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The club was loud, crowded and hot. There were at least 500 people in one room and yet more were entering, I stood to the far right by myself with a cup of rum and coke just watching people dance, I wanted to go out there and dance, I really did; but the only thing stopping me was the fact that Lenni and Mark ditched me. Plus I wasn't even drunk yet.

I took another sip out of the cup soon noticing it was indeed my last sip, I looked through the crowd where the bar was and I dreaded having to walk through the mass of people. I show have done what I normally did and stay at the bar, but for some reason I strayed into the corner I was standing in; I probably looked like a lost puppy. I placed a stray piece of hair behind my way and started walking through the crowd of drunk, sweaty, high, nasty people.

Some bumped into me, others grabbed at me and a few got some feel offs; my boob was grabbed, my ass was smacked and I think someone tried to grab at my lady parts. I jumped, squeezed and swung my hand around as I continued to push through the crowd of people. I was beyond pissed that my sister ditched me to find her lover for the night and Mark was off stalking for his lover of the night, meanwhile I was left here to get drunk and probably go home alone or with some ugly person like last time.

Finally making my way to the bar, I sat on one of the many high chairs and placed my cup on the bar; I looked down to the right and saw a few guys and then I looked down to the left an saw someone walking my way. I gave him a smile as he took a good look at me, it was the guy who just served me.

"I.D please?" I could barley hear him over the music, but I heard him.

"I just showed you my I.D twenty minutes ago, why are you asking for it again?" I went through my pockets and pulled out my I.D as the man just stared at me, handing it over he took a look at it then handed it back to me.

"What can I get you?" He pulled out a new glass and waited for me to respond.

I stared at him in utter confusion, could he have forgotten me that fast? Only Twenty minutes went by and he was asking for my I.D like he had never seen me before, I blinked as he tilted his head getting annoyed.

"Rum and coke." I stated as I looked out at the crowd, I made a note to myself that this time I was staying at the bar.
After five more drinks and a few shots I had found my way onto the dance floor in the crowd, dancing with random people. I didn't care that they were feeling me up and grabbing me, kissing my neck or anything. I was to drunk to care, I was in a bliss of fun and nothing was going to pull me from this.

I had found my sister with some hunk of a guy and they were off making out in some corner, Mark was dancing a few feet away from me with a few guys like I didn't even exist.

Leaning back into the person I felt their lips on the side of my neck, they were cool but soft. Their hands traveled up my side and under my shirt, I winched when I felt something sharp prick me causing me to pull away from them.I looked behind me to see who was there but there was nothing, just a group of people dancing and cheering to music, taking pills or drinking their liquor while managing not to spill it all over the place.

Quickly I made my way back to the bar and asked for another drink, once again I was asked for my I.D by the same fucking person. I groaned and pulled it out, got my drink and downed it. Then I looked back at him and watched his movements, he walked to the other side of the bar, served drinks and then came back to me.

"Why do you keep asking for my I.D?" I placed my elbows on the bar and looked at him.

"Because you keep leaving the bar." His voice has a thick Italian accent and I nodded, there was no need to argue with that. He probably thought I was bringing the drinks to minors or something, which I was not.

Pushing away from the bar I stumbled slightly but got my composure right, I was way to drunk to be dancing anymore. Standing straight I did a scan of the crowd hoping to see my sister and Mark, I saw nothing but a bunch of dancing people. Nodding, I left the club in hopes that I would find my way home with out being bothered.

It was dark and I was few miles from my house, I had walked at least fifteen minutes away from the bar and was already regretting my decision, I was cold and drunk. I wrapped my arms around me and struggled to keep my balance as I walked down the street, soon enough I came to the spot where we had always taken a short cut. I could walk down a few ally ways and get home quicker or I could walk through the park and take longer, I stood just staring from the ally ways to the park.


I started walking towards the park hoping that I would make it safely to the other side, seeing as it was in deed a huge park I knew that it was going to be a long drunken trip. Stopping just before the park I leaned down and took my heels off, it would be a lot easier to walk silently through this dark, eerie park then it would to clank through it with my heels.

I started to walk quickly across the paved path and then onto the green wet grass, it felt weird between my toes but since I was so drunk I truly didn't give a shit. I tried to walk as fast as I could to get to the other side, but the fast I walked the longer it seemed to take.

Stopping in mid walk I watched the shadows contort and a man walk towards me, I wanted to run but I couldn't being this intoxicated was bad...very bad. He walked to where he was towering over me, icy blue eyes staring down into my green ones, fangs stretched out and a glare on his face. I felt where the person had nicked me start to burn and I grasped my side in pain, then I looked at him and this time he was smirking.

"Good, it worked." Was all he said before he vanished into the shadows leaving me alone once more.

"what the fuck?" I attempted to look at where the burning sensation had come from but failed seeing at there was no light in the park.

Grumbling and feeling slightly more sober then before I continued to make my way home.
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