was not going to allow something supernatural to make me feel so belittled. I leaned back and shoved my foot at the side of the box causing it to slide off the table and onto the floor with a thud, I crossed my arms in triumph and stared at the box.

"That's not nice." His voice echoed in my ear.

My eyes darted to Lenni and Mark who were now staring besides me wide eyed, I could see the curiosity forming on Lenni's face and I could see the lust forming on Mark's. I didn't look at him, I refused to look at him or even acknowledge that he was next to me. Mark poked me in the shoulder and then pointed to the side of me, I simply shrugged my shoulders now filling with regret that we brought him here.

" weren't making it up." Mark stated and I simply nodded in agreement.

I looked over towards my sister who was leaning forward in hopes to get a closer look and most likely ask questions, I saw the smirk creeping on her face as she looked over to me.

"What are you?" I heard her ask and I her a grunt from him standing up.

It was silent for a few minutes before I was met with his jeans in my face, I could feel the blush creeping on my cheeks as I stared at his area. I quickly looked down at his shoes that were now just plain black boots, I was guessing that he changed his appearance. I watched his knees bend as he lowered himself to eye level and then placed a talon under my chin, softly he pushed up causing my head to move up and catch eye contact. I quickly looked to the side and was soon met with his eyes once more, I looked to the other side and again he was there.

"This avoidance is futile. Eve." He spoke softly while looking at me intently.

I refused to speak a word and pulled away from him as quickly as I could, I watched Mark lean forward and send him a smirk.

"Eve dear, can we share him?" His voice was filled with lust and I could see the pure disgust on the thing's face. He backed away slightly and I smirked, I quickly pulled Mark closer to me to where he was sitting between me and him.

I saw the annoyance grow on his face as he flashed his fangs, this didn't bother Mark one bit but it terrified me to no end. I quickly took a look at my sister who held a pillow in front of her out of pure fear, Mark still sat trying to seduce him with his eyes.

"Eve, if you do not move him. I will slit his throat right here." I heard the venom dripping from his words and quickly pulled Mark back towards me, I wasn't going to risk my friends life to keep him away from me.

I watched as he stood and dusted himself off while fixing his hair, hie yellow and red eyes were changing to an icy blue. I gawked in awe as I watched his eye's change to the icy blue and his fangs retract into regular teeth, he was looking human. I swallowed the lump in my throat and wrapped my arms around Mark who was now just sitting there not really caring about him, it shocked me how one minute he wanted to ravage him and the next he didn't care.

"Okay, so now that you look...human. What are you?" Lenni spoke once more while placing the pillow down but close enough for her to grab just in case.

I watched him crack his neck and then his back, his eyes contacted with mine causing me to look away. I could tell this annoyed him but I truly didn't care, I heard him walk softly across the rug and sit on the other couch piece.

"I am a demon, my name is Malphas." I could feel his eyes boring into the side of my head.

My sister nodded and shifted her seated position.

"Why are obsessed with my sister?" She spoke.

I quickly gazed over to here with wide eyes as Malphas smiled a genuine smile.

"Obsessed? No. I am a demon, I do not obsess over petty things." He spoke.

I sent a glare at him, he was calling me petty and I was far from petty. I just refused to deal with the likes of him, demons were demons and all they brought was death and misteif. I folded my arms and continued to star at him waiting for him to finish what he was going to say.

"So why are you following her?" Lenni asked, Mark still silent.

He cracked his knuckles and licked his bottom lip while standing, I couldn't tell if he was annoyed or just thinking about what to say next. I watched as the shadows started to twist and turn in their spot, I watched him walked towards the lamps shadow and stop. Looking back at me once he completely vanished into the shadows.

"Holy shit." Mark finally spoke.
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